Mothers and Daughters. M.A.D. with Casey Jane Ellison [TEASER]

Mothers and Daughters. M.A.D. with Casey Jane Ellison [TEASER]

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MAD with Casey Jane Ellison: Mothers and Daughters, a DIS original series. Your faithful host believes that the exploration of this underrepresented biological connection between mothers and daughters will free us all.

Starring Casey Jane Ellison

Directed by David Leonard
Edited by Anthony Valdez
Director of Photography: Mason Howard
Second Camera: Jake Frankenfield

Song: 10k by Ian Isiah

Thank you
Claire Tabouret
Karma International

every mother and daughter came together rebuild reimagine and like solved their relationship so that they were happy mom we could save the world mom they're both was begging each other to be free too and love you mommy what do you mean with this I just said mom I'm not yelling at you by the way you called me because she's here she's here

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