Mother Puts Soap Into Her Son's Mouth For Lying | Supernanny

Mother Puts Soap Into Her Son's Mouth For Lying | Supernanny

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This mother has an odd technique to stop her kids from telling lies. Do you think this is ok? More strategies for dealing with backchat can be found here

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so I want to take a look at the next clip here and this is all about James lion and his behavior backyard nope are you sure did you go outside the fence no you didn't go outside the gate no you didn't jump the fence no Tyler who's your brother lying to me I just went over there the first time when I asked you how long were you over there not that mom so you did jump the fences and you lied to me when I asked you just told me you weren't over there very long you just admitted yourself that you drop no I'm not backtracking I can tell when James is lying I'll have to just look at his face he gets a lost look okay so I've got to pose a question to you did you know at that point he lied I thought he lied but you thought you lied she wasn't confident that he lied I wasn't completely 100% sure why don't you trust your instinct I hate to call him a liar if he's not lying I don't want to do that but you knew he was lying what did I just say to you and what did you do right you're eating so let's go are you insane you've just put a toxin into your child's mouth just a little bit I didn't even do a whole pump why would you think that that's okay for you to do that to your kids and that's not that bad what satisfaction did you get he said he stopped the behavior that I wanted him to stop what feel good feeling did you have I really I honestly don't see the severity in it I really really genuinely don't well if you don't she's gonna show me the label I suppose right sweet then is it no I'm not for me that tastes disgusting he's not gonna want to do it again and he didn't I think he's sad that you're a point where you feel that you need to turn to chemicals to have your children respect you as their mother it hasn't worked in teaching your child the value of respecting what you don't want they were not giving me respect by saying this also it's unconditional nothing so it's it's love on your terms okay we hold meetings so that has that respect to do with it I love effect no as far as I'm concerned you can leave alright that respect No how I respect honest the interviews over how is this respect toilet what's it mean want to say violence when they say it's violent it's not really violent they're just trying to get you not displaced when I grew up I was never given the chance to know my father until it's 14 do you want to be and deal with things with your boys that your dad never did we

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