Mother bear and cubs killed illegally

Mother bear and cubs killed illegally

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Help bears. Stop this cruelty!

“They’ll never be able to link it to us.”

That’s what Andrew Renner and his son, Owen Renner, thought when they skied to a remote den on Esther Island in Prince William Sound, Alaska and illegally slaughtered a family of hibernating black bears.

Their despicable actions were captured on a wildlife camera, set up by the US Forest Service and the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, to study the bears. The haunting video footage shows the men creeping up to the bears’ winter den and shooting the mother as her two babies shriek in fear, until more shots pierce the air.

The hunting of cubs, or a mother bear with cubs, is illegal in this part of Alaska. But that didn’t stop the Renners from murdering innocent animals, posing for a picture with the dead mother on the bloodstained snow and smugly stating, “We go where we want to kill.”

Andrew and Owen Renner were not found innocent, after destroying evidence at the scene and presenting the adult carcass as a legal kill to the state’s wildlife agency, lying about killing the cubs and submitting falsified information. They later plead guilty; each received jail time and had their hunting licenses suspended. Andrew was fined $9,000 and forfeited personal property including a 22-foot boat, his vehicle and various weapons.

Justice was served—but these animals deserve more respect and compassion. Federal law currently forbids this practice on national preserves in Alaska, but the current administration is looking to remove such prohibitions. If this heinous cruelty occurs while protections are already in place, overturning them would all but encourage these massacres to continue.

We need more federal protections, not less, to ensure that these types of cruel and horrific activities are banned for good.

43 thoughts on “Mother bear and cubs killed illegally

  1. After accidently killing the mother they did the right thing by killing the cubs. It would have been crueler to leave them there to die of starvation or else by wolves. It was humane to kill the cubs. After all you hypocrits, the humane society euthanizes thousands of dogs and cats yearly

  2. They murder and think it is great. These guys are really sick and they deserved a much harsher sentence. What's wrong with judges these day. Make the punishment so bad, that no one would ever want to take that chance.

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  4. Andrew Renner, Owen Renner, remember these two names, ladies, two losers you never wanna date! Also remember their faces too because they’ll probably be changing their names out of embarrassment for trophy killing a hibernating mother with her two cubs, with guns, not even bare hands. Real killers these two, real losers, too! Also, wtf with the administration wanting to lift the ban? Idiots. Hunting is never a form of conservation. If you want to help with conservation there are so many other ways to do that! And why only a few short months of sentence for these illegal acts? 3-6 years in prison for the both of them sounds fair to me! Does Owen look (or act) like a harmless minor to you? These two will kill humans if you let them.

  5. Don't confuse this with normal regulated hunting! These folks are bad apples. 99.9999% of bear hunters respect and admire bears and follow hunting laws. Don't let these pathetic fools color your opinion of ALL hunters! This is NOT hunting, these are selfish cruel idiots.

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