Mother and Daughter About Being A Good/Bad Girl | When I Was Your Age Ep 6

Mother and Daughter About Being A Good/Bad Girl | When I Was Your Age Ep 6

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We’re quite known to be the rebellious generation, always giving our parents headache. But were they like that too?

This mother-daughter duo discuss their differences growing up. While one was a goody two shoes, the other… not so much.

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she will always give me a lame excuse mommy don't worry I will catch the the first bus in the morning and come back but never come back hi I'm Tasha this is my daughter hi I'm Natasha and this is my mum well you offer a responsible teenager or a rebellious teenager cause they're familiar responsible teenagers I think my teenage shows was good but then I was just very bad yes because I know she don't come back home at 90 no way she she don't even reply thanks me I'm going to call the police already you know no choice what happens if you always tell me they are you back come home before that are you doing you don't know back to the roof my mom was and I just catch me just night what then huh nothing come know how that thing has a hotel is it Nazi boyfriend now oh I am no worse you know I swear I believe you so proud to say that Soho Vanessa come never are your anniversary card that's a curfew we have to cover by 8:00 p.m. describe an incident when you got into trouble when you were a teenager I think I was in section so there was this teacher family questioned me about whatever they I want to me yeah I scolded him met he's just like what do you say to me what's something you did that make your parents angry at you I think we're here yeah this one instead I remember this one I will never forget she was seeing okay mommy yes maybe I still remember the father was then we stopped and then met she was totally not studying she's always with me during the bowel time invited friends to the my house and I invited one guy to my house because my father was thinking that maybe he's my boyfriend you see that's why I told him knowing is nobody is just a friend only after they left my father came II know how good I don't want to see this that any more and I was thinking I'm going to see every day in office right well I apologize to you for being like a very difficult doctor especially medications but know that I love you and everything I do is a huge not only for my figure in our community to continue to love your parents because we always be there for you and that's for sure because you're my living princess yo [Laughter]

13 thoughts on “Mother and Daughter About Being A Good/Bad Girl | When I Was Your Age Ep 6

  1. I love the last part when she says I love you to her mom and she feels cheesy about it, actually even me I rarely say I love you to my parents but I've always made sure that I let them feel how much I love and respect them so much.

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