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Mom had a lot of work to catch up on today, so Dad took over with the girls!

Music by Stephen Henderson



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ah I'm done wild with the girls she's teaching to dance and that's pretty much our Monday dancing girl is fine show daddy how to dance dancing I think it's time mama they're escaping Oh what do you got show everybody she loves taking her daddy's hat she stole doubt he's hot this girl woke up early from a nap oh so beautiful you are so cool you are so cool do you like that hat it looks really good on you oh my goodness so cool Oh Abbi looks really good in that hat she helped you haha ah so cool family does not get that the Hat does not fit him sorry BC we don't have a hat for you no daddy doesn't want kisses right now give Evie kisses can you get B she kisses no mom is mad she had to go do a photo shoot for some work stuff and the girls are hanging with dad we just finished our snack and we're having our dream girls favorite thing to do is have a drink and then throw it on the floor and then pick it back up have another dream on the floor can you get that way can you go get that cup for Dad hurry go get it we're just hanging though mom should be back in a few hours girls are having dinner with dad we don't know what we're making yet we got to figure it out but we're just gonna lay low tonight we are not doing much I lied we weren't laying low tonight the girls got bored so loaded them up and we're off on an adventure we're gonna go collect some leaves girls favorite thing to do what do you think girls you having fun I mixed it up today got Evers in front Scarlett hates me and pies right in the caboose today hi hi yeah I know is that scary oh no is it scary pie oh the fascinated the hell screaming say Oh No what is it oh no that's scary say bye bye say bye bye beautiful night me and the girls are out for a walk they've already collected their first round of leaves and we're heading to find some more we got a little bored sitting in the house mom's gone tonight doing some work stuff and the girls are hanging with dad and I figured I better take them outside so I can keep them happy a little breeze in the air but overall it's pretty nice nice so we're gonna enjoy the weather and make the most of it this is our view tonight on the walk pretty beautiful we love it oh we found the jackpot look at all these leaves Esmee doesn't have enough here you go sweetie hey go oh is that your favorite oh oh no oh no bye I know they love collecting media isn't this just so cute I'm just waiting for the next batch we're gonna go find it aren't we girls Evie say hi scarlet can I see your leaves try dad Jesse where's your leaf oh you threw him out Sanji by your daddy what is that you dropped them all Piko Piko oh yeah that one's cool you guys says oh cool oh he goes got it yay so pity hey go have her Oh you okay we found the real jackpot look at these leave any of you have a yard that is to be cleaned up I have the perfect workers they love to collect leaves like you don't go it they love it girls you must have your daddy's DNA could you love Paul just as much as him and daddy loves dad busy busy busy I think I'm just gonna sit here for the next hour until they get bored they're going to town picking up these leaves flexing them as we go as we can't happen to break down can reach them all can you get up drop it and want to take them all home to us we have them carted Christy we better go girls reflection saline too many ways okay so the girls are just finishing dinner which means they're throwing food down to Bentley that means are done and they help dad pick out their treat for the bird and they wanted to make Halloween cookies yummy pie is getting a little impatient she's ready for her cookie now they're not gonna be ready for another ten minutes the girls is so good using the dad rewarded them and they're having a little Smarties shuffle is it yummy what why are you screaming no you eat it you eat it daddy doesn't want it is it yummy Suzie oh I look so yummy so one of you guys wonder awesome pose fine I can't talk over your screen one of you awesome followers since the girls a big tub of these suckers and they are their favorite so thank you so much for that you guys are seriously incredible to us I guess pie has something to say pie say it tell us well now you're going to be quiet when dad's okay have you tell you well this is it for the girls after this they are going upstairs it's math and jammies and great to bed girls and I had a successful night of baking cookies they taste just as delicious as they look I promise you the girls enjoy them and so did daddy we're gonna save a couple for Mom they're garner Quad Squad

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