Moms Cooking Dinner | Something My Kids Will Actually Eat

Moms Cooking Dinner | Something My Kids Will Actually Eat

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My kids Finally Liked what I cooked them lol
There are a lot of delicious montages are you ready

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morning guys good morning everyone today we're going to start off this morning by making some I mean what's the matter yes in shame yeah yeah okay everyone can sit okay yeah lots to do today so first thing we're going to prep for dinner and then make some cinnamon rolls before we have to do all our other fun activities so this is what we have so far any bhai I have my trusty helpers here hi we're going to help me with my cinnamon roll my Minnesota's dusty now yes calling me with your toys my love all right so while the cinnamon rolls are rising well not controlled but while the dough for the cinnamon rolls are rising we're going to get started with the Britax lowing wait a few more bold I think I might still use a single mommy hey girl all right so my sermon rolls are rising I didn't know that it took so long for cinnamon rolls to get made homemade I guess so they're going to be producer not for breakfast the kids already had their breakfast you're taking way too long and so you have my cinnamon rolls here or right or is it's doing its final rise before I stick it in the oven well that's happening Ellie you're going to help me to laundry your finish better broken okay come home we do laundry okay what are you doing and what do i what you need to say I miss you period potatoes what we're gonna make make with that mash potatoes you see I have a method of getting ready my cinnamon rolls are being risen ripe six are going to rise and I have my chicken that I'm going to grill later on being Stephens takes a lot all that being tough when you put in one ego in Council take your hair Wow severe shake shake shake this thing okay just a man with your man I'm using put it in you you okay come on one chicken mill no he didn't want to take this next we're going to commit yeah Thomas all right so while everything is being test and ready I still have to go to Walmart to get started on getting the kids they're all there oh boy okay I will get on something to put my crayons in and I carry peas are destroying that because he because I am something I'm like a pack so I can long learn for summer so for summer and herring colors on everything and I've headed it on this pin in it Wonderland okay so we still have to go to Walmart to get all those cool supplies because school is going to be starting soon and I had to get to do that and I need pencils yeah we're going to get them to blow us up so let's go think of that so they can get ready to go to Walmart you ready yeah Oh guys huh and we show them gonna show them in case you see last time you saw Stephanie she had one missing tooth now she has two missing teens the app and they're already starting to grow all right girls you go take a bath when you're done you can go talk about know we back together okay listen I don't care what you do as long as you get clean huh so go take your bath and then when they're done Isaiah you get to take a bath classic is and then and he's going to take a bath yeah you're going to take a bath and then we're going to go to Walmart right so we can get school supplies money up in a couple of hours we're already right long time ago what can I say you guys know again we're send you is above all make a fine dollar god oh my god look at it if $1 you can read this is a one stop so back home now we went to all more we got almost everything that we needed we may we got school supplies which I'm going to do a haul a better school haul but I'm going to do it on the girls channel so if you haven't yet I'll leave the link in the description below it's called sweet – so I'm actually going to go eat and then I'm going to make dinner because I currently have like a hungry headache and if I don't eat something before making dinner it's not dinners not gonna happen I'm going to eat then mix in herbs and then go you winter night but currently Ellie fell asleep in a car call it and Isaiah stopped listening baby thank you my lord Thank You Collin hi and the girls are preparing to play something over there so they're imagining something is Alicia's yummy okay what are you say Michael come on we now we are eating dinner we have potatoes as mashed potatoes chicken we have a lovely friends a super you know over the brook for me my mamma Lucia yes did we do a good job yes clean ideal microcredit let me see you having Oh Ali yeah delicious okay eat all your food okay I'm chicken then guess what but if you eat all of your food get dessert a specific verb yeah get a mere oh yeah

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