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Hey friends! It’s Mommy Monday time! This monday I decided to do another Q&A session cause I love chatting with you guys! 😀
I know it’s Tuesday lol I was traveling so I posted a day late hope it’s okay. 😀

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hey friends it's Monday and doing another mommy Monday Q&A I'm so excited I love these videos they make me so happy I don't even know why I just love talking with you guys like it's anything that's what I love doing just talking with you guys so the very first question would be from tapered Jean girl Casey Jane you're so good travelling with Liam on planes would you ever consider a long flight such as a UK to meet UK fans love you love you too you are so amazing like I see you commenting all the time and first of all what we are not you guys are not fans you guys are my subscriber friends and you guys are just simply my friends like if you asked any of my friends who do YouTube or anyone what I call you guys I've never called you guys a fan cuz I don't see you guys as a fan I see you guys as my friends some I actually met in person through meetups and then some are just you know I just see you guys commenting but I feel a connection like I feel like we're friends is that weird well I hope it's thought because because that's how I feel okay I went on a tangent about that but as far as traveling to the UK that would be a dream you guys an absolute dream but Liam knowing I know a lot of people do it all over the world they travel everywhere um but knowing my Liam and knowing how hyper he is I don't feel that would be a good decision at the moment I probably would wait a little longer to do a really long trip like that with him we travel we travel like all over we went to Maui with him when he was little LA a lot because my family lives there but it's only an hour away cuz we're in Northern California Minnesota Florida where else oh we went to New York with him which was probably the longest flight um but I think that's as long as we can do with him for now oh yeah and then Arizona and Seattle but like those who are all really short trips you know any Camille Sunita asked when was your hardest year with Justin dating marriage with Liam etc and why oh my gosh you guys thought my marriage or my whole relationship with Justin we've been together for nine years and married for five years as of August seventh and I feel okay okay you guys again think I'm really weird but I feel like Justin his soul I wouldn't say perfect because in ain't nobody perfect you know I mean but he is so good to me and so amazing and so romantic like what he did for me when I turned thirty was just it just shows me no matter how long you're with someone they still show you how much they love you and surprise you in so many ways like I like the birthday surprise he did for me like it was incredible and we went to a winery oh it was incredible um but um as far as the hardest part of our of us being together was probably the first year Liam was born maybe not yeah pretty much yes you know why because whenever Justin and I would want to have a conversation Liam he didn't seem to like it and I felt like we were so lost so sleep-deprived and so we couldn't really communicate as much and we like were in dire need of date nights but at the time I was too scared to ask family to watch Liam because I didn't want to to like to bother them I didn't want them I didn't want to be a burden on anyone so I never asked for help and that's one thing I realized I should have done early on because you know couples need to connect and to communicate and to talk and the thing is like a lot of people don't see the busyness behind um you know a youtubers lifeboat but there's just there's just so much going on with having this channel a vlog channel that we were doing daily at the time and a cooking channel and then Justin has a new business life got really crazy the first year Liam was born especially like just not being able to communicate I think that was a problem we just I think we miss each other that's what the thing was like we needed to talk more and now our marriage is amazing it's fantastic we've gone through so much this year as far as like heartache like especially with my miscarriage like that well to me that was like so hard but he was always the party of always loving always caring and I just feel so blessed to have him like he is incredible and but I would definitely say the first the first year of Liam's birth was really hard because it's a new adjustment and we don't get to communicate as myself that's to sum it all marry Lubin if you could teach Liam one thing in the world what would it be I think it would be to be kind to others I don't like here's the thing every parent is different but I don't want to push a lot of things on him but one thing I want to push and have him have as a quality is to be kind to others being kind to others is a important human trait I feel and on the other another thing to go along with it is having patience because I noticed well even like now he's – of course he has no patience for anything but I want him to have the patience to figure out something that he's struggling with for instance a puzzle or a toy piece because he's having those those issues where he gets so frustrated he like throws it and I'm like Liam it's okay don't give up let's try again you know so that's one thing that I think he can transfer on his whole life kindness and patience I need that too sometimes Mia MC do you have any hilarious memories that has happened with Liam if so what were yes so we were at the park the other day and Liam was in the sandbox and today and he got sand all over himself and for some reason this little boy does not like getting dirty anymore I mean he does at the moment but once he like realizes like oh I don't like the way it feels on me like it's so weird because I always encourage him to get dirty and messy because I feel like that's the process of learning but for him he's like I don't like it right now like once I he got sad in pants and he was ready to pull his pants down and he was legit doing it and I'm looking at what are we doing here we have friends here like there were other kids in the playground it was funny like I don't know why it makes me smile just remember he is hilarious that's what I love about kids like they don't know that what they're doing like they shouldn't be getting naked or simply Este how do you cope with knowing that your baby is growing up fast not a mom yet but that scares me it was just yesterday when I saw when I was my mom's baby and now I'm thinking of my own family I don't want to miss anything when Liam was very young and he was growing so quickly like you know like before the one before they turn one they they change so often and so quickly I personally had a hard time with him growing like I just wanted him to stay three months old like I just wanted him to be this tiny chunky butt and it was hard for me like whenever there was a milestone I would get emotional because I was proud of him but at the same time because I didn't want this moment to end oh I don't even want to cry I don't even know why I'm about to cry like being a parent like you just want to cherish every single moment and like it was so hard for me so like I I'm not the best example for that because I truly had a hard time I just wanted him there's this song I forgot by who but he says something I want you to stay small baseball I think you guys don't even know this song probably because I got singing it right up um but now that Liam is 2 I you know it's all in the way that you think so if you want to just stay stuck in your ways of thinking it's it doesn't do you any good like for me like I decided I'm not gonna be that mom who's like oh I wish you were still a tiny little baby because now he's 2 we have conversations and I cherish that and if he didn't grow up if he did it so well if I would not have had those amazing experiences with him now or him walking or him eating and trying new things and telling me what he did today or telling me what his highlight of the day is so now I changed the way I think and I think a lot has to do with the books that I listen to as far as self-help I'm always all about like growing as a person and since starting YouTube and now I feel like I've grown so much as a person and I still have so much more to go but you know it's a learning process you know growing as a person you never stop growing if you well of course you do if you don't ever try but you know we I tried very hard to be a better person for my family for Liam and these books I'm telling you like oh I think it's called the happiness advantage is what I'm listening to right now and I heard about it through nerve she's also fellow youtuber and she's a very positive youtuber and I love her so I highly recommend her channel you guys beatniks asks if you could give your younger self before Liam only one piece of mommy advice what would it be and why thank you so much April I hope you can answer this question lots of love lots of love to you too I think the advice that I would give myself is to not listen to everyone like especially when I was pregnant I was so so gullible like everything anyone told me like freak to me the f out man I like the stuff they were telling me like this is backwards baby don't do this this is bad for baby you're pregnant you're not allowed to do this and that like no like it was hard like I could it like I couldn't keep up with all the information so what I would say to you and to my old self before Liam is I know what is right I know that I can do the research and find out what is right for my body what is right for growing Liam and you know it everything turned out great he was healthy eight point three pounds you know so what I would say is just take some of the parenting and pregnancy of advice with a grain of salt because at that time everyone has an opinion but you know and your gut what you like what is right like I feel like the moment you're pregnant your maternal instincts kick in and you know that you wanted the best for your kid you know that you're not gonna be like you know drinking while pregnant you know not to eat raw sushi while pregnant you know I mean those are like some basic things but like everything else like it's just too much information that people provide you and give you and it's just too much that you just have to take it oh the green assault sanaya Rahim e23 do you think having a baby when you did was the best age if you could redo your life would you perhaps have a child earlier or later Thanks I feel like having Liam at 29 was the best age for me to have him because I got to experience a lot of stuff because I had him in my late 20s my little late twenties I got to do a lot of traveling which is what Justin and I wanted to do we got to travel a lot before we had Liam and the cool thing is we still travel heck of a lot with him but I feel like the age that we decided to was perfect like it was I wouldn't do it any earlier or later because if I did I probably wouldn't have Lee Laura baby Bob do you want to have more kids in the future and can I get a shout out and also can you do a DIY with your family I love you please put this in your video yes girl you were in the video so shout out to you and yes Justin and I definitely want more kids and we shall see what life will have for us but the older I get the more I want more kids I know but I would love to or three follow fab I am a mama for wanted to know how long does it take for you to do your makeup routine honestly I do my makeup fast like I don't know if you guys watch that get ready with me with my best friend ze you know like I was talking in the video so like it took me 20 minutes but I can lift it through my makeup in five minutes like I fast but I like to take my time because that's my me time I bye seriously I'm really fast like and like I don't like the makeup that I'm wearing right now it's a lot and I'm really because my skin has been changing lately but um this takes longer this takes like 20 minutes or so but like because of the eyes and stuff but regularly I don't wear eye shadow where I usually just do one swipe I'm not like blending spectacular up in here so it's usually just like a simple face or no makeup at all so it takes me no time Julia dick Jake oppa how did you find hope during your miscarriage I think this topic is important to talk about since this happens to a lot of families and not all knows how to deal with it lots of love to you and your family um well I didn't know how to deal with it either I went through so much when I had miscarried and I still do sometimes like for example on Mother's Day I got really sad because I really remember it's like oh I am a mother to Liam but I could have been a mother to – I could have been pregnant still you know like so I feel like with a miscarriage no matter how early it affects everyone in a different way and I felt so much loss and you know I still do and I still hurt and I can't sometimes I can't talk about it without crying so it's still a difficult thing but to me having hope is everything I have hoped that the future will be bright I have hope that maybe one day I'll get pregnant again being just being positive and also listening to books that help you have a positive mindset really helps me and and also honestly having a support group like really amazing family friends who you can talk with they make a world of difference with how you live your life and how you think and I'm just really grateful for my best friend Dee because aside from family members I also have her and she is family to me now – and just having her in my life has drastically like made my life so much happier like having a truly good friend in your life makes a world of difference it really does so I think that's what gives me hope is having positive people who always remind me that I have a blessed life even if I lost the child you know and I know some can disagree and say that I didn't have a child that I would it was so early on in my pregnancy but to me like a life is a life no matter how early of a stage it is I know it's very controversial and people can say all they want about it but I feel a loss but I also have hope like you mentioned and I truly feel one day I will be able to be a mother to another child or more and I really hope that it's a case and we keep on trying tanita 0:09 I'm potty training my 26 month old son I'm close to insanity what is your number one tip on potty training oh my god girl I feel you like oh my gosh like so we Justin and I decided to do the three-day whole potty training guide that we got from one of Liam's teachers and we did it like a couple days before he turned 2 and he legit got it the second day but he had like 18 accidents the first day and then throughout the weeks he started regretting and pooping on himself quite a lot and I was like what on earth is going on with this regression but what happened was he we were traveling every now and then and that mess up his routine and when you do that you know it messes up their potty training process I learned so what helps the most is I tried a bunch of stuff like I tried being more firm with him like we do not go poopy anywhere else but the potty leo that's what we go potty you know like like I was more firm in that way and I noticed that didn't seem to work with him so you kind of just have to know your kid and know their personality so instead whenever you would have accidents I would look at him and I would say it's okay Liam we all make mistakes and that work man cuz the moment like I was like it's okay Liam we all make mistakes he was like yeah she's okay mommy like you would say that to me you know like yes it's okay sweetheart we'll try again and I feel the moment we started saying that he felt good about himself and he wanted to try and I felt like what really work is him feeling good about himself it's one thing for the parents to feel proud but when they are proud of themselves like I did I want to party that's when it happens and they feel like that sense of pride that fainted it and that's when Liam got hardcore potty training and like really got it down and I will do a whole video on it it will probably be a thirty minute video but it might help some parents so I really plan to do that but I got to write notes because there were so many steps to it all meth eight four two one has anyone ever assumed that Justin isn't Liam's biological father if so how do you guys handle it this happens to my husband and I a lot with our biracial son we're looking for tips on handling it gracefully you know when Liam was born we did get some some comments about how Liam looks so Asian you couldn't look mixed with white you know stuff like that but in person no one has ever said that I do think that Liam looks more like me um but no one has ever confronted us or said anything except for like comments and I'm not even gonna take that to heart because that is just crazy cuz Liam is Justin's son you know what I mean like I did not go messing around like that no no like what so to me it's just funny maybe just laugh it off and be like crazy what you're talking about like I didn't do nothing like you know I mean like people just love to mess with other people and it's like why okay here's the thing why why does it matter to them why do they even have to ask that question you can handle it in any way that you like you can laugh it off and be like you crazy you're so silly like what are you talking about like you know or you could just not be affected by that like it doesn't have to bother you you get to pick what bothers you and what does it see it's that book you guys that book I've been listening to it's been so incredibly helpful like you get to decide what bothers you and what doesn't so maybe one day like think to yourself like oh that doesn't affect my life then making anything doesn't affect my life so why why do why should I even be bothered by it because you know the truth you know the fact Monica ek do you miss being single this question Bonnie oh my gosh I've been with Justin for like over nine years and no I do not miss being single I was not that type of person who like wanted to date around but I guess that might not be the question like do I miss do I miss having so much a little time heading today yes I love alone time but as far as being single no cuz I feel like Justin is my soul mate and I love everything about him even when he snores in bed okay maybe not not that part but I love him so much that my life is complete with him I feel very grateful that I don't have to date or anything like that because I'm so awkward can you imagine me like oh heck didn't know nobody want to date this no no maybe like no thank you girl no shoe and I'm thankful just to be like yes yes girl the gentry balance have you ever suffered from any type of depression yes recently actually but it finally went away I I went through post weaning depression I didn't didn't even know that was a thing but it lasted for when I if I can remember it was like three months and it was really tough and went to the doctor I even cried to the doctor like help me I don't know what's wrong with me this is not who I am like I don't know why I feel sad like it was so unlike me to feel this way that I went to the doctor to try to get help and then my doctor's old told me to go see a therapist but there wasn't an appointment for like a month so before that month happened before I even got to see a therapist one day I woke up and I felt completely normal back to my chipper self so it was all hormonal like hormones really mess you up man but after the whole post weaning depression I came out of it grateful for for for life and for like being grateful for the small things again because when you're depressed you can't help it like like it made me more aware of mental help and it made me more aware of the fact that sometimes I I like to be busy all the time it made me appreciate not being busy all the time like I've sold down in so many ways um and I really do like that and you know I feel like life I have these goals and I'm not going to accomplish these goals that I have because I'm slowing down a little bit but I feel like me slowing down has made me a happier person so that's what matters the most success is it's nice you know but to me I feel like happiness is even better and sometimes people connect success and to happiness but that's not the case for me to me happiness is just pure um I can't describe it because I'm not even telling you exactly what I was talking about to begin with but you know what I mean like sometimes you don't have to do well to be to be happy like for example my channels they're not doing the best as far as views but I've never been happier because I just am doing things that I enjoy doing and back in the day I would be like oh my god when you're through pipe is over but you know what if it is it's meant to be but I'm gonna keep trying to do the best I can to stay on YouTube you know what I mean but that's all I meant like you know like not feeling so much pressure anyhow friends I talk forever and ever and ever I hope you enjoyed this video I love you friends give this video thumbs up if you enjoy mommy Mondays and I will see you in my next video bye


  1. I wish I hadn't been so concerned with that growing up. I was self-conscious as it was. Now that's I've grown more into adulthood, I've realized that worries are just awarenesses once I know I can handle them.

  2. I know you and Justin don't get comments in real life questioning if Justin is Liam's real dad. You live in a part of the world with a bunch of races so there's bound to be mixed couples… I grew up in a small town that was Mostly white, and my dad is white (my mom is Alaska Native) and I lived with him, and every time we went out in public, I was always worried about other people thinking I wasn't his daughter and what they might think we were doing out in public together… Hopefully Liam and Baby Blueberry won't feel that way when they're out and about with their dad since mixed races is more common where you live.

  3. I am 13 and my mom lost a baby to I think about all the time 😭 I always wonder what she thinks what she feels about she doesn't show here feeling with is hard to know 😔 I am the middle child if he hasn't died he would be my big brother well I wasn't born we this happened but she has told me and it's sad to think that I wasn't there to see him 😔 well I had to get it out 😭

  4. yess, a video about potty training! I want to start potty training my 22 month old daughter, and it would be appreciated. (: I would love to know the name of the book you've been listening to, please! btw, I LOVE your t-shirt! where'd you get it? could watch your videos all day, love you April! 💜

  5. You are so adorable April. I love watching your mommy videos. I stopped uploading videos just before I gave birth but had I carried on YT I would have posted loads of Mommy videos. Please do post a potty training video as I would be interested in your journey. Have a wonderful day and keep smiling. 🙂

  6. Yay April is my friend 😄 I think April is such a sincere person and how can you not love her like come on its impossible. Love you April💕

  7. Hi April I love your channel I love your personality I like what you mentioned about being a biracial parent. Honestly I think Liam looks like both of you maybe cause Liam is a boy but he definitely looks like both of you. You two are great.

  8. I don't see how you don't have millions of subscribers already. I'm watching you since 2013, all 3 channel of yours and you do such quality videos. You're my favorite youtuber ever, and you make me so happy everytime I watch your videos. Your happy personality is so inspiring. Keep up the amazing work April and thank you for being so real with us! I love you! <3

  9. you dang and made me cry. I am to have a hysterectomy soon. no more babies for me. I wanted more but that's not gonna happen anymore…and watching my youngest grows not only makes me proud but totally makes me cry…

  10. hi april. Do u have a video on how ween your son from breastfeeding. My girl is 2.5 yrs old and im still breastfeeding. my first son i bf until he was 3yrs old. my second i stopped when he was 15months old because i found out i was pregnant and obgyn said to stop bf. It was hard to ween him because i slept with him in bed and he would cry and cry in the nights wanting to bf. Now my daughter sleeps with me in bed and wanted to know what worked for u.

  11. you're such an inspiration:) I hope that I can be a mom like you in the future, so kind and genuine. I really enjoy watching theses Q&As, please do more> <

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