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elf time can you just go to the North Pole and stay there just love them though yeah well I don't move yourself tonight elf night babe love you you can hear you yeah ylan do you imagine I know anyone's seen my other sneaker it's like the one time of the month I'm gonna work out you did hear me so creepy but I'm still in charge I never said that I never said that he's lying okay this is not funny this is my good makeup son of a– you think you're winning you think you can break me but I am NOT gonna let you win just stay right there oh just getting up Shane honey else get someone to hey yes he's in her diaper bag just ignore him it was great so now my kids hate me look I'm sorry it's just a really stressful time of year for moms but you're an amazing holiday tradition and hope you felt better you did my laundry okay I know we got started off on the wrong foot but there is a lot of time before Christmas week two of closets we could do my garage we could wrap presents just say we make a team oh hey just go to the manhole before it or just do that part do you need compelled to move that you really yeah don't worry it's a replica no real elves were harmed in making this

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