MOM vs DAD *Strict Parents*

MOM vs DAD *Strict Parents*

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We all have parents who argue, but who is right? It’s a Mom vs Dad showdown! its the battle of parents, will their marriage survive in couples therapy, or will Riya’s parents have to separate?

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I don't think you should be here you have fire remember I didn't get fired I quit big difference Rhea the managers gonna be so mad if he sees you you cost him $10,000 in damages good tell him to come fight me and I'm only here because my mom's buying a plunger for the toilet she says I keep clogging it this is perfect it's like breastfeeding all over again but it's not what you think Rhea it's because I keep throwing my old hair extensions in there how many alarm clocks do we need for the house I don't know take out the list why don't you what at least I don't have a list I tell you to grab the list I left it on the kitchen counter I wasn't listening I was watching The Bachelor yeah that guy is so lucky I would choose all those women but instead my parents chose you I didn't choose you either good at least we both can agree on one thing we did not choose each other I should have never listened to my mother when she said that a young handsome man wanted to marry me shame well your mother is a bloody liar how dare you call my mother a liar your mother is a witch whose mother are you calling a witch your family is crazy and greedy your brother never paid me back those ten thousand rupees I never forgot what is oh the commotion of course it's real spare ins figures hello my lovelies it's been a while is everything all right hello Elizabeth please do a favor and mind your own business please don't tell the pretty lady to mind her business you made it everyone's business when you open your mouth in the public area look I don't mean to intrude but it seems as though there's trouble in paradise paradise you try living with a short lazy fat man it is never paradise it is living nightmare yeah I know you walked over to my what's all that screaming and shouting Rhea something's happening in your store no I think my parents are here I'm tweeting something's going down please God why you do this to me I could have married a prince back in India I could have lived like a princess I am built as a goddess but instead I'm here by your love clucks for your laziness to get to work every morning and then I have to get up and I have to make your own tea still just so your lazy butt comes from and don't even say thank you to me all yours yapping yapping in my ear calling me lazy do you have other vocabulary and please you guys are gonna get me fired what is old commotion Reena are your parents fighting again last time they were here your mom was your dad so hard into the gift bags the whole display got ruined was enough for me I'm sorry I'll handle them fix it please stop look you stupid idiot you are making my dear very upset she is not lazy like you please please no shouting look I have an amazing therapist she does couples too she helped me through all of my marriages oh you're married now divorce for multiple times alimony I took them for everything my own how do you do that they were all lying pigs therapists can't help with that plus she's a couples therapist for Kim Kardashian who do you think got her through her second marriage the marriage that lasted 272 days yes that one look take her business card her name is Margaret tell her Elizabeth sent you maybe she'll even give you a discount oh here discount love okay we don't need a therapist thank you my parents were married for 60 years and they never wanted some therapy and they hated each other so I don't need some lady telling me how to and how to not save my marriage so cruel I'm sorry pretty lady she's an angry woman by nature I will take the card I am very nice she rose tits again car this is your lazy man if it bothers you so much you clean them I don't care and what do you care about except for yourself and your stupid TV don't talk about my TV like that she's the best thing in my life guys what is all this fighting and trying to study oh I'm sorry beta look what you're doing just trying to study you're stop yelling so much your voice is giving me a headache guys be quiet that's it I'm booking an appointment with a therapist that cookies mob game it's final you're going fix yourselves and then on our fifth date I found out that he's actually broke and living in his mother's basement oh why do I attract such a bum okay honey my analysis of all of this is we are out of time my next clients are here it's the couple you referred to me Oh dad good luck see you next week – or a war next welcome welcome take a seat your hands away from me smell like sub G my name is Margaret before we go on this journey together it will be $250 for the hour I take all major credit cards and Chuck are you kidding me my car isn't even worth $250 that's fine shall we cancel I'm totally okay with that you know I think we should perfect my cancelation fee is $249.99 I take all major credit cards ng scam artist I would really make up your mind there's only 58 minutes left of this session oh okay doc so a little bit about myself I was bored in the app I am not paying you to talk about yourself please man lower your voice okay let's get straight into it the root of all problems in marriages is due to the lack of sexual communication seems shame what are your fetishes what is fetish oh I think it's like feta cheese or then I love fetishes but sometimes the lust was upset me you know whips leather feet spikes oh I don't wear leather I am vegetarian Oh moving on you I forgot your name what bothers you about your husband what so many things you always forget to wash the dishes and make the bed and he always put his dirty underwear near the front entrance there is no laundry there really well sure it's not your turn yet one time my mother came to visit and she chewed upon his underwear it is so embarrassing for me oh my goodness is she all right no she had to go to the hospital and get stitches and it didn't even care and I care about his mother all the time and she doesn't even want me to say happy birthday it is very rude very very well they're very rude now sir what bothers you about her she is so mean she never see texted to me just screaming all the time you know mute button if it wasn't for me she wouldn't be wearing all these beautiful saris and why do you buy her all these beautiful indian wrap dresses because I want to make her feel nice and beautiful wait you do I never said that who's speaking a child beautiful of course I think you're beautiful but when you're not yelling maybe that's something we can work on which I you know I can control my voice but it's going to take some time you're a very good father to our son and daughter thank you I suppose I can help around the house a little more and pick up my underwear that's all I ask of you I know I've never said this to you before not even on our wedding night but I love you you do nobody ever tell me they love me before you know I I love you to another marriage save by me call me for a while the marriage needs what if I'd written mark or does your marriage in jeopardy Oh since we're being honest with each other I think I should tell you I really don't like this it's ready dry but just mine is not dry if you don't like it so much why don't you cook then have you tried your mother's duty it's like eating sand at least my mother can cook her mother is so fat and lazy she doesn't get off the couch oh that's all the time we have today let me book you in for another session next week hey guys I hope you enjoyed that video my parents are crazy I love them so do you guys like this video make sure to give it a huge thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe to this channel because we make crazy videos like this all the time and also follow us on Instagram and tik-tok and that's where you get to see what we do outside of this little screen and also follow all our other classmates at Beverly Valley High and we have a question for you what's your favorite TV show I watched like 20 shows watching million shells ELISA shows you watch i watch you know what you know what i watch like a bunch of shows that are you know on right now but I have to say this might forever favorite that I can always watch his fries yeah I'm Netflix like I literally just always have friends on like it's just always on and that's alright if anyone knows what that has anyway well there's Ravens home now it's like before pretty cool pretty cool bye [Applause]

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