MOM HACKS ℠ | Grocery Shopping! (Ep.1)

MOM HACKS ℠ | Grocery Shopping! (Ep.1)

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Grocery shopping can be overwhelming with kids. These helpful #MomHacks will make it your new favorite activity…well maybe not, but it will be more manageable. Subscribe (it’s free!) for more from this new series and videos every M-W-Th-F!

Ep. 1 Grocery Shopping:
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You can find the supplies in the links below:
Pool noodle (for germy handlebar)

Dental floss (for Cheerio necklace for child)

Laundry basket (for easy hauling)

Plastic container (storage for soon-to-be expired products)

Binder clips (to organize frozen food)

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it's that time again stressed about parking near the entrance don't be the best spots for moms are closest to the shopping cart return you can load your kids before they can escape and avoid that awkward abandoning of your cart moment you know that germy handle bar that your kid loves cover it with a cut pool noodle it even doubles as a safety bumper did you know most grocery stores have the same layout flowers at the entrance fresh produce just behind staples like eggs milk and cheese are always on the back wall and stick to the perimeter to avoid the snacks and sweets located in the center aisles also known as the kid meltdown zone want someone to do the hacking for you most stores have a butcher who will trim fat cut meat into individual portions and even wrap for freezing all you have to do is ask don't waste precious card space on reusable totes and diaper bags head over to the produce section and grab a baggie to quickly tie up your lightweight possessions while you there score a twisty tie for your three plus year olds have them twist and untwist around the cart and mold into shapes these ties will keep them occupied through checkout we've all had embarrassing snacks bills try packing a Cheerios necklace made with dental floss as a much neater way to prevent hunger induce meltdowns don't skimp on items to make the express lane statistically the weight is the same as the regular line ask for frozen and cold items to be packed together in a distinct bag when you're inevitably interrupted by someone needing something you'll know what needs to be unloaded first we've all experienced the pain of all bags in one trip or bust for easier hauling keep a laundry basket in the trunk of your car load it up and success as you unload fresh groceries dedicate have been in the fridge to soon to be expired products to encourage your family to eat them first a quick unpacking tip open both ends of a 12 pack and push through the end for an easy unload use binder clips when storing your vegetable or fruit bags in the freezer not only is it a great use of space it also helps avoid freezer burn and with that your grocery shopping is done now if only cooking was this easy

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  1. When I was younger I did not eat much junk food mostly just candy and a little bit of mc Donald’s

    I still do this but grub hub is a thing now and that just ruined the hole diet..

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