Mila Kunis on Being a New Mom

Mila Kunis on Being a New Mom

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She told Ellen about her new baby with Ashton Kutcher. Ellen had a lot of questions about their relationship status.

28 thoughts on “Mila Kunis on Being a New Mom

  1. @Mila Kunis – I totally agree with you about the love you have for your children. I am the mother of 3 beautiful children who are now grown adults. One was in the military and died – not Killed in Action but he was Active Duty when he died. I totally understand your statement of Unconditional Love. Your children are the truest meaning of Unconditional Love. Loosing one of my children has made me understand this even more. I admire you, Ashton, and Ellen for different reasons. Thank you for being the people that you are. Sincerely, Sissy Lewis; aka Virginia L. Lewis – Gold Star Mother of Spc Matthew W. Ward

  2. What she said about still loving her even if she kill someone in cold blood IS TRUE! Is still your son/daughter and you cannot hate them because you loved them for sooooo long and have all those memories. i think the must hateful feeling you’ll have will be disappointment and that doesn’t even come close to hate.

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