Microwave Poached Eggs in 2 Minutes Flat

Microwave Poached Eggs in 2 Minutes Flat

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Allow us to introduce you to your new favourite food hack – microwave poached eggs in two minutes. For quick weekday breakfasts or easy weekend brunches, microwave eggs couldn’t be easier. And the best bit is, all you need is an egg in a cup, a bit of water and you’re well on your way to perfect poached eggs.

The only question is, what will you have with them?


How to poach an egg in the microwave:

1. Break an egg into a microwavable mug or cup
2. Add 1/4 to 1/3 of a cup of water (if in doubt, add less and top up later)
3. Add a tiny splash of white wine vinegar (helps bind the egg together)
4. Put in microwave and cover with a microwave safe plate
5. Cook on half power for 45 seconds
6. Remove from mug with a slotted spoon (or a table spoon)

More information here – mumsnet.com/family-food/microwave-poached-eggs

Thanks to Kiran for showing us how it’s done!

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hello today we're doing microwave poached eggs these are for if you're feeling a bit fancy and you've had enough of scrambled or fried eggs you want something a bit different stick them in the microwave so they come out brilliant every time and you can't get them wrong all I'm going to use is a couple of eggs some water and a splash of vinegar and of course the microwave right so first things first is cracking your egg straight into the cup that you're going to microwave in of course you want to do this as neatly as you can trying to avoid bits of shell that's my M my speciality and once the eggs in you're gonna pour in 1/3 of a cup of water so all that water's going to do is cook the egg in it and you're gonna put in a splash of vinegar to just because that's going to hold the egg together so it comes out looking absolutely perfect right it really is that simple and so this is now ready just to go in the microwave so we're going to put this in the microwave with a plate on top that's going to keep the moisture in and we're going to do it a half-hour for 60 seconds basically we don't want to do it too quickly and destroy the egg want to come out with a really lovely poached egg at the end and look at that it looks delicious I think I've got the yolk just right and so that's it it really is that simple poached eggs are meant to be the tricky ones but the Mumsnet microwave poached egg hack takes care of that gets them right every time now to get them out of the mug you should probably use a slotted spoon but we've been rather clever and got one which is too big for our cup so I'm going to use a tablespoon and I have complete confidence in this egg holding together there you go I told you works every time and I'm sure it's gonna be delicious this looks like the perfect weekend breakfast for me yep absolutely spot on don't mind me I'm gonna keep eating my delicious poached egg don't forget to subscribe to Mumsnet you'll get updates every time we release a new video

15 thoughts on “Microwave Poached Eggs in 2 Minutes Flat

  1. What the heck is half power? There is no worldwide standard.

    It's a good video otherwise. You are one of many who don't give power in terms of watts. These YouTubers may as well saysomething equally useless like "set the power to what my mother does".

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