Mean Mom

Mean Mom

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Our parents and the adults we look up to can have such an impact on our lives, but unfortunately, that impact is not always a positive one. This storytime is one that takes a journey of emotion through the story of an incredibly brave and resilient young woman.

Sydney’s father was always sweet and kind to her, but her mother was always angry and hurtful to her – a mean Mom – and her Mom’s angry words, the verbal abuse, sunk in and made her feel bad about herself. Telling her daughter that was not good enough, that she regrets the day she was born and turning common mistakes all children make growing up into horrible and traumatic experiences, Sydneys Mom was a parent bully and had no idea what she was doing to her daughter. It’s hard to image a Mothers Day in Sydney’ house.

Bad parenting can negatively effect relationships and mental health. Hard parents, in her case, a mean mom, laying on a full on attack to her self-esteem, took Sydney to a very dark place. This is NOT a case of tough love. It lead to depression, sadness, fear and anxiety.

With her self-esteem damaged, she began hurting herself. Her bad Mom’s actions, led Sydney to physically cause pain to herself as punishment for being the terrible, disappointment of a child her mean Mom told her she was everyday. A bullying parent is the last thing that any child would want to deal with. Victim is the textbook definition for Sydney in her abusive home.

But in the end, with professional therapy, counseling, help and support from professionals, friends and family, she found that her true self was not the girl her abusive mean Mother made her feel like. But she was a strong, proud young woman who could overcome anything!

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there are people in our lives that make us feel safe and loved and respected and then for some of us out there there are people in our lives that are supposed to make us safe and loved and respected but they don't do their job my entire life I've had a wonderful father who has made so many sacrifices for me and taking care of me so that I could have a better future unfortunately I can't say the same about my mother from a young age I was always ridiculed teased and taunted by my mom and whenever I did something wrong I wasn't properly sat down and disciplined I was yelled at and smacked even sometimes I grew up with a very low self-esteem because my mom would say things like you're terrible I don't like you I don't love you at all I think that you're a big burden to this family what sin could I have possibly committed to have had you as a kid and she thought that all of these words would just brush over and that I would realize that she somehow didn't mean them but she said them so many times that I don't think she doesn't believe them in fact I'm quite sure that she means everything that she says and as a result it has lowered my self-esteem and my self-worth and it has made me do things like cutting and inflicting self-harm as a young adult even now I suffer with this of course I've stopped inflicting self-harm but I have struggled with my self-worth so much whenever I look into the mirror I can't see a girl that I love and appreciate I can't see somebody that is strong and independent I see someone who's weak and who has been broken and shattered by a negative influence all her life – those of you out there who are struggling because of some negative influence in your life whether it be your pair or an ex best friend or an ex-boyfriend or a bully or anything please remember that you're not alone that you don't deserve to suffer this way and nobody should be able to say that to you you are wonderful compassionate human beings and you have so much to offer this world don't let this negative influence take over your life anymore you

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  1. I wish my mom was more lovingly like before but sadly after age 6 (late 90's) she gave me up to my grandma and what not but she still talked to me until she met the guy she is with currently, she started dating him in 2013 and has been brainwashing her to talk shit about me.. sometimes I wonder why she's not the same anymore…

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