Maternity Fashion Essentials & Must-Haves

Maternity Fashion Essentials & Must-Haves

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Hey Loves! Now that I am in my 3rd trimester, I thought it would be a good time to share what fashion items I have found to be essential during pregnancy! I hope you all enjoy! If you do, give this video a THUMBS UP & PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! xoxo

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Motherhood Maternity – Indigo Blue maternity jeans

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can you then yeah you do it way down just like my outfit hey guys welcome back to my channel so today I'm going to be sharing with you guys my maternity fashion essentials so I am currently 28 weeks pregnant so I feel like I've definitely had some time to kind of figure out what my essentials are in what I'm grabbing for the most and just kind of those items that you can throw on and feel good any given day of the week so yeah if you guys want to see what my maternity fashion essentials are then just keep watching okay so first I want to start off with accessories so I really just have like one essential accessory that I feel like is crucial when you're pregnant so that would be earrings so for me before I was pregnant with a lot of like shirts and blouses I always wore like a long necklace and I found when I wear a long necklace now it like flops to one side or the other because of my belly so I've really been enjoying earrings lately and I recommend just finding like two or three pairs that you absolutely love that go with everything they can be statement they can be a little bit more subtle I prefer like kind of a more of a statement piece so these ones here are actually ones that I would recommend I got these at Target they just have like a little gold like circle at the top and then it's like a big hoop I'm thinking about these earrings I just think they go with everything I'm sure if you guys follow me on instagram you've seen these a ton I'm just wearing them all the time and that just kind of allows me to accessorize without having to worry about my necklace falling in the wrong place or whatever and then I just pair it with some short necklaces which could be another essential but for me if I were to choose I would definitely go for the earrings another pair of earrings that I have worn a ton again you guys have probably seen these in a video or on Instagram but they look like this so they have like a little white why is this turning around a little white shell piece and then like this gold piece kind of over it and these are just again so cute with everything and I just find myself grabbing for these like three times a week and wearing them but these ones were like nine dollars from TJ Maxx and then these ones were under $10 from Target so I do want to mention too that a lot of the things that I'm talking about are kind of like seasons so if you live somewhere nice then this will work for you but if you live somewhere where it's colder and you're pregnant during like the colder part of the year then your essentials might be a little bit different so I just want to throw that out there but my next essential is slip-on shoes oh my gosh so the first paper I want to talk about are these which you can see are pretty well loved already and I only got these a few weeks ago though these shoes are from Target and they are just like a brown strappy sandal I absolutely love that they have a little tiny bit of a wedge just for me since being pregnant um and actually even before I was pregnant flats really don't work for me it kills my knees my shins in my back I would much prefer be in something of this height or higher so these are great because they're like a slip-on sandal but then they still have that little bit of a wedge that makes it comfortable and gives me just kind of that like incline so it's not so much stress on my knees and everything these were I want to say around 20 dollars at Target and then I heard afterwards that they were on like mega sale so they also had them in black which I kind of wish I had picked up the other pair of slip-on shoes are just these like loafers style little slip ons that I got from Old Navy they have them in brown black they might have I been gold as well and then the light pink but they're just super cute very comfy just yeah absolutely love them I left a little treads on the bottom it makes it really comfy when you walk and they look super cute with pretty much anything you can kind of dress them up or dress them down but that way you are not bending over all the time trying to tie your shoes because that's uncomfortable the next fashion essential that I think is just an absolute must when you are pregnant is like your perfect fitted tank tops so mine actually I got at Target they were like nine dollars apiece $9.99 I have it in white black and also the grey one I recently picked up which I'm not sure why I didn't grab the grey one when I originally bought these like two months back but I've been wearing the crap out of my gray one they are maternity so the side seam kind of falls a little bit further to the back I don't know if you guys can kind of see that but it allows more room for your belly in the front they're super flattering stretchy not see-through they are nice and long they're almost too long for me but I think as my belly grows you know continues to grow that it will be just fine and I'm only 5'4 so if you're taller they wouldn't be too long for you but I highly recommend these for the price the quality is amazing and I have just worn these to death okay so the next essential I would say are like kimonos or throw overs or anything of that sort I just have found myself wearing my tight you know fitted tank tops to kind of show off my belly but then I always want something to kind of go over the top the first thing that I can recommend is purchasing a vest if this is your style this is definitely up my alley and this color is like my favorite color to wear so I got mine at t.j.maxx and it's by the brand max jeans I got mine in an extra-small totally something I can wear after I'm pregnant no problem there at all and again it just looks so cute over fitted tank tops the other thing I would recommend is a denim top and some of you guys probably already have this in your closet or wardrobe anyway so mine is from Target and again in an extra-small i had this before I was pregnant but I found myself grabbing for it a lot since I've been pregnant easy to throw on over a fitted tank top once again pretty much all of these are for just over a plain it fitted tank top or that's what I found them useful for the other thing that I would recommend like I said is a kimono so I have one here from Target and this one just kind of has like a black polka dot see-through kind of texture going on and then I have one from I think this was from forever 21 yeah and it's just in this light pink it's that chiffon materials so light you can totally wear this in the summer in the hot months I just think with like a cute pair of shorts and even those like pink Old Navy like slip-on flats would be so adorable found myself grabbing for that a lot and then this one is like a crocheted version and this was actually I wear this in my last video I believe but um this one has by the brand J Jill and I think they carry that at jcpenney but really cute simple easy to throw over and something I can wear after I'm pregnant so I would definitely recommend and maybe just picking up like two or three whatever you know something of your choice to just throw over those tight tank tops because I really think you'll grab for them a lot I know I have so the next essential that I want to talk about is a maxi dress now this who's going to be your best friend I have one here by Isabel Maternity from Target it's just a black maxi um it has a nice empire waist with the v-neck and then it has these cute slits on the sleeve there so very flattering this is like a really soft like cotton a jersey material this one is actually not maternity but it's more of that like empire waist so if you don't want to buy like maternity maxi dresses just look for ones that have the empire waist so that come up here and then are just flowy from there on out those can generally work when you're pregnant and then obviously when you're not as well so these wrap dresses which you can find on pink blush and I know a lot of websites carry them are just amazing the fabric is like cool to the touch it's like a really stretchy light nice material for summer I love that it has this little tie over here this is super flattering and again it's just one of those things that when you don't know what else to wear you can just throw it on and feel good it shows off your bump and you feel super cute the next thing that I want to recommend is cute loose t-shirts so we have like our tight tank tops to kind of go under things and then I've just found myself and I don't want to hear something tight I just want something cute and comfy but still flattering so I actually just recently found these tops that will Navy I'm wearing one now so actually I'll just stand up so you guys can see it but this is just in the white it was like $13 but as you can see it's like a flattering shape so it still shows off my bump it's not too like loose that it's not doing anything for me very comfortable and not see-through and plenty of room to grow into it and it's also in a size I bought these on the size small so I can wear them after I'm pregnant as well and then I also got it in this it's like a dark gray black and white stripe print just you can buy maternity t-shirts whatever you feel most comfortable in but I found like good basic t-shirts just having two or three of them that you can just grab right out of your closet that you feel good in are just key so as far as other tops go I do recommend I'm getting some cute like blouses now these can be maternity or they don't have to be depending on where you are in your pregnancy to I know it to some extent like you just have to start buying witty clothes but I've been able to just stay in between here for a while so the first top that I have here is this cute blue blouse and its really soft material this is from Burlington Coat Factory it was $15 I actually just picked this up so it still has the tag on it but I love how that it has this cute little tie here ties right above your bump and then it's just flowy comfortable highly highly recommend getting a chop like this you can wear it with leggings jeans you know whatever the other top here that I have is from Old Navy and you guys have probably seen this I posted it quite a few times on my Instagram bought this in a size small it is not Maternity but what you want to look for in these blouses is length so yes you need width as well but you really need length so you need to kind of be buying if you're not buying Maternity buying more like tunics ones that kind of scoop down or a little bit lower in the front and in the back that way as your bump grows it doesn't slowly turn into a belly shirt so I have this is in white as well and this was around $13 when I bought it I was just a old lady the other day and they still have these and a bunch of different prints really like light material you can roll the sleeves up I love how it has this v-neck in the front and then the last blouse that I wanted to mention is this one from Target so cute it has this like bell sleeve and this is by Isabel Maternity so this is a maternity top though it's just kind of like playing up here and then it gathers all right here so it can open up for your belly and it's definitely quite blousy and just kind of like flouncy so it is kind of a bigger top but since it has like you know this type of detail and everything it looks very fashion-forward rather than like a shirt that's stupid for you and it has this cute little like a button at the top of the neck in the back so absolutely adorable something that I would totally wear if I wasn't pregnant I'm not sure if I'll be able to get away with it when I'm not pregnant but I just like looking for those pieces that don't strictly look like a maternity shirt just so you still feel fashionable I guess so I probably should have mentioned these items before mentioning all of the tops that I just talked about because you will need both of these things to wear with all your tops so a good pair of maternity jeans yes you will need them if you are jeans then you are gonna want at least just one pair of good maternity jeans these were actually given to me from a friend and they said they just didn't fit oh right they were a little bit too long for her I end there in a size extra small she said they're jeggings so they go like extra small small medium large and so on which I normally would be kind of afraid to order because you just don't really know what size you're gonna be but they fit me perfectly they are again so comfortable I love the wash of them loving these they have the full panel and they have a ton of maternity jeans they have um old navy target carries them you really just kind of have to find what works for you some people like the full panel some people don't for me I just find it to be the most comfortable anywho a good pair of maternity jeans is essential along with a good pair of maternity shorts so these I picked up at Target again they're the full panel in the back they kind of cross over super cute they kind of are like frayed at the bottom so underneath one of those cute blouses you totally wouldn't be able to tell that they're maternity and I'm super excited to get some wear out of those again they're so comfortable and stretchy make sure your maternity pants shorts whatever the heck you're buying on the bottom is stretchy I have just two recommendations left for my essentials and the first one is picking up a couple fitted dresses these are from Old Navy and they are their maternity fitted dresses and these are mini length so if you're not a fan of mini length you could always hem these or have them hemmed so it comes like right above your knee but I actually have had the worst time with my varicose veins since being pregnant I had them before I was pregnant but right now they are just popping so I kind of am enjoying like covering up my legs a little bit more and these are super super comfy not see-through I love the gray one they kind of have that like ruching on the side to open up for your belly and I just getting them in colors that you can wear with a bunch of like your other stuff so lastly I recommend getting a good tee shirt dress so mine is kind of more of like a statement t-shirt dress but I have one that's just plain gray and plain black um but I just highly recommend this because there's days you don't want to wear a tight dress you don't know who your maxi dress there's just nothing you want to wear and just the sound of putting on a big t-shirt is like yes please so this is from TJ Maxx this is not Maternity but it is quite boxy and big I got this in a size small which I would generally probably get an extra small but because I wanted to wear it throughout my third trimester I just sized up one adorable lace sleeve here I absolutely love that detailing the color is so funny and super soft material again pay attention to your length you don't want something that's like mid thigh and then by the time your belly grows it's like showing your underwear so just pay attention to the length that way you can get the most out of your clothing but yeah really love this did I say this was $19.99 I'm not sure if I mentioned the price but yeah I just recommend big t-shirt dress you can get it with some type of like a statement sleeve or statement hem or a print or something or you can just get a plain one but I just find that they're nice to have when you just don't feel like wearing anything else so that is absolutely it for today's video guys I really hope you enjoyed it and found it helpful in some way if you are pregnant right now please comment down below and let me know how many weeks you are I love like communicating with other Mama's and you know first-time moms and other pregnant women out there because it's just you kind of need that community when you're pregnant you just need someone to relate to when you're like I just peed my pants you can remind yourself that it's happening to like a million other women out there too yeah comment down below if you are pregnant letting me know how far along you are and what you're having if you know what you're having a boy or a girl just share whatever you want down below and I love you guys so so much thank you for watching and I'll see you guys in my next video bye

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  1. Thank you for this!! I'm currently 16 going on 17 weeks with my first baby and this helps so much ! โ™กโ™กโ™ก I def need these essentials cause I'm not fitting in anything anymore ๐Ÿ˜“.

  2. Great video!! I love ur style & recommendations. Did u wear compression socks for ur varicose veins? I also have varicose veins (pre-pregnant) and anticipate that they will get worse in pregnancy. Anything u did to help?

  3. YES to the slip on shoes! I had my first in February and putting on boots every morning during the third trimester was BRUTAL. So excited to be having a summer baby this time around!

  4. I am not pregnant but I am watching.. not sure why but I love babies and can't wait to have them lol I am always window shopping since so long ago since I was a teenager, just love babies!

  5. I love your style!! ๐Ÿ˜ you make pregnancy look so easy to carry on with these beautiful options. I am currently 12 weeks pregnant. Nausea is hitting in real hard๐Ÿคข. Anyways, all the best wishes with the pregnancy and have a wonderful baby๐Ÿ˜˜

  6. Hey Mama! I'm pregnant with my second. 16 weeks, just found out it's a girl! My 3 year old is a boy and I just adore being a boy mama. You're going to have such a blast! And..hahaha…I've peed my pants a few times! fun stuff.

  7. My style was always the vneck ruched shirts (from Old Navy or Motherhood Maternity) or a tank and a jacket to throw over. My kids are 10 and 5 and I still wear the ruched shirts, it hides the gut so well. Anyways, love watching your pregnancy journey! It takes me back haha I really miss being pregnant.

  8. Love this, and congratulations on your pregnancy! I'd love to get in touch about partnering with my agency to promote a brand we're working with. Will you please let me know the best way to get in touch with you?

  9. Love your videos! I'm actually pregnant with twin boys at 24wks n I'm much bigger than you already lol! I was wondering about those target sandals are they true to size? I'm usually n 8! Xx

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