**Maternity Clothes Haul!! ** 🤰❤️

**Maternity Clothes Haul!! ** 🤰❤️

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Come watch me embarrass myself while dancing around in all the cute maternity clothes Katie gave me!

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hey everybody and welcome back for another vlog thank you so much for tuning in because this one's gonna be really exciting I have got a whole bunch of maternity clothes to try on that's right my sister-in-law Katie has given me her maternity clothes and I am so excited to try everything on and see if it fits and finally feel like I'm pregnant and not just gained weight you know she gave me a whole big box of stuff and I just wanted to show y'all in this vlog which is the maternity clothes haul I don't know but I am loving this stuff right here that tuck that belly in baby that's it that's all the new maternity wear so what'd you think tell me did you see any office would you like something you didn't like which one was your favorite y'all leave in the comments to let me know what you think about all my cute new clothes and a big THANK YOU to Katie Katie pie 0-7 on Instagram thank you so much to my beautiful sister-in-law who let me have these clothes that I would have to be honest I would have never got for myself I would have gone to the third store and just bought clothes that were a couple sizes too big and that would be my maternity wear so I'm so blessed to have such an awesome sister that is looking out for me and gave me all this cute stuff so I can actually feel like I'm pregnant and not just bigger you know so thank you thank you Katie and yeah that's it guys that was my maternity clothes haul I think I scored pretty big on that one yet I had fun dancing around and showing off with my new clothes so hope you all had fun watching and now I want to talk to y'all about something very very dear to my heart something I am so very excited about something that I know Cory's really excited about and that is our new show on baby league called baby steps now if you all have seen the first baby steps then you know how much fun it is it was so cool to be able to watch my brother and his wife go through the journey to having games and you know that was a big part of it when we decided to do baby steps season two it was kind of following their footsteps but truly that's exactly what we're doing you know my older brother and his wife got married and had babies in now they have two little wins and and we're in that stage of our life where we're settling down and having a family I mean I'm wearing her old maternity clothes so it's really gonna be a lot of fun to follow in their footsteps and do the second season of baby steps we're just over the moon excited about it we want to thank baby league for bringing us on and letting us take this journey with when on their channel so I want all of you to stop what you're doing right now and if you have not gone to baby League and subscribe I want you to go subscribe right now and I want you to tune in every Wednesday we're going to be putting up a new episode you can really follow our journey to the baby on baby league if you enjoy our vlogs you're definitely going to enjoy our baby steps and I can't wait to see some you over there leaving comments and liking and just going along through the journey with us if you haven't subscribe to our channel go ahead and do that now too and we will see you folks next week thank you so much for watching the maternity clothes ho peace

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