Maternity care at St Helier Hospital – a virtual tour of our facilities

Maternity care at St Helier Hospital - a virtual tour of our facilities

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A virtual tour of our maternity unit at St Helier Hospital, including our labour ward and birth centre.

hello my name is Mary and I'm director of midwifery absence and Henry hospitals welcome to some hello maternity units you know having a baby can be a really exciting time and you're bound to have lots of questions we'd like to take you on a tour of our unit so if you'd like to follow me we're absolutely committed to providing the best standard of maternity care for you and your family we're going to work with you to promote your choices for pregnancy in both the maternity building is at the back of the hospital side and when you're coming in on the big day we have several short stay car parking bays that you may want to use we take security very seriously and if you arrive in the evenings these doors will be closed you have to ring the buzzer to be let in hello and welcome to our birth center it's in Puglia you have options for your birth whether you deliver at home on our bad center or in labor ward I'd like to show you one of our birth center room all of our rooms have your own pool and ensuite many women benefit from the use of water you can choose to use the water or not to use the water it's completely up to you we also have birthing balls and a kidney-shaped couch which you can use a beanbag and be in different positions as well which can be very beneficial we have the option of pain relief such as gas and air peppered in and the use of water here welcome to the delivery suite at st. Helier this is what a delivery suite we would typically look like we currently have eight delivery rooms and three recovery beds we are while staff with midwives doctors anesthetist and midwifery support workers to support you and your families joy in labor we are able to offer you a range of pain relief including epidural shooty requirement we also have all the monitoring in the room to monitor you and your baby welcome to theater this is the place where you sometimes can be transferred for assisted deliveries or cesarean sections you can bring one birth partner into theater with you just for that extra supports there will be many people in theater but do not be alarmed we're all here to support you if your baby is born in a theatre then we usually bring them to a room like this where the staff will do all the initial checks and will bring your baby back to as soon as we can so they can go skin-to-skin with you in the theatre hi what you've decided to have your baby yep Simonson Helier you can either do a referral to the hospital fire your GP or a self referral online we offer antenatal classes to help prepare for the big day and we always advise it's helpful to visit the hospital to plan your journey so you can decide where you're going to park and the other facilities and you can find out more information online this is your typical board on maternity whether it be antenatal or postnatal you would come to antenatal if you are being induced or if you've got any other issues where you need to be admitted for continuous monitoring when you come to antenatal you always need to make sure you have your green notes in order foster to meet you on to the system and know your history the postnatal world is where you come after the birth of your baby your birthing partner can stay with you all day and all night if they wish to do so siblings of the baby are allowed to visit between 3 p.m. and 8 p.m. but we ask for you not to bring any other children with you because this is an infection control issue as you can see it's quite tight around the bed space so if you can please just bring necessary items only that would be fantastic if you are formula feeding your baby please can you bring the first milk only or newborn milk only which is already made for your birthing partner who wishes to study please note that we will be providing those pillows or blankets in addition to the excellent care and service we will provide Epsom sand Hali a maternity unit there are some additional services you can purchase such as the single room you see here all details are available on our website we're really proud to be a baby friendly accredited unit and we support mothers in their feeding choices to feed their babies how they would like to for as long as they would like we also have breastfeeding drop-in clinics and we have a colostrum harvesting unit as well where we can help you to express your claustrum before your baby arrives and ongoing support throughout your stay at Saint Helier once you've been discharged from the ward your ongoing care will be carried on by the community midwives we look forward to seeing you really soon

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