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The long awaited Maternal Cleanse

goodnight ladies and gentlemen tonight we're going to do the long-awaited maternal glance and in this short video what we're gonna do is we're going to start opening up our maternal line we're going to open up the books for maternal lines open up the cosmic waters that is the waters that's in the cosmos the waters in the atmosphere the waters in the rivers lakes and streams the waters in the room as you come forth through water and we're going to open up the waters for your maternal line so that we can have some healing and some cleaning through your maternal line and after that we're going to open up the books that give birth that give rise to your maternal line so that we can bring forth all the women throughout your tree of life or what we called your family tree and then anything that we see in the maternal line that should not be there we're going to clean it up now again anyone who's in any Abrahamic religion I wouldn't advise that you do this because if we encounter things like rape or abuse of violence or mistreatment you have to forgive you have to love them and you have to forgive them and we don't do that here okay we forgive ourselves but we the demand anyone who wrongs us to ask us for forgiveness we do not forgive people who wronged us they must ask us for forgiveness so if you know you belong to an Abrahamic religion I don't want you to violate the laws of your religion so this cleanse is not for you okay and this is the reason why I said the paternal cleanse is not for someone in an Abrahamic religion because under Abrahamic religions you have to forgive those who wronged you and you have to love them and you have to pray for them okay so great let's get started okay so get yourself into a nice calm place make sure everything around you is quiet and take a deep breath in breathe in and breathe out breathe in and breathe out now we're asking for the cosmic waters that is the waters in the cosmos because that's the symbol of women this water breathing and without asking for the cosmic waters to open up we're asking for the waters in the atmosphere to open up by asking for the waters in the rivers lakes streams seas oceans to open up we're asking for the waters the amniotic sac and the breaking of the water that gave birth to you that holds your family tree and your genetic material to open up and we're asking for the books some call it the Tree of Life some call it the tree of knowledge some cultures call it the Akashic records to open up breathe out breathe in breathe out open up the cosmic waters open up the atmospheric waters open up the waters in the rivers lakes streams oceans seas anyway there's a body of water open up the water when your mother's water broke that gave birth to you those of you who have been adopted and you don't know your maternal line me your mother a cosmic mother your great-grandmother's your arms and your mother come forward those of you who have bad relationships with your mother that is intergenerational those of you who have great relationships with their mother but you may have generational problems those of you who have good relationships with your mother's those of you who don't know your mother be asking all of the women to step forward we are asking the amniotic sac to relief the knowledge of whom the mothers are for those who don't know their mothers or never met them we're asking for the cosmic waters to reveal the mothers of those who've never met their mothers some people feel like they were born in the wrong family and they have spiritual mothers located on this planet to come forward all the mothers come forward by asking for the bad first to come forward you're asking for the rivers lakes the stream seas and oceans to open up the knowledge of the cosmic mother who has been denied via penis centered religion a phallic centered religion because the divine creators of both male and female and the feminine principle of the Godhead has been butchered by Western religion and by all these phallic centered religions so we're asking for the maternal line for everyone listening to come forward we're asking for you the ancestral feminine line for those to come forward whether you came from a maternal line of craftsmen a maternal line of priestess a maternal line of singers dancers artisans market people leaders the maternal line of chieftains princesses Royal bloodlines that I mean may have been cut off we're asking for the transatlantic lines that were cut off via slavery to open up be asking for the Indian Ocean lines that will cut off via slavery to open up we're asking for the lines that were cut off when families were ripped apart during slavery and taken somewhere else as far as to another country during slavery unfortunately we have to open up some deeper lines so take a deep breath in take a deep breath out take a deep breath in and breathe out and we going in okay now we're calling up the bad part the first thing that forward is the broken relationships between mothers and daughters and it's all by design mothers and daughters where mothers are spending more time with their sons than they should be spending time with their daughters and where you have fathers who should be spending more time with their sons so the first thing is the mother-daughter relationship which many of us have which is bad and it's intergenerational some of it came through the religion some of it is jealousy some of it is unfortunately it's a kind of strange genetic at all of its chemical tampering some sort of chemical tampering so we're speaking to the root issues the first one is the bad relationships between mothers and daughters this is the first one and we're asking that entity that causes division between mothers and daughters to leave you do not belong here we don't want you whether in the form of religion whether in the form of indoctrination through the media whether it's just internal jealousy whether it's just envy and hatred you have to leave whether it's disturb anis of the child or the child is a black sheep and no one understands them the cosmic water is a feeling that there is a lot of division between mothers and daughters whether it's mothers loving the sons more than they do their daughters and whether it's a chemical castration because we may never know fully know the effects of industrialization and we may never know the effects of all the chemicals and how they impact the human body from your lotions shampoos tear if the food to the ear water we just don't know we're being inundated on this planet we're repairing right now that would that bridge by asking the cosmic waters to wash the wounds of abandonment a fighting of schism of jealousy of envy of secretly wanting your child to fail because you never want your child to be better than you a verbal abuse telling the child you just like your father Oh telling the child you did you know you know good the cosmic waters the feminine cosmic waters they're asking it to wash away the maternal pain because this is very deep this is a very very deep wound when the ping is from the mother it's deeper than when the pain is from the father we're asking the cosmic waters to wash away the wounds of the maternal assault from mother to child breathe out and relax and breathe in okay so we're back just a word of caution don't rush this and if you feel that you have to do this a little here a little there a little there it's okay you don't have to do the whole cleanse all in once because depending on um on depending on what your maternal line is and what's in it because you're going back very far okay you may have to take a break I suggest that you do this at night and if you know that you may need to stop the video stop the video and take a break okay so let's breathe in we're gonna breathe in and we're gonna do something we're gonna include things like your sisters your aunts stepmothers grandmother nieces cousins female cousins okay and we're gonna bring forward the evil in your line first okay now the next thing that arise that is arising is anger I'm seeing a lot of present-day issues like anger that maybe your dad left your mother or your father married someone else or your mother cheated and left your dad or your mother is manipulative it's a lot of present-day bondage for the maternal line it was a lot of ancestral bondage the paternal line was coming up with ancestral bondage but this is really interesting because this one is a lot of present bondage that's coming up first so we're gonna just breathe out and we're gonna breathe into some of these some of these issues and when I was doing the last the previous exercise I had to take a break and what I saw was that the feminine energy that was there in the beginning that is there in the cosmos that is here on the earth has been stifled the creating power of what you call God has been completely obliterated and the image is a subservient image not an image of an equal co-creator not an image of an equal guide not an image of when I say equal I don't mean stronger I mean equal in creation equal as a Godhead what you would call a God even though I don't like to use these words because to me this is all energy okay the feminine energy that gave birth to the women has been totally denied on this planet let me give you an example like in religion it's very phallic symbol okay it doesn't really honor at the highest head that there was a divine energy female energy working equally with a male energy to bring forth creation it has been denied and what I saw was that is the root cause of a lot of crazy female behavior and we see it manifest today this was all done by design where you know today it's it's just literally like women wanting to be men I'm not talking about homosexuality I mean like straight heterosexual women feeling like they have to be a man to get anywhere and acting more like men I'm not talking about homosexuality I'm just talking about how the denying of the co-creator to create tricks that is feminine that worked alongside the male energy has been denied and on this planet since it's been denied in every sphere what we're seeing is the manifestations right so we're gonna we're gonna breathe in and we're gonna breathe out and we're gonna go into the abuses the vindictiveness that is just the main evil feet feminine energy that is in front of me it's just vindictiveness that's all I'm saying just just be vindictiveness and I think that's the route you know vindictiveness and we're going to ask the cosmic waters to clean the feminine line the maternal line of the ancestral vindictiveness the cosmic waters to wash it away open up your heart your mind your soul and let the waters of the cosmos the clean waters the atmospheric waters the waters and the rivers lakes and streams that is pure and clean the waters from the womb to wash away that vindictiveness I'm gonna get you and that vindictiveness leads all sorts of secrecy secret behavior and years later you find out we're cleaning the maternal line the maternal line the only thing I'm picking up is the loot of that feminine energy is been deity Venus it's like it's like a fist I'm gonna get you and it doesn't necessarily mean that the person did something wrong it's because of that ancient denial when the Divine Feminine create ryx who worked with the divine male creator to give birth to this planet when that female creator energy was denied and removed and turned into a statue or turn into an image of Mary as an example and made to be the subservient person as instead of an equal creator made to walk behind me to be silent and now that I'm seeing this now the abuses are coming the rapes the rape yep now the abuses are coming through we're seeing like it's like a raping of the female spirit and then the physical rapes and then things like trafficking things like having no rights where women had literally no rights from the four corners of the earth because of the iron fist of these religions all of these are in the bloodline no rights no voice and then the co-opting of what it means to be a woman by feminist movements co-opting given foreign identity telling you that you shouldn't cook for your husband all of these are part of the vindictive nature that came out of the oppression from these religions this is the lead this is the reaction from these oppressive oppressive religions and the dysfunction of being under these oppressive religions way tells you women can't hold positions of power women can't speak in public women should not ask questions women should sit in silence meanwhile women ought to sit in silence when they're being raped by their pastors or raped or beaten up by their husbands and then being forced to forgive them and then being forced to love them no you don't have to forgive anyone who violated you I'm speaking into the past now I'm speaking to your ancestral energies on your maternal line you don't have to forgive anyone because now I'm gonna set some maternal lines free you don't have to forgive anyone who raped you you don't have to love them you don't have to pray for them you don't have to bless them it is your free will if you want to and if you don't want to you have the right not to bless them the right not to forgive them the right not to give you all love to them the right not to give your time air energy to them and then I see the failures the next thing that rose up are the failures because of this oppressive I am fist that's on this planet it's phallic symbol worship that has denied the Divine Feminine creator who worked with the divine male creator energies to bring forth both man and woman on this planet it was not done by a man alone there was a female energy their present doing it and for millions billions of years she has been denied and then we see I see failures the failures are coming forward the guilt from when the child is not raised properly the guilt of a child not becoming something is placed on the mother not the father or both it's not placed on both it's not placed on the father it's based on the mother and the closing of the womb and the waters are turning I just saw the wave in the ocean it just turned like it's turning the tide you are not a failure if your child does not grow up to be someone you are not a failure your child has a choice however if you did not raise them well then you can't be feel bad if you didn't do it if they don't grow up to be what you expected them to be so they're calling for the cosmic waters to heal the deep wounds of maternal failure to hit to heal the deep wounds of the feminine divine God energy that was co-creator with the male energy that gave birth to this planet that has been denied take your rightful place and you are not a feminist but religion has denied you heal the waters the healing waters of the cosmos the healing waters of the placenta the healing the healing waters of the amniotic sac of the placenta heal the maternal lines for those who are listening let your maternal line be healed and let the Divine Feminine create ryx take a rightful place that all the women in your ancestral lines from your Tree of Life come forward and begin to speak to you they are not demons this is your ancestors your ancestors are not demons your ancestors hold your genetic keys how can they be demons now do we have evil people no family yes but we cleaning those lines now if the maternal line is really different from the paternal line breathe out breathe in to your healing and breathe out exhale the pain and you know it's funny because you know it's like I don't know why I keep picking up children born and rape it's the craziest thing children born in rape children born in reap so we heal the children born through rape I don't know what this means heal the maternal line from children born through rape and then the mother had to forgive and have to love this is madness no he don't so we heal this line and we bring peace to it the breathing in into the maternal lines of failure because of denial and from denial of the divine female creator force that's been denied and the power of the womb has been given away to the power of the phallus where it's the fathers and the womb that should be working and creating together and this has caused so much dysfunction on this planet and so much dysfunction between the GBF families and we breathe in and we breathe out and we're calling for titles to be given back the calling for ancestral land to be given back because the land represents a woman and the land was raped if you would take into the Americas as a slave or through the Indian Ocean if you unaided on anywhere on this planet on your land which is your mother your literal Earth Mother was stolen from you and it's been denied and then you have the demons who refused to say they're sorry for being well demons can never say they're sorry but they show no remorse for stealing someone's land and they think this is the right thing to do they should no remorse none because they're demons this is why the land will become their worst enemy the land the land of the woman's womb and the land that they stole who become an enemy unto them but you were healing your maternal line your land will be like a full-time woman and she will give you the bounty of a fertile womb breathing many of you the next thing I'm seeing is for some reason this maternal line is so complicated this defined feminine the divine feminine the symbol of the womb and the symbol of the Cree Atrix this is the Divine Feminine principle what I just saw is that this divine feminine create tricks power she gives success I have never seen this before I just saw something in the spirit realm and it's like she said she said success comes through me as the earth produces seed and the seed produces fruit and food she said that is a womb and when a person stretches how they had to do something and they have one thing in their hand and he stretch it out and multiply she said that is my power success is giving birth and that is the define feminine create tricks God is not a man alone and if your God has two legs you don't have a God because God is not a man period these are energies here they can take the form of a man but in the purest essence they're like the energy this is why they can be only present and everywhere and she just said to me when you see success in business just like it is for me they get it but they never give her honor and I just saw interesting company logo why is it that the logo for Starbucks is an African deity Kuya Maya oh yah oh yah oh yah manga or imagined and that's a woman and then Apple their symbol is an apple and in the Christians belief it was Eve who ate of the Apple first this planet is upside down really so we're gonna breathe in we're gonna heal the waters of denial heal the denial and we cleanse it away we're gonna bring in success through the female create ryx power that has been denied for eons breathe out and receive your cosmic freedom the earthly freedom your freedom in the waters your freedom to do business your freedom of your identity and the next thing that's coming is who you are your identity lastly we're here you're gonna breathe into a freedom we're gonna breathe out and all the female all the lines your maternal lines your mother grandmother aunt sneezes female cousins stepmothers adopted mothers sister-in-laws I see the army of women and they're free and through this line you would receive who you are you will receive what your ancestral connection is where you're supposed to go what you're supposed to do doesn't mean you're better than men it just means you are equal with them they're not higher than you you're not higher than them you're equal in everything with them different rules but you're equal enjoy your freedom thank you

27 thoughts on “MATERNAL CLEANSE

  1. I hate my mother…She's the parasite in her family…The former whore turned christian turned hateful hypocrite…I see the maggot for who she really is & it's disgusting
    Wish I was never created in that funky womb of hers

  2. And that female creator was here before man and learned this from Dr, Delbert Blair on Women Lecture and how women used to get pregnant without a male sperm called Pathogenesis, where they get their so called virgin Mary

  3. Going to do this too. The Maternal line on my Mothers side has a lot of issues. My Mother side and I were able to start the healing process before she passed. She dealt with a lot out jealousy and envy from others in the family' which has now transferred to me. I told my mothers 2nd oldest female sibling I don't care nothing about her so she has no power over me. I let her know I'm the battle she wants. She a vile demon who seeks to destroy everyone in her path.

  4. I finally able to do the maternal cleanse on Mother's Day May 12, 2019. What a great way to cleanse and restore the healing process of feminine energy that my mother destroyed. I think I do this cleanse again sometime this week. Thank yu

  5. Thank you for this. I grew up in the christian (baptist) religion and I always felt the forgiveness thing (do good to those who spitefully use you, etc) was very extreme and crazy. I am so happy that I have broken free of that christian jail religion and have connected with good people who are teaching me the original truth and helping me.

  6. This is amazing! I had to stop halfway through. I could feel the pain and hurt that my grandmother had from being so broken hearted. As I meditated tears began to roll down my face as I am beginning to break these maternal curses. Peace and light! ❤🧡💛💚💙💜

  7. Thanks Rainetta, this powerful. I just had a dream not too long ago that I look up in the sky and i saw the shape of a curvy female body swimming above my head. May the blessings of the ancestors protect you.

  8. I just wanted to say how thankful I am to have found you. Your voice stirs something in me I have not felt in a long time. I have been struggling a bit with depression, self worth, and I have been continuing in these cycles of self abuse. I just feel so cut off, not only by my family..but just society in general.. I don't fit in..I never did. Tho, considering how backwards the world is, I am glad! But as for my family, it hurts quit a bit. However, you help me to realize that some of things I'm going through is not my fault, or even my father's or his own father…it's generational curses. And same goes for my mother as well. I actually did a couple of your exercises, (heal all your parts and paternal cleanse) this week and I feel empowered and inspired. I feel like I may be called to end these curses on both sides of my family. When I finished the paternal cleanse I thought, when will she do maternal? and here it is, next day!! hehe Right on time! I was wondering, should I wait a bit before starting this exercise? I already feel, pretty emotional.

  9. I finally got the notification but I could not get on until it was over. I couldn’t even type in live chat it kept cutting in and out

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