Mama Bite: Making Time for Your HUSBAND & FRIENDS | South African Youtuber

Mama Bite: Making Time for Your HUSBAND & FRIENDS | South African Youtuber

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Hey lovelies, a quick bite to share how I make time for my husband and friends, all while being a mama. Please add yours in a comment below! Thumbs up if you like, subscribe and press the notification bell x

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like we are not meant to be alone you know what I mean so we're supposed to be with other people who are social beings so we need to use that you know I'm human connection the village that is supposed to help us or should try and help us to raise our kids and be able to do everything else at the same time we're fortunate enough that Kev's parents live here you know they don't live so far away so once a month they take him the whole weekend so usually from a Friday until Sunday afternoon otherwise like Saturday morning and then we fetch them on Sunday afternoon we get a break and we get to enjoy each other so it's a whole weekend of you know like just it's like date weekend so you'll see on my Instagram oh boy it's like date wait dad I'm so excited because that's when you have dedicated time with each other and then we always like really appreciate that time and we like plan for it we get excited about it so we actually you know and that's it that's that's it our friends know everyone else knows you know like obviously we might like to keep in touch with some people but we're kind of almost off the radar for that weekend so that's that and then so we benefit from it KY benefits like immensely from it because he like his favorite people in the world though his grandparents okay let me be real I know he loves me but I know he loves his granny and his grandpa like so much more so he when he when he knows that he's going to granny and Grandpa's he's like oh yeah yeah he goes crazy he's so excited and then his grandparents get that dedicated time with him so it's not you know sort of us being there as well and they're a bit sort of like oh can we feed him this repeating that they go crazy they spoil him we are out of their hair so it works three ways it works for all of us everybody benefits from it so I have a like really close group of girlfriends we're all moms were all working we have like lucema backgrounds and we're all trying to also like balance all of this stuff at the same time but we also know that we need to have our outlet so we are like each other's outlet so we meet it's pretty much not now becoming more like a once a month type of situation where we what we you know like we tell the husbands and everything we sort out the kids we tell them like okay you know we are meeting up on this date and we booked guys we booked like about two months in advance and we like book each other and we put in our calendars and then like pretty much like the day of that girl's date or the day absolutely like okay when are we meeting again and we booked it and we stick to it

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  1. Love u guys, just the other day was sharing how I would like to meet my husband just looking forward to getting excited for a date night or me cooking him his favorite meal or just our activities. Boaz 🔊🔊🔊

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