Mama Bear Wisdom | A Little Encouragement

Mama Bear Wisdom | A Little Encouragement

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Mama Bear Wisdom | A Little Encouragement
Do you ever get caught up in comparing yourself to other moms out there?  Are outside influences making you unsure about what’s right for your family?  Today I uncover the truth about wisdom (sometimes called instinct) that ALL mothers posses.
While there is no harm in gleaning wisdom from other moms, there is harm in trying to make your family just like theirs.  We are all unique.  You know your kids, you know your family, you know the situation better than anybody.
It doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing.  Stand up and be the mom, your kids need you!  Trust those gut instincts. Trust that you know what you are doing, because you do.  Surround yourself with people who support who you are as a mama and as a family.
God gave us ALL this wisdom as mothers.  It is a gift.  All you need to do is listen.
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hi welcome back to my channel it's Krista from Hebert's town home if you are new here welcome I would love to have you click that subscribe button down below today we're talking about Mama Bear instinct I am wearing my mama Soares shirt because I think it's fitting for today's conversation so I hope you can come join us and chat with us so this morning I was reading in John chapter two and something sort of struck me and this is where Jesus performs his first miracle and verses three through five really stuck out to me and this is kind of a conversation between Mary and Jesus when the wine was gone Jesus's mother said to him they have no more wine dear woman why do you involve me jesus replied my time has not yet come his mother said to the servants do whatever he tells you so I find this passage really interesting this conversation between Mary and Jesus and he's saying it's not yet my time and she's the mom and she's like my gut says it is get going on it son you know I mean it's just it's such a human interaction between a mom and a child like it's just a little push it's just a that you know one of those and it doesn't say that angels came down and told Mary you know this is gonna be his first miracle just you know she just knew it's time let's let's do it son you know she just had that that Mama instinct that gut instinct that wisdom from God that somehow he places on us when we become mothers that we just know what's best for our kids and I just find this passage so interesting and so encouraging I think as a mom so when Bentley was about six she's 16 now we got a phone call from a little girl at school and she wanted bitly to come and stay the night and I thought oh nothing wrong with her family at all I just don't know them I don't know them very well I do not feel comfortable sending my six-year-old over overnight to someone's house that I don't know and and so I didn't know what to do and I was I I told her I said you know let's just we'll call her back and so I thought about it a while and then I called my friend Laurie she had older kids and I said look here's the situation you know I feel bad saying no I don't know what to do and Laurie said Krista you're her mother you know what to do you're you know exactly what to do and if your gut says no then you say no and you have to I don't know she just encouraged me to be the mom like to stand up and do what I needed to do and I needed to hear that from her and that conversation sticks with me to this very day it doesn't matter what other moms are doing around me or around you you need to you know your kids you know your family you know the situation better than anybody and you need to stand up and just be the mom and and trust those gut instincts trust that you know what you're doing because you do you do you're the mom and even for our adopted children okay yeah it took some time to like get to know them and you know and all of that but even from the beginning we knew I knew what to do you know I knew what the right answer was a lot of times not always I think there's those times where we don't know as a parent and maybe it's not maybe it doesn't matter we just need to make a decision kind of a thing but then there's those times where that gut just says I know exactly what needs to be done here I might not want to do it but this is what we need to be doing and it may not be the popular answer and I even think you know with children from hard places sometimes we have to make decisions that don't make sense to other people and I think I've talked about this a little bit before but our family is just different in large families same way you know we just run things in a different way in a way that works for us and every family should look different how they run things and how they do things and it's important that as moms we don't get stuck in the comparison game where it's like well that family does it this way we probably should you know they're a really cool family we should do it the same way no no I think we can take ideas from other moms that are like oh that would that would work awesome in our family and use those and make things better I think those ideas are great but we still need to be our own people and our own family and we need to take little snippets from other Mama's that work in it and we need to not listen to those voices that say other people are doing it that way this way or that way and we need to do it the same way you know that instinct and that I mean God gave us that that's that's wisdom from him and we need to listen to it I don't know a time when I have ever regretted listening to that wisdom or that inner voice or that I don't know what you want to call it but it's mom wisdom I'm gonna say it's mom wisdom it's not just instinct it's mom wisdom you know when we've listened to that I don't think we've ever really been led too far astray you know we've gone down the path that we needed to go down so I think today I just really wanted to encourage you guys to be your own people be your own mamas be your own families and do things the way that you need to do things and not worry about what everyone else is doing around you like I said we can get some great ideas from other momma's we can also get a lot of pressure and a lot of stress from other momma's I just I just was really struck by that passage today and by Mary's Mama instinct or mama wisdom that said hey it is your time we know when it's our kids time now you know she was raising the son of God I mean no pressure here right no pressure but and we are raising these human beings and and there is there is a ton of pressure as a mom like for them to succeed for them to be good people I mean that is a ton of pressure on us as mamas but God gives us the wisdom and he gives us the help and I just think you know Mary had it too and we all have it as momma's you know that that that inner voice that inner strength that inner wisdom that God gives us as a gift when we become Mama's nobody knows your kids better than you and if anybody tries to tell you they do they're wrong they are well I take that back God knows them better than you do but nobody on earth knows them better than you and and so I think just listen to yourself listen to God's wisdom you know get in the word if you need to if you if you don't know the answer figure it out for your kids but don't be ashamed don't be don't don't let Satan tell you you don't know what you're doing because you do you do it's in there that wisdom is in there so I just want to encourage you I just want to encourage you to listen thank you so much for watching today and I hope you guys have a really good day talk to you next time bye-bye you

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