Maa ( माँ ) Vs Saasu Maa ( सासु माँ ) | Shruti Arjun Anand

Maa ( माँ ) Vs Saasu Maa ( सासु माँ ) | Shruti Arjun Anand

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#HappyMothersDay …
Maa-Beti Ka Rista Bahut Anmol Hota Hai & Shaadi Ke Baad Hume Maa Ke Saath, Saasu Maa Bhi Mil Jaati Hai … Buss Yeh Aap Per Depend Karta Hai Ki Aap Us Riste Ko Kaise Aage Le Jaate Ho … I am sure you’ll love this one as much as I did while filming this … Keep Loving & Keep Sharing!!

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what's this??? am I look fool to you!!! just take off this dress just do it ohh… step out in this short dress I'll beat you… don't make me fool otherwise I complain about you to your father are you going somewhere?? what kind of clothes you've wore!!! black…. ohh Mom just to cure myself from someone's evil eye ohh… you are an ideal daughter thank god… i've got such an ideal daughter-in-law where are you going dressed up like this some relatives are about to come today oh Mom I told you that I had took permission for this one week ago that I've to go for a party don't go anywhere just stay here who'll help me for household chores oh listen mom don't you invite relatives like this just shut your mouth their ill-mannered kids had stolen my lipsticks last time they stolen my stuffs I'll not make to happen this I'll go to the party for sure but before I've to keep all the stuffs safe listen…. where are you going!!! actually there's a party in my office I had already informed you about this ohh!! I just forgot to tell you something Arjun's maternal uncle will come today ohh.. dear lunch for so many of them its ok dear!! I'll manage its ok I stay here with you that not an important party at all ok I just leave it ok I stay where are you going looking like a witch!! is your wedding today as you've wore so much of makeup oh mom as you don't watch youtube videos what you know abt fashion or beauty all these are on trend these days just go and change it Mom I am ready lets go for the ceremony you dressed up like this you'll go there like this no bangles, no ear rings no makeup at all ok let it be what I can say regarding this all think like that we've not bought anything for you its okkk.. returned back mom I've got tired plz make tea for me oh you order me okkk I'll see you when you'll go to your in-laws place oh mon I m not going today there why always taunt me like this oh god!! getting tired today oh you've returned back look both your Aunt waiting for you greetings Aunt.. ok go & make tea fast for us ok.. oh dear wake up soon!! as we've a pooja at our home so you've to arrange for the so many stuffs so wake up fast Mom as I am on my periods so can't do anything for this don't make excuses like this why you always do this to me oh dear!! just wake up there's a pooja today at our home oh mom I wanted to tell you that I m not able to preparing for that as I am on my periods these days its ok dear then you can help in cleaning garden also clean up that balcony area also bring some veggies from market & I'll do the remaining chores ok mom what you make today in lunch rice & lentil mom you cook this daily I don't want to eat also we've other veggies left last night ok I'll eat that Mom what we have today for lunch oh dear we've gourd whats this??? that veggie which Arjun like the most ohh that one thats mine favourite too there's a gift for you its ok but is there's no colour other than this nopes!! only one by the way red is your favourite colour what abt design??? Ohh mom I liked this one have you taken receipt or not yes I'll always make drama like this I've bought it from Meena Bazaar this is your receipt go & replace that never take anything according to me i've a bought a silk saree for you as you like it ohh dear no need for this.. again a silk saree i always bring silk saree for you so clever at least i get silk sarees like this always spread rumours in relatives that I've not bought anything for her then take this silk saree & wear it eveytime Mom feeling unwell its ok I'll make khichdi for you also add peas in it as you like it take it dear what to eat today you tell dear as you've cook that mom will you plz cook today ok why what happened to you?? I am not feeling well today ok you take rest I'll cook am I cook your that favourite khichdi take this I've made this video to make you happy mother always a mother whether she's your mother or your husband's as we watch in our hindi movies which reminds us about mother's love & motherhood but when we think about mother-in-law which reminds like always negative aspects of her but this not happens in real life she's lil different in real life all its in our hand how you manage your relation so one gift which you can give to them and that is your love so just call her and show your love to her & do comment below that to which sequence you relate the most

36 thoughts on “Maa ( माँ ) Vs Saasu Maa ( सासु माँ ) | Shruti Arjun Anand

  1. Please make more videos like this this is my favourite video🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗😘😘😘😘😘😘💑😍😍😍😍😍😍😚😚😚😚😚😚😘😘😘😂😂😊😊😊😊😊😊

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