LPS~A Thousand Years (Mother's Day Special)

LPS~A Thousand Years (Mother's Day Special)

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Check out my new music video based on this one!

♡Happy Mother’s Day to all you incredible and beautiful mothers out there♡

♡We love you so much and wouldn’t be who we are without you♡


♡A mother and her young daughter were playing in the park when the ball rolls into the forest. When the daughter goes to get the ball, she gets lost and the mother can’t find her. She calls the police and gives them a picture of her daughter. Years pass by and she finds her daughter.

♡Welcome to my very first LPS music video!!! 😀
I had already planned on making this video,but it turned out that I started filming it over Mother’s Day weekend. I went ahead and made it for Mother’s Day.

♡Song~ “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri

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