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Hi guys!!! It’s that time again… time to test!!! For this cycle, I’m doing battle of the tests again, this time, using AFAC and iPROVEN.

Hey there! My name is Amber, and I’m so glad you’re here. I am a full-time work-from-home Analyst, doing the best she can to support my family, while getting to be home with our 2-yr old son. Life is crazy with work, family, a toddler, 2 cats, and one very very hyper cattle dog. I hope you decide to join me on this journey, as we try for baby # 2!




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hey guys it's amber welcome or hopefully welcome back today is Monday July 22nd and for me that is 90 peel so yes it's finally time to begin dippy pregnancy types and hopefully this cycle is the one what makes this cycle even more fun is that I do have a couple of new tests that I'm going to try the first one these are the I proven at age 30 and these ones only look for ten HCG so they are internet cheapies but they only are looking for ten HCG instead of 25 so that is awesome I'm excited to see how those work out and if there's like a bad evaporation line if they give false positives because it's a nice cost-effective alternative if they do work so I'm excited about that those ones I did give myself the other ones these are a FAQ and they were kind enough to send these to me so what I read on the reviews is that they are exactly like first responses they come up early I can't find anything that says what HCG they're looking for but according to the reviews everyone got a positive on these at the same time that they got one on a first response they're not paying me to talk about them at all they just offered to send them to me in hopes that I would talk about them in a video and there's something to dip in pee so why would I say no I have first response in the a FAQ to compare to each other and then as always I have my prep my internet cheapies these come with my okie case and they are going against the eye proof and these ones are 25 HCG these are tenth so we got four tests to get through today so let's just blow right through them here is the pregnant nothing on there let's see what they look like the thing I like about the presents also is that they're really a thick strip so they're really easy to read so right off the bat now I approve in are significantly thinner so it will be harder to read but at least it can detect weight earlier so let's see sorry I didn't show you that there going across just gonna have to trust me with the prep me I don't want to mess it up it's already all the way across and here's what those look like so I'm excited to open these up and see so I like how it don't you write on the cap what's positive what's negative so this is what they look like let's see pop the cap back on and let's see if it goes across so it's going to cross I'm going to set that down cover it up now first response we all know if you have been here for a while you know how I feel about first response but why do we keep getting them because they are the only test that test early every other early test is looking for 25 HCG and we all know that that's not early I think you start at 5 HCG and then it takes two to three days to double so by the time you have enough HCG to read on a 25 HCG test it's not really as early as we want we want to know as soon as possible so with first responses they're looking for 6.3 to 10 and then that's also why I got the I proven because they're also only looking for 10 I'm not sure about the a fat ones I can't find the HCG anywhere I'm just going based off of the reviews that say that when they got a positive on their first response and got a positive on that so it is a few dollars cheaper I'm excited to see if there is a gray line like there is on first responses so it's the only thing that I care about I love that it's a pink dye test so we'll see we'll see how it compares ok there is a gray line on it but it's not that bad if I can give you to show a little bit when I dip tip it a little bit you can kind of see it but it's not that as bad as usual so it's good to be put the cap back on make sure it's going to cross and that's going across so we are gonna put that back in its little package and cover it up okay this seam path so we've got four tests to look at and I have no idea which one I want to look at first I guess I'll look at that I proved in Internet cheapy first d IM only ninety Pio so it is early the average woman implants on day nine and so usually they don't get their positive until 11 or 12 so it's still extremely early so let's see I don't know there is like some form of lying but I've never used these before so I don't know how they are with indent lines we'll have to see as we go through testing if it's a reoccurring thing or if it actually is the beginning of something and then it will get darker if there's something to see it will get clearer as the days go on so let me try and show it to you okay print me okay let's look at the a fat one again it's like the I proven I've never used these before so I don't know how they are with indent lines and it's kind of hard with the little plastic window I wish that it was centered so that the rim of the plastic window wasn't like casting a shadow like it looks like there's the beginning of something happening this is not gonna be good isn't this cycle it's already off to one mm-hmm start with these lion eyes that's crazy let me try and show you did you see that let me try and put it behind something bright see how the window kind of like casts a shadow and first response let's this move on first response I'm gonna be like Jenelle I don't know if you guys watch rainbow baby mama you should but I'll break out my torch as she calls it in Australia you guys should all do a video like if you guys are watching my video please do a video about like your terminology for TTC because I love watching your videos and seeing like what you guys call things or refer to things like you say that you've got the niggles and like they just crack me up like they bring you so much joy like America seems so boring it's like oh I just called that like a cramping stretching and you guys call it getting the nickels like the cutest thing ever so like Ingrid from ng mama love Jenelle from rainbow baby mama Athena like all three of you guys should like make a video epic anyways back to the flashlight the flashlight doesn't sound nearly as cool as torch I don't know you guys that is for for for what sound form of something on it and that's annoying try and show you guys you anyways mmm hopefully I got it in the still pictures and you can see what I see the first response is even more sensitive than the other three times so I don't know if there is something to see we're gonna call it negative today obviously but if they're in something to see or something happening it will get clearer as the days go on so it's okay for now guys hopefully you stuck around from yesterday's tests at the beginning of the video today is Tuesday July 23rd and I am 10 DP Oh hopefully I caught it in the still pictures I think I did but all four of the tests I took yesterday at 90 peel had something on them and it would really really suck and be pretty cruel if four out of four tests all had indent or evaporation ones so yeah I'm gonna take the same four tests let's start with the eye proving let's get both out so nothing on here I'll show you the pregnant and nothing on there so let's get both of these in duped okay so the I proven is going across gonna lay that flat prick me also going across and lay those down and cover them up oh now they hate that one I hope I'm saying that right these ones you get for ten seconds sorry I forgot to show you guys it is blink but I just dipped it so hopefully it will start going across there it goes it's going across set that one down hard first for speed alright show you guys first I mean so nothing on there sorry I'm kind of like all over the place yesterday's test just threw me off and not too bad you can see if it starts going too close okay first response is going across now set that down as well cover it up and for the sake of the cheapies I'm gonna set a timer for 5 minutes just to give them a little extra time I'm so nervous I think this is maybe the most nervous I've been four out of four tests I'll be pretty upset I've been really late peaceful in neutral this whole time but I didn't expect that like four out of four tests would like throw me like that and you know if you've been following me you know that I've gotten pretty good about just saying that it's and letting it go so I went into it with that same mindset and I got thrown off but again if there's something to see it will be clearer today and if it's not clearer today it would be clear tomorrow since that would be 48 hours so all we can do is just wait so I'll see you guys in just under five minutes I don't know which of the chibis to look at first yesterday I looked at the more sensitive cheapy but maybe I should look at the less sensitive one so let's just get it over with I'm shaking so bad same as yesterday let's look at the other night I don't know if these ones are really ten HCG I feel like it would be clear but it's the exact same as the pregnant which is 25 HCG or mi u but I can clearly see where the test line should be in it looks like there's a faint faint faint something but you okay two down two to go it's hard because the window like the rim of the window casts a shadow over the result you okay first response first response was the one yesterday that drove me nuts oh I'm starting to get discouraged it seems like maybe yesterday it was just a fluke a really cruel fluke but who knows it's only been 24 hours so and everyone knows that HCG can take 48 to 72 hours to double so and I am only ten dpo so a lot of people don't get there like clear positives until 11:00 it's the exact same as yesterday like a very very very very very very faint line and ice I think I see a tinge of pink but like I don't I don't want to think I see something I'll show to you guys I was really hoping that after 24 hours that would be a bit more clear but it looks exactly the same so if there is something to see hopefully it will be clearer tomorrow after the 48 hour mark I know all I can do is wait and test again tomorrow if you're new here please make sure you like and subscribe and hit the little bell so that YouTube hopefully lets you know when I upload my next test video and whether you've been here for a few videos or right from the very start I love you guys so so much and I appreciate you more than you could ever possibly know thanks so much for watching guys I'll see you next time

40 thoughts on “LIVE PREGNANCY TEST JULY 2019 | 9-10DPO | CYCLE 6 | TTC BABY #2 | AFAC vs iPROVEN

  1. I’m a nurse who works with rapid in house tests such as flu, strep, rsv, mono, and hcg. With all these tests there’s always a control line and a positive line already put into the test so if they are positive you can see it. Anytime you run a test if you hold it up to light you can see what would be the positive line faintly. Unfortunately to me these tests would be called negative. I really hope it turns out well and that baby you’re waiting on gets here soon.

  2. I prefer first response over clear blue cause clear blue kept giving me negative and first response gave me a positive at 10DPO I kept testing and clear blue kept give me negative . I’m 5 weeks now .

  3. I get HORRIBLE false positives on the internet cheapies. Like every month for 3 months. Once I was actually preggo I tested on 13 dpo and got a very very faint line on the FR and it was legit!

  4. I’m 22 weeks pregnant and those test look negative you should just wait… you should never use a flashlight because some of the test have a plastic line inside …. just test later .. this is my second pregnancy had a miscarriage the first time

  5. I usually have trouble seeing lines in these videos, but I definitely saw something on the first response and lighter ones on the others. I couldn’t tell if they had color but I really hope so!

  6. I love all those same YouTube ladies! I just live watching you guys I feel like you are all my friends even tho I don't know you!!! 🤗 I have 4 kids and I'm a sahm…..ive been fixed after my 4th and can't have anymlre…however I'm living vicariously through yall!!! I'm seeing those lines girl!

  7. I can see something too! My lines were ‘shadows’ and sure I was going insane and just wanting to see something that badly that I could see it. I used the cheapies and a clear blue first test. But a few days later a solid line appeared. Plus this is the month I never felt like it happened! Fingers crossed to you! The cheapies say 10miu but they’re quite bad for picking up lines I think personally! thought I was going mad with the clear blue but swore I could see the line! I think I’m roughly 14dpo now. So solid line around 12dpo! Sending all the baby dust xxxx

  8. 😂😂😂I say niggly!!! Guilty as charged!! So funny. Well thank you for the mention my babes! I hope those lines come babe!!! I thought the cassette one I saw something? I’m so exited! Doing my test tomo! I’ll be 10DPO 🤞👍😘

  9. I can see a little something but it looks to me like that darn grey indent line that’s always there and it gets a bit more visible once it’s wet. I’m really hoping i’m wrong but that’s what I had with tests a lot unfortunately ☹️

  10. I just want to give you the biggest hug ever. Ofcourse I don’t want to see you getting discouraged but I understand. Hang in there. Looking forward to seeing what these next tests bring. Hopefully they are blazing positives. Love ya girl! 💖

  11. I wouldn't worry about the cheapy tests, they claim 10miu but nope they aren't, I got a grey shadow line at 11 dpo and I was getting annoyed with it, my partner just stormed out and got a clearblue early detection which is a 10miu and the line was as clear as day on that. Wow them tests really do have funny windows which are making terrible shadows. Take em apart lol I do lol. I hope and pray this is your month 🙏 it's looking good so far 💕💕💕

  12. Iam with all these other beautiful ladies!! I vote I see lines too 💖💖 You are so funny!! Yes I love getting my “torch” out to see the lines 😂😂😂. it makes my brain think it’s helps!!! But yes we all have different slang. Oh I wish a company would sponsor me with tests 😂😂😂😂 I have taken like 1 billion!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to see the next video 💖💖💖💖 Hanging onto the edge of my seat!!!!!

  13. I can see lines… and so excited for you. I keep rewatching this video over and over again, it gives me a sense of peace somehow. I am on my sixth cycle and last month I had a chemical pregnancy, that was brutal 😩so now I am just enjoying whatever is going on, whether it positive or negative or chemical or… whatever is going my way. Live your life beautiful lady, I am sure you are going to be a pregnant lady soon!

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