Live Pregnancy Test | Chemical Pregnancy?

Live Pregnancy Test | Chemical Pregnancy?

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Live Pregnancy Test | Chemical Pregnancy?

so I just woke up it's the next day I'm going to be doing another one of these equate one-step pregnancy test and see the result that I do get today since they've all been kind of like I don't know I don't really know what the results have been faint lines evap lines I don't know so first morning urine I'm gonna take this test and see what the result is all right so the test is running and we're gonna see what it says today I just woke up so I'm like totally out of it my hair has gotten so long I'm like obsessed with it you just have always worn extensions and now I don't have to after my pregnancy with Isaiah my hair has grown so much it's like almonds down to my butt super long and thoughts get in the way it does get on my nerves like when I'm in the shower and it's wet it'll like steak like this like under my armpit and all down my back but I'm definitely not gonna cut it I'm keeping it long for ever I know I've worn extensions for years just like it seems like it's tough like right here forever and it has grown so much it just keeps falling out since I'm postpartum there's hair everywhere but it is still pretty thick so let's take a look at the test so for pretty negative so I don't know if these lines that I've been getting are evap lines or what they really are but they're definitely coming up with some lines so I'm going to put this little link put this plastic thing over the test three minutes it says that positive results show up within like 60 minutes read it at 3 minutes but no longer than 10 minutes or the result may be invalid such as an evap line I'm going to check it in 3 minutes or so but some symptoms I've been having are excessive thirst dry mouth starving waking up in the middle of the night to go to the refrigerator and eat or get something to like chucking bottles of water migraines blurry vision and pimples I've had a few pimples anxiety jerry mess what else we don't really use this bathroom much guys that's why the dirty hamper bag has no clothes in it there's no towels right here and no toilet paper we have two bathrooms and this one's in the master bedroom but we usually all use the one on the other side of the house so it's pretty empty in here right now what are some other symptoms I've been having my hair is falling out that's just from being 3 months postpartum with Isaiah I don't know pretty much all the symptoms I've been having come across as like hormonal symptoms as well so postpartum hormones crying at songs crying at commercials I don't know guys they seem like they could go either way so but like I said the test is right there with the little plastic thing on top of it so I'll be back in like two minutes now once again guys the TV is super loud Vanina is sleeping out there in her bed and the TV is always just so loud but it's been a few minutes so we're gonna check the test I think it's gonna be negative pretty negative guys I still might just get a first response and then be done with testing but this is what the test looks like I don't know it's better line I do see some sort of line I'm pretty sure that these have all been evap lines because they would have gotten darker yeah there's definitely aligned there but not a strong line I see like a hint of a line you guys probably cannot see it on camera maybe when I go like that you can see it but like I said by now the line would have gotten darker so I'm pretty convinced I'd these tests do give evap lines now like I said they've always been reliable to me but these past couple days I've gotten lines on every one of these that I have taken this one being the least visible but there's definitely like a shadow of a pink line it's not even like grey it's pink and it hasn't been over ten minutes to spend nowhere near ten minutes so evap evap evap I don't know if you guys are seeing this too good up close but it's an evac I'll just get a first response to ease my mind whatever and then I have how many of these do I have left I don't know I have some left but I'll just keep these around I always keep pregnancy tests around in the house but I did not have any this time for once just because I just had a baby three months ago and yeah I used them all with Isaiah so super super faint line on here evap line but I'll try first response just to ease my mind and yeah I saw probably pick one of those up later so just stay tuned for that even though you guys know that it will most likely be negative since this one's negative well it's an evap line super super faint pink evap line and in think evap lines were pink but this one is pink but I know it's an evap line and you can just tell I've been taking pregnancy tests for Maya's almost 14 so almost 14 years so I say II that line if it wasn't it would be a lot darker by now unless it was like a chemical pregnancy I don't know maybe it was a chemical pregnancy what you guys think now I'm really racking my brain it's too early it's super early it's like 4:30 in the morning but you guys know I get up at like 4 o'clock in the morning so just gonna look at the test again yeah you guys can't see that on camera just yeah you guys can't see it out on camera at least I can't see it through the camera the super faint line but that is it for this video guys let me go there first response later ticket filming gonna show you guys that it's probably negative and who knows what the future holds guys but I will see you guys later on today tonight or for tomorrow's video bye

6 thoughts on “Live Pregnancy Test | Chemical Pregnancy?

  1. I say chemical pregnancy? Evap lines don’t have color. Evap lines are usually greyish. I talked to my OB/GYN about this because I’ve had this happen twice, and he said there’s no such thing as a false positive. Usually means early pregnancy that didn’t take, or miscarriage. I’ve been testing since 2006. Six babies, nine pregnancies. I usually use the 88 cent Walmart tests and First Response Early Response and have good results whether it’s negative or positive. I would maybe go get a blood test done at your OB to confirm. Takes the guess work out of the situation at least! I hope this is helpful. I know how stressful these situations are…💕💕💕

  2. Yeah they must be EVAP lines. That's so weird I never seen that happen with those either.. it is possible you're having a chemical pregnancy I suppose but yeah I think it's an evap

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