Large family THANKSGIVING Meal Prep

Large family THANKSGIVING Meal Prep

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Hey everyone! I hope you are all preparing for your turkey day!
I hope you enjoy and remember to “Gather up those fragments!” When you do that you will find your basket-sized blessings in your fragments!

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Our family’s favorite science adventure audio series:

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27 thoughts on “Large family THANKSGIVING Meal Prep

  1. Hello Amy sorry for commenting on a later video I am watching all of them and I found an easy way to peel hard boiled eggs is to boil them for exactly 10 minutes then dump out the hot water and go straight to cold for a few minutes and it comes off well. -Kaleigh (:

  2. When I make coleslaw, I use half white cabbage, half red. I love the contrast in colour. I also finely chop a couple sweet apples and add them, plus a cup of raisins and last 2 cups of toasted almonds. it is great as a side, but can be a meal in itself! If I'm careful and can afford, I also toast a few pine nuts/pinoli to scatter through it once the dressing has been added. It is my favourite salad, along with the classic Waldorf – apple, celery, walnut and dressing. I guess I love nuts!

  3. Everything looks yummy. I have never thought of cooking ham in the slow cooker. If it is not frozen, maybe 3-4 hours on low?
    Happy belated Thanksgiving to you and your sweet family.

  4. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving. The food at my inlaws was amazing. Unfortunately, I woke up sick this morning. Lost my voice, head clogged and eyes sealed shut. It happens. Lol

  5. You are just the sweetest, Amy! I love how you're always encouraging moms and reminding them it's okay to make things easy. There's enough stress in life without adding more stress to food and meal time! I also appreciate that you're not caught up in organic this or whole food that. You just feed your family and you do it with simplicity and frugality and I love that! I don't say that to offend anyone who chooses to do that, but I think our culture puts more stress on young moms these days by sending a message that if you're not buying organic or grass-fed, you're not doing a good job. Love your simplicity and love your encouraging spirit!

  6. Hiya lovely lady. I adore your watching your videos. I got so many ideas from you. Although I dont have a big family, we have busy lives due to work etc. I have therefore been doing meal preping (in a smaller quantity) and putting it in foil trays and freezing it.
    It helps a lot in the evening, oven for 40 min and serve with steamed vegetables or rice, pasta etc.
    Ive made chicken curry, mushroom stew, bean casserole.
    It helps A LOT if you have to stick to a tight budget and also if you dont like wasting food.
    Thanks a lot and keep up the good work 😘 God bless, Elena from UK

  7. Have been enjoying a Thanksgiving meal at lunchtime my whole life. It is so nice to have all the cooking and cleaning up out of the way earlier in the day. Always plenty of leftovers to enjoy for supper. Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.

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