Large family sickness and Whole house clean with me in an hour!!!

Large family sickness and Whole house clean with me in an hour!!!

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Hey everyone, I hope you are having a fantastic day! Tuesday was a sick household and then by Wednesday my children all got better but then I was out for the 4th of July. So no video of the family fun:( Thank goodness it was short and we are all on the mend. Hope you enjoy and are blessed!

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hey guys hope you're having a great day today pitch 'days one of those days where I woke up and was the dreaded wakeup it was the mom I don't feel good I want to throw up and so that's been my life today over the weekend we had one child my husband felt sick last week Brooklyn was sick last week for like a day just with stomach like the viral thing that throwing up so fun no big deal and that's we had Madeleine this past weekend for a day she felt bad her stomach it still kind of hurts but she doesn't have thrown up at all in southern today I had Steven wake up and he felt sick and so he threw out thankfully he's he's like my good throw-up ray like he'll come tell me or he'll go to the kitchen and get a bowl I remember him being little and he literally crawled and went in the kitchen crawled up and got a bowl to throw up in it and I'm like oh my goodness you are the best and then I have other children it just throw up wherever Madeline I think she was in her bed she's so cute oh she's in the top bug bed she just threw up over the side under the floor so the day before she had a sparkling almost switched beds with you oh because Brooklyn's underneath her and she said no and so that morning said brahmanah but she want to rethink switching beds with Madeline and so she's like I know so it's okay different kinds different kids respond differently so she was sick and then my son Evan woke up he didn't feel well and he got sick so it's just been a thought in vomit morning so what do you do for sickness and then my job actually my daughter called she's nanny right now she's staying at a Mina nanny for a month about two months this summer and so she is actually woke up and she felt really sick she thinks her a food poisoning but I said maybe it's a viral like we had but who knows she was sick so she's like what do you do so I thought you know what today would be a great day to say what we do for when we are sick in a large family a lot of people will try to alienate kids and keep them separate I did that for a little bit but I realize you know what the germs are all in the house everybody's all together might as well everybody get them and if everybody gets sick to get it's like that's my mentality is I feel like like I've had where I keep them all separate and then like it'll linger and then like another child would get it and then you try to a lien ate that child and then you another one gets it and it just goes on for ever so my theory is like everybody be together hey if you're gonna get it you're gonna get it let's get it and be done because my large family you can put you up for a long long time we've been out I remember it being like when they were a little little or it would take like a month by the time I went through everybody cuz then I would go back to the first person so Connor those days thank goodness but it does take time so I just keep everybody hey you're gonna be together be together in the same room if it's gonna happen it's gonna happen so Madeleine she chose she was in her but she's on the top bugs but so I brought her up to my room and she laid in my room and slept when she was sick and then we went down the living room just all hung on the living room when she slept on the couch and I slept down there with the other kids too so Steve and I just have some icing you wanna lay in my bed and he said no he said one made my bed so he's in his room laying in there so and then Jensen came out so I said hopefully it'll quit I'll pass quickly I know it's only like a one-day bug things a hole it'll go quick tomorrow is fourth of July and I know we'll look forward to fireworks and stuff so we'll see so I'm just I just got out I took all day to do a video yesterday we have a mountain internet is so bad so I did not get my video posted until really late last night and then um this one hopefully will go up quicker this morning we'll see or not this one the one that I'm posting right now in Christian modesty hopefully that'll get up real quick and then I thought well let me pull up the camera and do some recording of what I'm doing the morning so I'm got that video done post it up and now just didn't get moo-ving and get some work done the house everybody's not feeling well and keep going so I'll pull you along see what we do I just let them keep throwing up and put buckets by them I gave him a bucket and said okay just throw up in there put a little washcloth and then I just keep checking on my here my hint here and throw up so then I go out there and then I don't try to give him anything to drink because there doesn't keep throwing up if they want a sip of water I'll give him some but what I found is that they just keep throwing it up so give it time in the afternoon they'll probably want a little sip and then that'll be okay we also are big others I know some people don't know the magical thing of burners from Michigan I think my Michigan Watchers they'll understand I grew up drinkin burners than ginger and I don't know like we tried Canada dry we've tried the other I'm trying to make the other name I don't know the other one is but no no it doesn't even compare it to burners so we always do burners I let it go flat and then they just kind of sip on that and that we'll stop you tell me I don't know I found like I drank that all the time when I was sick and I don't drink soda I would like any of that and that worked really well for me so I give that to my kids there's only one store down here that I found has it and then I just I'm out now so imma have to my older son tonight maybe go run and get some for when later when they're feeling like having something so we'll just focus on resting and then later today maybe a couple sips of water and there's they want more I'll get burgers for them and then we'll go to a simple diet I do the BRAT diet I think that was big one of my first ones were little the bread rice applesauce and toast diet just cuz we're playing on their stomach crack or something playing until they know that they can handle food so that's what we'll do in our family and hopefully become in a day we'll be good tomorrow so right now I'm going to go get my clean supply stays my deep cleaning a bathroom day so I'm gonna work on that go get my Norwich's cloth and my vinegar and then clean bathroom [Applause] okay I got all that done this morning no kids are awake well there's a couple wait but there's kind of laying around if you saw with my bathroom I clean my tub with mine or X um cloth I still have comment left so I use that but it took longer I want to say because I used those crystals that she gave me and that wiped off like super streak free and clean today I used my comment and I was like oh you gotta scrub it a little harder and so definitely get little crystals if you get the Nords devil of the norc's I know I'm gonna get some for my daughter's um she came home and she's like mama I messed up the cleans really good so I'm gonna buy her some for her wedding shower coming up in August here and then um he decided to take a break and clean out the vomit bucket so that worked out good clean up the kitchen I watched the water bottles even though I wash them already this weekend I decided to do it again because of the sickness going around so just keep them clean and clean them out real good I'll fill them back up all those granola bars we made those last week and nobody even ate any because we had so much snacks and treats this weekend like we've got so much ice cream and birthday cake and now everybody's not feeling great so there's just so much better normally like we got pizza and everybody's loves pizza there's like leftover pizza still from a couple days ago we had subs last night and there's a lot of that leftover so when people are not feeling good there is usually left over so I know Matty's like I didn't get to have my treat so we hit some in the freezer for her when she does feel better so my son ran to the store he had run me on some packages for us so he said he'd go get me some burners so for later when they feel better I cut up all those granola bars and I just put them in the freezer because we're not gonna eat them we still have a lot of treat so I put them in the freezer we'll pull them out for the lake the kids lead I'm it'll be fine I had like five extras put in the county or someone might grab and eat those this morning and now I'm gonna finish sweeping usually I have all my kids do all their work but I know everybody's not feeling super great we had Jayden had a all day friends over yesterday and no no that was a long day for the girls too so I thought I'll just get up and do the work it takes me seconds to do it really is not that long I've only been working for a little bit so I'm probably in a sweep and then I'll pull up the vacuum and then we'll work downstairs the girls will help pick up the downstairs because that's where they were at so we'll sweep down there and pick up and then I have to clean my windows in my mirrors today and we'll be it it'll be easy Dave we've got a lot of leftover food so I won't have to do any food I'll probably pull out some school today we haven't done school for a few days so I'll probably full pull some school out and do that because we're home today not feeling well and then it'll be good so I'll keep going okay so a little life and update so this morning I woke there was the one child sick with the older child now another one came up threw up and they were so good they climbed up to get a bowl all that covered and then autumn came up too and she felt sick too so everybody getting it is a good thing so they are all throwing up which is great but nobody threw up on the floor so that's positive um throwing up in the buckets I got them all tucked in one bed I figured that'd be easier than running from room to room Jensen seems to add more energy so he's playing his tablet in there but that's okay he's still resting all I'm laying down Stephens laying down and they are gonna be healing up Madeleine and I are on the kitchen she's helping me I'll show you she's gonna be cleaned up my cupboard we did all that house cleaning that you see in this video in less than okay so it's I've started spent about an hour and a half but I've stopped in with my camera and had to clean up vomit and do that kind of thing so it's not like less than an hour to do all that cleaning so if your house taken longer to clean an hour do some decluttering get rid of some stuff so it works out to be easy so I've got everything done upstairs which is great and then I'm going to move downstairs I clean my windows it's so muggy up so I'd open the windows I was like oh we have power washer outside of the house and I feel like that soap and stuff leaves a film on the window and so I desk why I clean the outside but I cleaned it with just vinegar in those Norwich's cloth awesome awesome awesome soul of the Norwich's cloth get the Norwich's clot I saw that they had a 3-pack of the enviro cloth the window cloth and then a body cloth and that I think is three of them for $20 a great deal you'll be using it forever and ever I promise you so go see how there's link in the description below still love everything about it and get those crystals if you can afford to pay a little bit more but those crystals to clean it out super fast I didn't have the money to do it so I to shoot the knife so I have leftover comment so I use I'm using that up but it's taking longer to clean so if you want need a quick thing get those crystals it's so fast so what we're gonna do is a lay low day today I was gonna I was gonna plan like a fun little pool day because the leaks close but it's gonna be a fun moody day today with kids being sick so Madeleine are cleaning upstairs and we just have to pick up downstairs and do a little bit of cleaning and it'll be an easy what yeah oh yeah come on it'll be an easy day we're gonna have nurse Madeleine she said she's gonna be the nurse and I'll be then as well so she's gonna clean up my cupboard i'ma show you how she's gonna clean up the home school cover a lot of you ask how we organize our home school cover I don't have like a lot of stuff I back in the day we had tons tons of stuff like tons of activities and tons of things I just have gotten it rid of it over the years because I realized we don't need all this stuff anymore so my homeschool cupboard is just my kitchen copper to discuss a few activities we have all our games downstairs and you saw my family room video so you see all our games down there but we get stuff from the library and that's it and then we just do hands-on activities with what we have around the house so Madeline's cleaning hours out so you can see what it looks like I put her on here and she's gonna clean it out for me so we're gonna keep moving for a day for the sick large family sick home day well how much we can get accomplished in the day okay okay so today's gonna be a very easy play BEC down a little easy but just cleaning bomb it up which is way easier than doing tons of steps so what do you do mamas when your kids are sick and it's just like oh you know you're stacked like I know I know we've been stuck here at home for a few days just due to birthday and then it being hot and now the lakes close now sickness so being at home can make it kind of long I know like I feel like I've been in the house like four or five days straight with kids and it just what what's the quality your skin but it's like okay what can I do that I know that I can't I have no other option right now I know that I've got to stay home I'm not gonna go anywhere cuz my kids are sick so what can I do well then I can look at the positive like okay dinner's gonna be super easy tonight like oh we have leftovers I don't have to make anything even lunch it's gonna be super easy so we've got Pourbaix subs for those that want to eat we'll eat that and then dinner we can have that or brutal casseroles super simple I'm gonna worry about food so that's done so then I'm thinking hmm house is clean everything's done so I'm gonna utilize my time so right now I'm gonna work on doing a Bible curriculum kind of like in a wanna class like we have Wednesday night church but it's um like I want to have my kids memorize Bible verses and like earn prizes for them things like that so I think I'm gonna just do that at home with all the kids so we're gonna work on I was kind of starting with just some simple Old Testament Bible stories I knew and some of the new with a lot of Bible verses in there so I thought that would be something good so I'm like you know what I'll use that time maybe I'll work on that today a little bit and then something else I can do is we don't have girls shopping until next week so I don't know if I get bored with that I might start planning my menu planning for the next like week I usually go this week but well we'll see everybody feels but we're supposed to have plans towards the end of the week to go out and visit with some out-of-town guests friends things like that and this before that July so just be a lot of busy so I might just wait till next week and then do my shopping and things like that so I might sit and plan some Mayo meals out for the the next month I really like kind of what I had going on this month where I chose the same kind of food every day and just alternated through the month so I'll see we'll see how the we'll see what kind of interests parks but all I'm gonna be doing is just kind of chillin probably work on the school curriculum that's probably the easiest way everybody's sic and like i just run from room to room and or actually one room and checking kids and do the other room for the other kids so it's not so when your kids are all sick and you're at home mom's for days and you're like oh my goodness ready player out look at the half-full part of your glass and say okay what can I do Lord right now what is there something I can do like I know even when I have a lot of little kids I and they were just laying there asleep and they were sick and you couldn't really do anything if you didn't have to hold them and you just had like mine are all old enough to lay there but if I had a decluttering project this would be a great day to do a decluttering project because you're gonna be home you're gonna be forced to be home so that works out really good I think I remember one of my friends they were they're like well I'm thankful my kids are all sick because it forces us to stay home and I'm like oh but I don't wanna look at it that way but because we're so busy and we're on the go so it kind of is a good thing to be home but I don't want sickness on my kids I don't want it on anyone we've been praying all morning and my daughter Maddie we've been praying together and every time we were throwing up I'm praying and rebuking the devil in the name of Jesus because I want that out of my kids so that's something just utilize your time utilize your time don't look at it as half empty cuz it could be depressing because I was feeling on edge last night and I'm like oh my goodness and today I woke up and the vomiting started and I was like so I'm just gonna say okay okay god I'm home what can I do with my time so I'm gonna look at it half-full and use my time wisely which I'll probably start on my Bible curriculums that'll be a really good thing to start on today so okay I hope you enjoyed this video that I did today a little bit of what we do for a large family sickness and also a clean with me shouldn't be a all day clean because your house shouldn't take you all they'd clean your house unless you have a humongous house but even then so breaking up your time frame I guess it's a little easier to do so okay we will see you guys again tomorrow you

21 thoughts on “Large family sickness and Whole house clean with me in an hour!!!

  1. Amy when my 4 kids are ill I give them sugar free lemonade because the bubbles help settle their tummy’s and also white bread with jam or Nutella on, no butter and after a few house they start to feel better, when I was pregnant with my daughter I literally lived in sugar free lemonade because the morning sickness was that bad and it was the only thing she would actually let me keep down.. never had any morning sickness with my 3 sons xx

  2. I love to hear your "good throw up kids" and "not so good ones"… I thought I was the only mom.. My son….Vomit everywhere and anywhere, even when he was too old….My daughter, 8 years later, from very young, "mommy I sick" put her on the couch with towels and a bucket…no problem. 18 mo later another little girl….no matter what I did, towels on the couch and floors and buckets and bins…she would sit up and vomit the opposite direction….when they were older we had a discussion about it….they thought I was being unreasonable by talking about it… youngest is a doctor..middle daughter is a nurse, my son is a contractor, all very respondsible….they all have kids……so there !!!!

  3. I have never seen a harder working woman. Beautiful servant like attitude and her house always looks clean. She is not scrubbing the bathroom with toilet water, I guarantee . We don't see every second of what she does. This is stopped and started many times and also edited. And as far as getting a bowl to throw up in, all you have to do is use some bleach and the germs are gone. Everything in the kitchen is meant to be washed and used for whatever you need to use it for! I think this woman is amazing!!

  4. Once, when our whole family came down with food poisoning, we were laid out in the livingroom with a bucket and the bathroom was reserved for our parents. But, in general, by the time we were five we were strongly encouraged to haul butt to the toilet if we felt like we were going to vomit….sometimes laying outside the bathroom door while dealing with the nausea. My parents would get so mad if we didn't attempt to make it to the toilet.

  5. A tip. You shouldn't be handling food (at all) for at least 48 hrs after recovering from or nursing people who are vomiting. Other than food you yourself are eating. Standard food hygeine practice.

  6. Arent norwex clothes just like microfiber clothes? Also I noticed you used to same cloth throughout the whole house. Is that a newer feature? I am very germ conscious so that my bother me

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