Large family DIY gifts for teachers, neighbors, and service workers

Large family DIY gifts for teachers, neighbors, and  service workers

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Hey everyone, I hope your day is going fantastic!

I hope you enjoy and remember to “Gather up those fragments!” When you do that you will find your basket-sized blessings in your fragments!

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hey guys hope you're having a great day say okay today we are still gonna make some neat little Christmas gifts so we finish up our school and all our chores and everything and so now it's the afternoon and I'm like let's make some little things so Jaden Jaden is over here and she is doing these are our cookie dough thing nut cookie dough what are they after all the salt ornaments she is sad here why we read our story my brother Sam is dead I was crazy for church so we're gonna take these tonight and then the kids are going to paint these and then we're gonna write their names on them one of them is broken is it this one it's this one I guess even glue that one I'm sorry okay so if we got these for church and Brooklyn over here is gonna make some cute little we're trying to put a mixing machine Oh puppy you laughs now goes don't you know she's like I'm so tired okay so Brooklyn we're trying to figure out how is the best way to put because these are gonna be for their friends the girls are gonna give some of these hot cocoa mixes we made yesterday for their friends so we're gonna put a couple candy canes in here with maybe like a jingle bell or something real festive so she's gonna work on that you look at that cute no big hue hot cocoa for friends okay I am going to make some homemade potpourri I was actually a YouTube channel I like the five tulip five five to love caramel I have to love the one with this the quintuplet babies I'm watching them for a while but since they were little now they're a lot bigger and so she was making these for her neighbors and I thought geez ideas how that's super simple it would make a nice gift instead of doing cookies because everybody gives cookies everybody whose treats I like and cookies and treats too but you get so much at Christmas and I know some of our people like that we give them to like our librarian our mail people things like that I thought everybody doesn't want to do treat so this is just gonna be a really neat way to give them something then go home and go okay they could put it out you can be taken you take the orange you cut it up and you put all the bag of goodies into a pan with some water and just let it boil and simmer or so and your house will smell delicious so we're gonna make a bunch of those today okay so then what I did is I snuck in over here on my stove to boil and then let it simmer so what I did different the woman that did it she had fresh rosemary I don't have fresh rosemary I was thinking about after is I'm like I probably could have got some at the community garden but I didn't so I just put these stuff I got at the store but then I had these pine branches here and so I'm gonna put a cut a little swig up and put it in top and let that boil as well so that looks really pretty very pretty and smells delicious okay so super cute I cut this a little bit too big so I'm just gonna do how much bigger okay I realize how much I do less so how cute that I'm boiling right now it smells really good let me smell you let me take you over here and show you look at it it's so cute I wish you could smell what's this smell like Brooklyn Brooklyn over there rakhna what do you think what's it smell like to smell like Christmas aye Christmas is like cookies I wonder if I could put cookies in a bottle but it just like so that'll be cute it's a weird make a whole lot of these I'm hoping to get some done so I can give some to my man lady before she comes [Applause] [Applause] okay smells delicious we've been working for Clements gonna work in a way I worked with a little bit than she did it so I started right now the directions on how to do it you can print it off real nice and neat what I did so I just wrote down homemade potpourri slice oranges in place contents and small saucepan cover with water and let simmer add water as needed so we made all these these are Sophia these ones we ended up using so I ran out of pot I said I got four things applies oh crap I got three probably hid in the closet so we use these cookie bags I bought these on clearance last year so Brooklyn is cutting the tops off genius and then we're just put them in there so then we have these so how cute we got a couple better okay but these are great look at all those fun those are great gifts they smell so so good because you can boil it on your stove and then like mine I shut up I shut it off so now I'll let that sit in then you want tomorrow I can do it again I can still smell delicious so this is a very fantastic gift you can make another homemade gift that you can make for the neighbors for teachers friends anything like that so hope you guys enjoyed this video and we will see you guys again tomorrow okay bye you

38 thoughts on “Large family DIY gifts for teachers, neighbors, and service workers

  1. If you aren't gifting to as many people this idea works in a small mason jar as well. I did this a few years ago, and found a cute printable tag to go with it on Pinterest.

  2. That is so sweet, the girls wrapping up the fur baby in the blanket and having it on their laps like that…so dear and so sweet!! I have very vivid memories of making orange potpourri in school for gifts to our parents…it was just an orange and we stuck whole cloves into the skin and then took a ribbon and attached it to the orange to be hung…I remember them smelling sooo good too. It was so sweet of Brooklyn to help out with the potpourri gifts too…she is so pretty too!!

  3. Hi ya Amy. Wow Brooklyn has beautiful eyes. She is a good helper too i see. I follow that family as well. I might have to make some of these. Our christmas tree just got delivered today. Its our families first real tree. Its a blue spruce pine. My friend put our names into a contest at her church and we won the tree. Its about 7.5 tall. Or even 8 it goes to the ceiling. My two strands of 50 lights each didnt even make a dent on it lol. Tomorrow we will make the ornaments. I cant wait i think the kids will love them too. Keep showing them gift ideas cause i need all i can get of ideas cause it looks like this year im making gifts vs buying after bills. Which im sure my mom, kids dad, and oldest daughter dont mind gifts made. My mom should be used to it by now lol 41 yrs of making her stuff hahahaha.

  4. There is a juice I do for Christmas and it is a winner with the kids. I put real apple juice in a pot with slices of oranges, nutmeg and cinnamon. I heat it and drink it while it is still warm. Try this with your young ones. They might like it a lot and you should like it too.

  5. Here in Norway you can buy a glass with almost everything you need to make chocolate cake. You only need to ad eggs and wather. Maybe something else and of course the recipe I know many make their own. I think it will be cheaper. I have one of those in my carpet. I realy need to use it because it’s to old but when my husband is only at home in the weekends and my daughter workss in Palestinda. She have been there since September and she will be at home the day before christmas. She diden’t want to have the pracitice here in Norway and our son is goes to a university and rent a flat near the university. He will also come home some dsys before christmas. If I liked chocolate cake I coulden’t eat a big choclate cake one me own😀😀. Have a nice day I need to do a lot of housework it’s realy hard for me to do it since me pain it’s so bad know.

  6. Love Five Two Love channel!! Love the potpourri idea Jamie has. Great idea with the pine for rosemary substitute. Much love to you and your beautiful family! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

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