Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift & More Celebs Who Are Surprisingly Good Cooks!

Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift & More Celebs Who Are Surprisingly Good Cooks!

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Some can sing, some can act, but little did we know, some celebs also exude some serious skills in the kitchen. So what better time than the holidays to pause your diets, pretend like you’ll start fresh next year, and drool over these celebs and their cooking skills, and we bet some of these shining chefs might surprise you.What’s up guys, it’s Sussan Mourad here for Clevver News, and I’m here to tell you that private chefs are officially a thing of the past, because celebrities are officially stirring up more than just a headlining drama… If you’re not getting what I’m putting down, it was a baking reference, and celebs are stirring up all sorts of goodies in the kitchen. And some, like Twitter clap-backer and queen of all the things, Chrissy Teigen, are even making a hard-earned income off of selling her mouth-watering recipes. Chrissy is constantly sharing and teasing new recipes, and even getting her kids in on the action… we can only hope that Luna and Miles acquired the cooking gene… then again, John Legend’s genes wouldn’t be all that bad either…So if you don’t own either of her Cravings cookbooks (or have snuck a few photos of recipes while browsing in Barnes & Noble), I suggest you add it to your Christmas list. I understand it was a bit of a copout to start with the first celeb who comes to mind when you think of “good with handling food”, so lemme throw you for a loop real quick. 2 words: 2 Chains.You know, the guys who rapped, “I’m in the kitchen, yams everywhere”. Yeah, he meant it. With the help of Snoop Dogg, the two own an upscale tapas restaurant called Escobar, and back in 2013, everyone who purchased his album also got a free cookbook called #MEALTIME. I have no words.Taylor Swift is next on the list because, DUH. She’s basically cooked and baked for every occasion, like her album secret sessions, holiday gatherings, and I’d go as far to say that her chocolate chip cookies have magical powers that also cause celebs to make amends… just take it from KPAside from Kylie Jenner being a full time mother/full time entrepreneur/part time expensive car model, she makes time to get down in the kitchen. Ky would share many-a Snapchat video back in the day featuring herself cooking for her entire family, and even kickstarted a “Cooking With Kylie” segment on her app back in 2016. The saying goes as follows: Couples who cook together stay together… or something like that. Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel clearly live by that motto because the kitchen is where some serious bonding takes place. Justin has previously revealed to Jay Leno that, “She likes to cook, I like to bake… so dinner and dessert.”Looks like they’ve covered all grounds. Moving on to one celeb who isn’t only a snack, he can make a mean snack.There really isn’t anything David Beckham can’t do, so let’s just all stop pretending like he isn’t an angel sent from genetic Heaven. David is known to post Instagram stories showing off his cooking skills. He admits he’s received some guidance from good friend and master chef Gordon Ramsey, who’s helped him master a Beef Wellington. Blake Lively spends a lot of time at home now that she’s mothering three children, but when she’s not trolling her hubby Ryan Reynolds, she’s baking. Although she’s not very boastful about her cooking skills, she did bake a beehive cake in honor of Beyonce’s 33rd birthday, and her pastry puffs were also featured on Vogue, and I highly doubt Anna Wintour would let a subpar puff anywhere near her pride and joy.And can we talk about Lady Gaga’s juicy steak bolognese plate? It literally made me drool all over my phone when witnessing this photo. Need I say more?
Steph Curry isn’t the only one heatin’ things up — his wife Ayesha is taking a page out of Chrissy Teigen’s cookbook… well, not literally because that would be plagiarism… and has successfully conquered the cookbook craze. Back in 2016, Ayesha dropped her cookbook, The Seasoned Life, and with the success of her cooking show, Ayesha’s Homemade, heck, I’m about to wife this girl up!!! As if you need more reason to love her… just look at this jalapeno lobster mac.And finally, I couldn’t get through an entire list about cooking without Oprah, because, well… Oprah.Oprah is all about clean cooking and eating, and her cookbook filled with over 100 recipes is basically a recipe for success… see what I did there? And for all you people who like to pretend that cauliflower is a great substitute for pizza dough, rice and/or all things carby, Oprah has a message for you

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