Kwentong Jollibee Mother’s Day Trilogy: Tess | REACTION – I Cried !!!

Kwentong Jollibee Mother’s Day Trilogy: Tess | REACTION - I Cried !!!

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ah [Música] en fin desde sus fichas para todo [Música] entonces [Música] esa calle no da miedo tanto juego [Música] esto [Música] qué te parece [Música] horas [Música] caliente y sin un pago para su gente [Música] aunque ya te quiere ver [Música] eso qué la mansión salina y se le indicó baldwin para nutrición y poco a poco yates [Música] o la vida [Música] [Música] listas nazis trilla sala ha matado antes putin a la máquina en lancha benítez están en favoritos no me encantó no es tan es que está de stewart [Música] el fin ahora mí y an bien no no [Aplausos] no no [Música] i giro yo que tuve y qué para bien [Risas] sobre mí a esta cifra hay pendientes feria príncipe sultán social que en su estatus y jones ubs cargar y cines en el bol no a él [Música] más a [Música] ah [Música] [Aplausos] [Música]

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  1. I lost a 21 year old brother who was shot through the heart when he intervened in behalf of a friend, my 17 year old brother who always hung around my brother who was shot was depressed about it committed suicide, then later my 4 year old brother was killed by a man who was angry at him him because he made a mess while trying to make a peanut butter sandwich at the kitchen table. He slapped him so hard that he broke his neck and died. Sorry if I shared this “bad news.” Our family was in a bad situation, but one day I had a friend whom I had heard from my “buddies” that this friend had gone “religious.” Well, in my heart I said to myself, “ I never want to ever see or talk to him again.” But one day a car was blinking its light and a guy was flagging me down so I stopped and saw that it was him. He was looking for another one of my friends to tell him something about a job that he needed, but he ended up talking to me and eventually after a while I was curious about his “religious experience” so he told me about the Gospel and I patiently heard him and was troubled after. Not because of what I heard, but because a few days before this event my close friend in High school had died in a car crash and I could have been with him because he almost all the time invited me to go hang out with him even though he was with his girl and I was with no one. He happened to NOT invite me that night for some reason but he was killed by a drunk driver who was doing 80 MPH on a 40 MPH turn in a backroad in a head on collision. My friend died but the drunk lived. Then a few days after, I attended an evening body-viewing service, then I got into another car that had two friends in it, who were drinking. The driver started to show off the power of the car so he sped along the backroads and tried to take a corner that posted a sign saying 40 MPH. He flipped the car over several times and we landed in the middle of a tomato field. He was doing 120 MPH, and it was a brand new car. I was NOT wearing my seatbelt, I was sitting in the back left side of the car and the roof caved in on that side and it could have crushed me but I had grabbed on to the bottom of the seat with two hands and held on as tight as I could cause I new we weren’t going to make the turn. After hearing the “Gospel” from that former friend I decided that things needed to change in my life so I talked to an elderly neighbor lady next door that I knew was a Christian. Instead of answering my questions she took me to see her Pastor. I was very reluctant to go because I was embarrassed to be seen driving with this lady to church; it just wasn’t cool. But there was no one there but the Minister. He helped me understand my feelings and what I was really searching for in life so he led me to The Savior. The one verse in the Bible I will never forget was what he showed me; Romans 10:9 and 10. My life has never been the same. The hurt, the sadness, the depression, the anger, the bitterness, the guilt, the addictions etc. was removed by God. I hardly ever smiled, but now there’s an ever present joy, peace and contentment in my heart unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Thank you, for your video, the end of it brought back the bitter-sweet memories. Sincerely, David.

  2. No hablo su idioma…. Pero me gustan sus videos… Deseo mucho que papá Dios me de una hija como tú… Tan linda y sencilla y de buenos sentimientos… Saludos desde Perú… Un subscriptor más desde Perú… Espero salir en algún vídeo mi nombre… En alguno de sus videos… Gracias… ☺️☺️☺️

  3. May I also suggest a very rare video in that it is an advert for Windex. What makes it special is it tells a beautiful story to the soundtrack of Grace Vsnderwaal singing Besutiful Thing. The advert has won awards.

  4. I cried with you too baby…my kids had their nanny from birth until gradeschool..they love their nanny so much, but nanny kathy needs to leave us because she has to marry her boyfriend and we understand that she also needs to build her own family and have children of her own to take care of. Now that my three girls are all grown up (ages 19, 17 and 14) they still remember nanny kathy and her kindness 😊 . We are so blessed to have someone who devoted her life and took care of my three babies while im working. Have a good day baby…goodluck on your youtube channel..God bless you and your family as well 😘 (oh by the way, new subscriber here 😊) thou i've watch only 2 of your videos 😁 will surely watch your other reactions too 😀😀😀

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