KUWTK | Kourtney's Mommy Blog: At-Home Library | E!

KUWTK | Kourtney's Mommy Blog: At-Home Library | E!

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Bringing a wealth of knowledge to your child is an essential part of parenting–and Kourtney’s got reading and vocabulary covered! For the hottest E! videos, subscribe here:

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KUWTK | Kourtney’s Mommy Blog: At-Home Library | E!

hi welcome to my baby blog today we're going to talk about books one of my favorite things to do is read books this is all of our books it gets kind of a mess sometimes and you know we read all different kind of books I would say my favorite favorite book to read with Mason is on the night you were born which is this one and I think it makes them feel really special it's my Nancy Tillman I love all of these little books like if I were a bunny we have if I wore a hippo and they're like touch touchy feely books we have a lot of vintage books that used to be mine and my brothers and my sisters we read this right now probably every night this is the little engine that could this was one of ours I have all these a lot of my dad's books even from when he was little I have this Curious George books and I have a The Princess and the pea that used to be mine and I love reading all those old books I have an old book of fables that I remember reading when I was little so they bring back memories so it's fun for me to read them too and I mean they always say there's different books appropriate for different ages we kind of read them all like we still read some of the baby books and still love those and and then read longer stories and love those so I think it's just about whatever your child is into so this is the book that I've never seen him laugh so hard is this potty book that's like all about potty training and it's really funny and if you want to start getting them into potty training or not using a pacifier and they say that that's good oh we and we're big into holiday books so like at Christmastime I think my mom has bought me the same Christmas books like three times my favorite one is the little drummer boy and I sing it to him well that's it this is our book collection toodaloo

23 thoughts on “KUWTK | Kourtney's Mommy Blog: At-Home Library | E!

  1. I absolutely love Kourt's baby blogs. I love the fact that she is so open about how she parents Mase&Penelope. It is so refreshing to me that she only lets her kids play with wooden toys, feeds them the most nutritious foods, and reads so much with them. In this day and age it is such a crazy techno everything, fast food, insaine cartoons, etc. I love to see Mason playing with Linkin Logs, blocks, puzzles, and wooden cars, etc. Plus, the fact that she reads books

  2. Or to make sure that everyone can understand. I know some fans that love the way that she talks because English is their second language and don't understand fast paced speakers“

  3. At least Kourtney's encouraging parents to read/introduce books for young children. What's wrong with that ? Not a fan of the Kardashians, but it's better than Kim promoting her sex tape.

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