Kristen Bell & The Cast Of "A Bad Moms Christmas" Play Truth Or Dare Jenga

Kristen Bell & The Cast Of "A Bad Moms Christmas" Play Truth Or Dare Jenga

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“Let’s get real.”


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– Stack it on the top. I'll do it. – Clearly I don't listen to directions. – It's literally our one job. – No I'm literally like what's a Jenja? – Jenga.
– Jenga. – Get off the stage. – Oh my gosh, did you just say Jenja? (laughter) I fucking love you. (upbeat music) – I'm beginning. – Jenga, giant Jenga. – I'm gonna go here. Ooh, these are sticky. – There's questions and or dares. – Is this humid? – Dares? – There's dares and questions.
– What's the humidity today? Somebody check the barometer. – What if the whole thing
falls down immediately? – The end. (laughter) – [Mila] What'd you get? – Oh my God. Okay. – Okay. Charades. Ready?
– Yeah. – Two words.
– Two words. – First word.
– First word. – Two syllables.
– Two syllables. – Oh, sorry. – No, just kidding. Second word.
– Second word. – One syllable.
– One syllable. – Tall, house, roof, pyramid, shrine, hand, tinsels, tree, Christmas tree. (ding)
– Bingo. – Is that the whole thing? – Nailed it. The end. – Oh my God, nailed it. I was just kind of zoned
out staring at you, I was like this is so amazing. – I was trying to do the like,
– I gotcha, I gotcha. I love me some good charades. – Okay go. That one says wtf. – It sure does.
– Yeah that's good. – It sure does.
– Do a nice job. – Okay guys, real cute envelope. – BuzzFeed's creative. – It can't be compliments. – You have to go what
drives you crazy about us. – Get vulnerable. – Neither of them wear deodorant, they both reek, they both reek. I just, I can't live up to their amazing parenting and food standards. – Whoa.
– No. – It's true I just feel like a mess. What if I just start bawling right now? (laughter) Was that 20 seconds?
– That was 20 seconds. – Oh that was hard for me! – I would do a center, yes very smart. – [Kathryn] Smart, smart, smart. – We've got an engineer. – I guess my first name, Alim. – That was awesome. (clapping) – I also, I know what it is because it used to be one of World
of Warcraft characters. – Sinuk, Alim.
– Alim. – What would Travolta say? – And the winner is, – Adele Dazim. – Guys, one of the best and
worst moments in history maybe. – The best. (laughter) God you guys are really good at this. – Truth, First of all I hate the word celebrity, but I suppose it would have been, – Do you hate celebrity worse
than the word influencer? – I hate them both. (gagging) It makes my spine go (tongue trill). The craziest celebrity
encounter that I've ever had was I have a real big crush on Riz Ahmed and my husband knows it
he's like my wingman. And we met him at the
Golden Globes last year and I was nervous and my husband was like come up and meet him and I was like no. – Oh that's a good husband. – And he came up and he goes I just want you to meet my wife. Riz this is Kristen she
finds you very attractive. And then it was like crickets. (crickets chirping) And then you could tell
by the look on his face that he was like is this a trap? Are they inviting me in to some weird sort of situation after the Globes? And it was, I could tell how uncomfortable we made him and so that
was probably the craziest. And then I kind of just walked away I was like (giggles) and that was it. That was the craziest. – That's good.
– The end. – And you're like, Dax. I'm gonna do another envelope one. – Put it on the top. Remember I take direction
for a living unlike my– – Oh my God really.
– We don't. – Who took naps? Did you take naps all the time? – How dare you look in
the opposite side of you. – I know it's like you are
the best napper and sleeper. – How could you ask this question? – K Bell you got 10 minutes. I'll be right back (snoring). – But you can sleep anywhere.
– Anywhere, anytime. Honest to God if you
told me I could go to bed on the ground right now
for eight to 10 minutes– – In the deepest sleep.
– All the time. – Oh wait watch this watch
this K Bell watch this. – I was just going to say
if you put it on the table, thank you literally our one job. – I gave birth; I'm on the nice list. – Yeah yeah!
– Yes girl. – Okay this is troubling
because I might go down low. – Just go for the one that wiggles. – Yes girl yes! – Oh my God yes! Oh you guys. – Somebody turned the humidity down. Somebody did it thank you. Yeah I was a very late bloomer. My first kiss was on my
porch with a guy named Alex who was like a complete stoner but also 16 and I think I just did it because everybody else was doing
it but I did at that point really want to kiss someone but I didn't really know
like what that meant. I had like a little
Jennifer convertible chair in my room and we like watched a movie. – Jennifer convertible.
– Right? And then I walked him to my door and then as he was leaving I was just like (kiss). I guess it was a french
kiss that was a french kiss. – Do you know where he is? – It was one of these
(kiss) but with tongue. – Definitely smoking weed somewhere. Find the loosey goosey ones. – Yeah good that one, that one. – Something that jiggles
you don't want to pull it. – Yeah you don't want to pull
it you don't want to pull it. β™« That's what she said – Oh oh oh oooh oooh oooh. – Yeah pull it pull it out. Pull it out ladies. – Oh geez that's back to back. – I would say the nice list is I mean birth clearly, gave birth. – It's my one good deed. – Also and naughty list for looking this good after giving birth. – I mean,
– Truth truth. – So I'm just putting
you right back on there. And I would say nice list just hearing about your Hurricane Irma experience. – I think missy over here saved people so I'm going up with that list. – Yeah sounded really really sweet. – I got so nervous I'm texted K Bell and I was like what are you doing? I was so scared. – She was like get out
of Florida right now. And I was like, – But look what I'm doing. – I'm needed. I'm needed for moral. – Oooh oooh oooh. – You got one? – Do you want that one? Does that one feel good to you? No gifts are bad. – I actually agree with you
I've never gotten a bad gift. – You haven't? – Not like a bad, not literally where I'm like that's a bad gift. No because it's all with good intent. I've been lucky, knock on wood, that no one's ever given me
like a ill-intended gift. – I'm feeling frisky so I'm going low. I'm going low I'm going downtown you guys. (laughter) This one said Riz Ahmed
is in your dressing room. I gotta go.
(laughter) Oooh I'm usually the– – Cute cop. (laughter) – I'm the cop that's easily manipulated. That's the truth that is the truth. I'm the pushover cop. I'm like the cop where you ask three times and the first two times
I tell you no begging but you go for the third
you're gonna get it okay? – [Kathryn] You're like okay fine fine. – That's the kind of cop I am. Oh yeah oh yeah oh that one's like, – You guys are so kind doing it for me. Oh my God. – Do you want to take your shoes off? (screaming) – Yes yes. (clapping) – Nadia Comaneci. (laughing) – She's still got it guys. – Oh guys. You guys. (screaming) (laughter) Oh my God you guys this
was really amazing. – I'm gonna move this one to the side and we're going to put
them down, one, two, three. – Listen I'm not helping. I'm literally just standing here. – Fuck. – I was like maybe five,
six, seven around there and I was like, came back from school and I was like somebody at school told me Santa wasn't real. And my brother who's six
years older than I am was like listen I'll tell you the truth. And I was like yeah I'm ready. And he was like Santa
doesn't ride a sleigh. Clearly that doesn't exist because we all know people don't fly. He flies a plane that's how
he gets around in one night. And that bought me another year. – What a nice brother. – That's really sweet. – So it bought me a whole year of thinking that Santa existed
while my brother told me that Santa doesn't ride a sleigh but instead, spoiler
alert, rides in a plane. And I was like that makes sense. I was like 12. I think you have to go for this one. – I am worthless in these moments. – Get your hands on this Hahn. For crying out loud. – I feel like a Jenja doula, jenja doula. – How does that feel? How does that feel? – This is the most sexual segment that has ever happened.
– Just breath. – You didn't know we were
Jenga pros did you BuzzFeed? – No that is cruel.
– There's nothing in it. – You guys look what we're doing. (grunts) – [Kathryn] Because maybe
that wood will start to swell. – This is the most
sexually charged segment. – I know.
– Oh yay Mila! – Don't breath.
– And down. I said that his birthday
was a different day. (laughter) Because I was working out of town. He was like three, guys,
he didn't really know. – He didn't know.
– He didn't know. And I was like, Happy Birth– He was so confused because I had to leave on his actual birthday anyway. – Which one?
– This one. – What about the bottom? – I'm lifting. I'm lifting. (heavy breathing) – All the time. – Every year. – All the time. I couldn't even, everything and anything I regift. – Everything my grandmother's
ever given to me I've given to someone else. – How many you got left? – Okay alright that's real dangerous. – That's all you got. – Okay I'm gonna see. – No because that will drop, (screaming) (laughter) – Sorry about your lighting fixture. – But you planned it. – The end. – Good game. – Good game good game good game you guys. – Really good game.
– Really good game. I'm really impressed.
– That was awesome. (upbeat music)

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  1. β€œ& The Cast of β€œA Bad Moms Christmas” β€œ
    β€œ,Mila Kunis, and Kathryn Hahn”

    Less characters and makes more sense.

  2. Grown up with 3 big sisters, this is what it was like all the time. It was so much fun but at the moment I thought they were just really loud and annoying. Now I call it fun. I need a glass of wine.

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