Kids Give Their Parents a Wild New Hairstyle | Kids Design | HiHo Kids

Kids Give Their Parents a Wild New Hairstyle | Kids Design | HiHo Kids

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Kids Give Their Parents a Wild New Hairstyle | Kids Design | HiHo Kids

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HiHo Kids

(clippers vibrating)
– Oh, look at that. Goodbye. – Goodbye. Thank you.
– That's my finger. – That would have been my ear. (upbeat music) – I'm Oscar.
– I'm Atlas. – I'm Oscar. – I'm Lydia. – My name's Olivia, and this is my daddy. And, I'm gonna do his hair today. – Do you like my hair right now? – I think it has to have
a little more magic inside – I see. (chuckles) – Before, I'd also like you to think about how nice of a mother I am, and all the things I've done for you. – [Olivia] Whoa. – Why are you doing this? Why did you pick to do this 'cause I'm gonna do some
crazy things to your hair? (groovy music) – [Susan] (gasp) You want
short bangs like that? (Isabelle giggling) – I wanna shave that side,
(groovy music) then put it all like that – So black on the side
and green on the top? – [Olivia] Yeah. (markers squeaking) – [Michael] That looks… – So, we could have like a
bunch of different colors of blue like this, this. – [Oscar] Okay, so like that. – I wanna color the whole thing red. – Okay. – [Isabelle] Because she
gonna have watermelon hair. I have to like this watermelon hair. – Yeah, I can tell. (laughs) – [Olivia] I wanna do like W's and then a little moon. The moon's going down and
then the sun comes out. (filming crew laughing)
– Okay. – I want it to be shaved in the back but there's a symbol or something. – Wait, wait, wait. – A lightning bolt. – I'm excited I have a lighting
bolt on the back of my head. – What kind of eyebrows are those? (filming crew laughing) – Now, time to add the black spots. My mom's gonna look so different. Toot. Okay! (Susan and Isabelle laughing) – Mom, what do you think of this? – It's really bright. (electronic music) – [Oscar] Mom, are you nervous? – Yes. – (sighs) I mean I'm more disappointed than I wasted a year
of growing my hair off. – We're feeling a little different. – Why are you doing this? – (sighs) I don't know. – Daddy, you look cool. – You're getting really warm.
(clippers vibrating) Are you starting to sweat a little, Mom? – Yes. – I'm so excited. (squeals) – [Casey] We're gonna work on this beard. – Oh, yay, that's my most favoritest part. (electronic music) (clippers vibrating) – Oh, perfect. Just put 'em right against her skin and just go straight up. Oh, look at that. Goodbye. – Goodbye. (electronic music)
– Please be careful. (scissors clipping)
– Oh, there you go. (clippers vibrating)
– Thank you. – That's my finger.
– That would've been my ear. – He looks like a handsome man. Now we gonna make it green. – So you're gonna go
all the way to the root? – Yeah. Unless you don't want me to. – Get the root. – No, do it, do it, do it. – Do it! (electronic music) (Atlas groaning) (Oscar and Lydia laughing) – [Casey] Don't get it on your face. – (laughs) I never did
this to my dad before. – Alright, I'm gonna put a chemical in it, so you can't touch it anymore. – [Olivia] I don't want it
to take over my skin color. – But, I don't think that's gonna happen. – Yeah, that won't happen. (upbeat music) (blow dryer blowing) – (laughs) Your head. – (gasps) Oh my god. – You look like one of the Korean people. – This looks like a wig. (giggles) It doesn't look real. (Isabelle laughing) – Look at what's next. – [Susan] Oh, I am super excited. (upbeat music) – So, how are you doing it real quickly? Is that paint? – That's the fast technique. – Really?
(filming crew chuckling) – Oh my god. I murdered somebody. – Hey, don't pick your nose in camera. It's the worst, man. Can you go wash your hands? – Wait, I wanna see your other ear. That is not blue.
– Did you wash? – Is that the picked hand? – I think it was. – No.
– Go, wash it. – No, it's a different one. (upbeat music)
(Isabelle laughing) (blow dryer blowing) – Do not get it on the face. Yeah, just like right here. Very good job. – I wanna try.
(clippers vibrating) – [Casey] Oh, okay. Come on over here. – That's great. – I do still have a job… (filming crew laughing) For now. – It's so pretty. – (gasps) Oh my gosh. Oh, okay. Yo, wow. (clippers vibrating) – How are you feeling about
these steps on the eyebrows? (Michael chuckling) – I was thinking like that kind of. – Like this one?
– Yeah. Do you want me to do this part or do you want me to let her go near– Maybe. – I wanna do it. – Can I hold your arm? (filming crew laughing) – Please. (clippers vibrating) – Okay, I'm gonna hold your arm. I'm just gonna go right
up there and just– (filming crew laughing) – Why do I have a lightning
bolt going on to my head, Oscar? – Because lightning bolts are the best. (Michael chuckling)
(filming crew laughing) – Alright, Olivia, we
have to do some designs. – Yeah. (laughs nervously) (filming crew giggling) – If you want me to dye that black, it would not take any time at all. – [Oscar] Yeah, do it black. – Yeah, that's a good moon. (mumbles) good. – When you get hungry and be proud of you, you're gonna be proud of us. (gasps) That's so cool. – We're gonna make seeds. Are you ready? – Relax, you look like a watermelon now. – How's the sun looking so far? – Perfect. (hands high fiving) – Good job. (Atlas groaning) – Olivia, what do you think? – I'm (mumbles) really good. – Are you ready to see what you look like? – Yes. – Wow! I'm actually that looks good. – Oh my gosh. (giggles) – How do you look? – Yeah. Okay. – I really love the way it turned out. Honestly, I'm really happy that I did it. (Michael chuckling) Work is gonna be… A lot of explaining.
– Pretty difficult. Pretty difficult. Time to pose. (upbeat music)

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