Keira Knightley Talks About Her Pregnancy

Keira Knightley Talks About Her Pregnancy

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The actress opened up to Ellen about how being a mom-to-be is going for her.

33 thoughts on “Keira Knightley Talks About Her Pregnancy

  1. They are hilarious! I like she speaks about her birthing plan!!! I don't have a plan the plan is to get it out and that's it we're done no birthing plan!! She should have been interviewed after giving birth to see what she would say ahahaha

  2. It's utterly surprising how much energy she has in her veins, even though she's in that situation of pregnancy. I mean, I think every mum would suffer every kind of pain, cursing everyone hahah. Not Keira, for sure. I'm glad for her, it looks like she had a good time

  3. America is a continent, not a country. American is not a language either. You speak English. I'm disappointed in Ellen, she should use her program to educate people.

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