Kadhalum Kadandhu Pogum – Tamil Full Movie | Vijay Sethupathi | Madonna | Nalan | Santhosh Narayanan

Kadhalum Kadandhu Pogum - Tamil Full Movie | Vijay Sethupathi | Madonna | Nalan | Santhosh Narayanan

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Kadhalum Kadandhu Pogum is a 2016 Indian Tamil language romantic comedy drama film written and directed by Nalan Kumarasamy. Produced by C. V. Kumar under Thirukumaran Entertainment banner, the film stars Vijay Sethupathi and Madonna Sebastian in the lead roles. An official remake of the 2010 Korean film My Dear Desperado, the film was released on 11 March 2016 to positive reviews.


Vijay Sethupathi
Madonna Sebastian

Directed by Nalan Kumarasamy
Screenplay by Nalan Kumarasamy (Based on My Dear Desperado by Kim Kwang-sik)
Music by Santhosh Narayanan
Cinematography Dinesh Krishnan
Edited by Leo John Paul
Produced by C. V. Kumar, K. E. Gnanavel Raja
Production Company : Thirukumaran Entertainment

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in an unprecedented way. Dad. Please forgive me. I know that mom will not forgive. I am officially eloping from home. I am not eloping with anyone. Yazhini, Where is Vilasini? She is at Padmini's house. Wonder, why she keeps
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me with some silly sentiments. What is Vivekananda's philosophy? He has asked everyone
to go for a job. I am joining for work on friday. After 4 to 5 months, once you calm
down, I'll come back with my earnings. Until then, this is
Yazhini, signing off! – Hello
– Hello I am Bhaktirajan, Station
Master of Villupuram. Tell me sir, how are you? – I need an urgent favour.
– Tell me sir. A passenger needs to be
de-trained from Rockfort. It's a night train. They must not create a scene. That is my daughter. There won't be an trouble. Even if she is stubborn, explain things
calmly and get her out of the train. Is it an AC coach? Yes. The coach is B2 Seat number 33. Her name is B.Yazhini. She will understand if
we talk to her calmly. – Ok sir.
– Thanks. Dad, wait. I'll join you too. Any unprecedented act
will bring in troubles. Moreover, my dad was
a station master. I should've taken the bus!
My bad! What is your problem? Why shouldn't I
leave to Chennai? A government posting at Villupuram Getting married to a
family in Villupuram Growing old at Villupuram.
All these will not work out. Who asked you to grow
old at Villupuram? After you get married, its then
up to you and your husband. I have the offer letter with me. I have to join tomorrow. You don't seem to understand. I eloped because of you. Is this the way you talk? Whatever it is, eloping
from home is a mistake. If you don't like,
quarrel with me. Only when you are stubborn on what you
want, will we know the importance of that. Why do you elope? Oh Dad! How many times do I ask? We are scared to
send you alone. There are so many girls
studying and going for work. What will I do if
you say like this? I am not such a bold father. It is just three hours. I can be back anytime you call. Even you can come there anytime. Don't get scared unnecessarily. Fine. You take care. I'll book a ticket in the
Tiruchendur Express. Are you serious? Yes. Yes. Take care. Dear Keep this money. Don't develop the habit
of overspending. – Be careful when you spend.
– Ok dad. I have a biscuit pack and water.
Keep it. Love shall pass too I am the queen! I am the queen! The bird is free to fly. The sky welcomed with a smile. The heart opened up And filled the world. The bird is free to fly. The sky welcomed with a smile. The heart opened up And filled the world. Chasing my dreams Chasing my dreams I found my true self I became the fire fly A brook brimming with stars. The sky transformed to a bouquet Freeing myself from
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disappear in an instant I don't know what to call it. Varun, what happened? Didn't you hear the news? The
company has been shut down. Everything is over. Is 5000 such a huge amount? How many are sharing the room? Only I will be staying. – Only you?
– Yes. We don't rent out
to single women. – Sir please!
– There will be unwanted issues. There are many hostels available for women.
Why don't you try them? I am allergic to hostels. This is what happens
when life tests you. For now, I am looking out for
a place to stay for Rs.4000. Hunting for a house is more
interesting than hunting for a job! I had a boyfriend too. There is no point in
talking about it. – Tell me brother.
– Have you found a house? Not yet. Do you know any? Thank God! I know the
house owner very well. I've informed him. You have to just move
in with your things. You will definitely
like this house. – Thank you very much.
– Please come. Hey lady! Are you the new tenant upstairs? Hope you know that you must not
disturb us with your dance and music. Okay. Hello Hello Greetings. What are you doing? What do you mean? Why do you read others papers? Didn't you realise
that it is wrong? It was lying on the road.
Now what? Are you looking for a job? So what? Oh my! Why don't you get
someone to help? I had some people to help. But when they knew it was first
floor, they asked for extra pay. So I sent them away. I knew this! All of them are frauds. They do everything except work. How can a woman get all
these stuff upstairs? Inhumane! True. No one even empathizes! How much did they ask for? A 100 bucks extra! – Just 100 bucks, isn't it?
– Yes Clear it yourself.
You deserve it. Waster! I've had enough before
sending him out. Greetings. A lot happens in politics. – Would you like to have some tea?
– No thanks. We had. Greetings. – Hi
– Get me some tea. Did you have something? He had too. – What's the issue?
– No idea. Kathir. Come here. They are the neighbours of Rathnam. A small issue. Please
resolve it peacefully. Where is Sampath? Sampath is busy
with another work. Not only Sampath, he
is also my brother. – Greetings
– His name is Kathir. Please resolve the
issue peacefully. – I'll be back.
– Ok Good behaviour. Instead of taking his seat, you
took another place. I meant that. The problem is… There are rumors about
this gentleman and my wife. It is very embarrassing. People give us strange looks. It's troubling me and
this gentleman. I forgot. Let me introduce
this gentleman. He is a distant relative of Rathnam. We are discussing about your issue.
I'll call later. This gentleman… … is from a decent family. Educated and responsible. No one in the society
bothers about these. They just insult me very badly So… There is this beautiful lady who
resolves these things in a TV channel… I've decided to take
this issue up with her. It seems they have much
worse issues to attend to. They have put us on hold stating
that our case is not strong enough. It will be very helpful, if you can ask
your leader to get a slot confirmed for us. Tea has turned cold. Brother! Sir, give me a week's time. I will
try to do something about it. Is it not possible to do
something by Wednesday? There is a temple function
in my native next week. All our family members are
going in this gentleman's car. What do you eat? Generally, what
food do you have? Only organic food. Natural food. I am proud to have met you. See you. Please take down his
contact number. Why does he not
give me an answer? Hello Dude, this leader
is irritating me. He puts me in charge
of petty things. Address your concerns to him. Discuss with me about
your issues with me. Dude, this is a little too much. All petty things… – It's ready.
– I'll call you later, got some work Looks like this will not work out. We
will have to deal it in a different way. Where do you guys come from? All dressed up in white
with a pot belly. We need to build
statues for you. I am not talented enough
to settle issues. Please do what I requested. – Bar license?
– What else do I ask for? All that can be done
only during tenders. Be patient. You've
just come out. It's been 4 months. I've been idle ever since
I came out of prison. I have to think twice before I spend.
Please help. Why don't you go
for collections? – Brother!
– What? There's a problem at the bar. Which bar? At the Silk bar. So what? The owner asked me to fetch you. Greetings. Haven't you
brought your men? Am I not enough? They are a group of 4-5. They
give postures of Jackie Chan! – Where are they?
– There they are. That table. They are the ones. Neither the booze is good,
nor the side dishes. Where does your manager
run when we ask all this? Please address these issues to our manager. Please take you
hand off my shirt. – Call your manager right now.
– Sir, please spare me. Who is that making noise there? Do you guys want to reach home
safely or with bruises on your body? You provide useless liquor and
shouldn't we question it? Useless liquor! You guys are fit
only to drink urine! And you guys talk
about booze is it! – Who is that joker?
– Which joker? Look at your mouth! Come here. Good good. I am talking to you and…. How many were there? And you get hit like this! You will be the talk of the town. Who are they? Let me get hold of
them, I'll skin them! They seem to be trained. So I was a little helpless. As though you would've
thrashed them all! Look at your face! You always watch the wild life channel.
What's that? – Discovery Channel
– Yes. Discovery. If you keep watching the mating
videos of lion and bear… How will you face such problems? What's there to laugh at? Is it funny, you swines! The whole bar is a disaster. If people get to know about the duplicate
liquor, who will come to the bar? You guys can't differentiate between
serious things and the jovial ones. Useless fellows. Where will they head to? They
will have to come to our bar! We'll take care of them! – No…
– What did you say? I was just…. Don't we know that? Don't you know what to speak? You seem to be new around here. He has joined today. New guy. Come here. – What's your name?
– Murali You look familiar. Sorry, I don't think. May be I wouldn't have met you. Why do you apologise for that? – Are you being fake?
– No! Dude! Enough! Leave him. Welcome sister. Please sit down. Hey! Do you always eat here? Sit down. Come on! Sit down. Is she known to you? She is my neighbour. Just a moment. Brother. Brother, two idlis and a poori. Brother, two idlis and a poori. – Brother, two idlis and…
– Wont you all shut up and eat? Pestering! How can we eat if
shut our mouths? Who was that? I'll rip open your mouth! Understood? Brother, two idlis and a poori. Heard that its hard to
get a job in the IT. Some recession or something Is it? No. We'll get a job if we try. The unemployed are
calm in our country. But abroad, they create a
ruckus asking for employment. Chew and eat slowly. Its not your mistake
that you are unemployed. Its the country's mistake. Don't bother much about it.
Eat now. Add Rs.50 to the account of
the guy in the second street. You bill has been paid. Who paid? Kathir brother paid it already. Why? – Sambar
– Just a moment. Give me Rs.35. Why? Two idlis and a poori, isn't it? I paid for it as they
didn't have change. See you. Sir. What do you do? I am a bouncer. What do you want? That is.. the rogues… There is a lot of eve teasing… Do you have any safety stuffs? Dear, can you take
that pepper spray? How do we use it? Just a moment. How dare you check out
on girls when am here. Have you ever seen your
face in the mirror? Enough? Brother. Kathiravan, has been talking
about bar for long. Have you thought about it? Do you have any plans? He will not suit
for that business. He is not patient enough. He is short tempered. If we
get him a bar license… Both our names will be ruined. It's not because of that. He has
served 5 years in the prison for me. We must not forget that. Have you all grown
up to advice me? Giving me a speech? Sit down now. Listen Sampath. We can
do anything for him. We can have him with us forever. We will get him married
and do whatever he wants. Business is not his forte. He is not matured enough. What? Ok. You manage him if he
asks anything about this. Yeah, tell me. Hey dude. I've spoken to him.
Everything will be alright. Tell me. I am on my way there.
I'll take care. Tell me. Which area
are you guys from? Take your hands off. Don't
lay your hands on us. Please spare us. You have been caught red handed. I've been asking you and
you guys don't reply. Which area are you guys from? Tell me which area are you from. – Tell me.
– Sir, what's the problem? They have stolen
things worth Rs.500. They were caught red handed. I don't know how much they
have stolen till now. This is the first time.
Don't talk too much. Shut up. Sir, spare them. You guys are from our area know? I am the son of Gopal,
residing at Corporation road. Why did you guys… Fine, wait outside.
Please spare them. Who are you? This is
none of your business. If I call the cops… Will you take your hands off or
do you want me to take it off? Take your hands off. I stand
responsible for them. Take your hands sir. – Go and wait outside.
– Ok brother. Who are you? Why do you
create unnecessary problems? Sir. They are kids. If you send them to the police station
often, they will turn out to be criminals. Do you understand, friend? We can threaten them or
inform their parents. If these boys were well off, won't
you spare them after threatening? Why will I be bothered if they are
well off or not? If they steal… Chuck it friend. They are
school going kids. Let them be! I'll inform their parents. Thanks. See you. Make sure that those
kids don't turn up here. Why? Tell them not to steal. Don't tell them not to turn up. You put up a shop at our place …and will you ask
us not to come? I'll torch the place! Do you have soda? Do you have half
a liter of Soda? It's inside. Ok. Please move. I'll get it. Have you joined for work here? I thought you were
looking for an IT job. Is this that work? No. It's just part time. Do want a polythene bag? Two rupees extra. What? Are you kidding me? Pay Rs.40. That's enough. Take. Ok. – Why do you spoil our area's repute?
– Sorry! That was embarrassing. I'll bring my friends and
show him what I can. We'll do it tomorrow itself. What am I talking… And you… Why do you want to get into fist
fights when you have to study? Please spare me. – I won't hit you.
– Please spare me. – I will not hit you.
– Please. Isn't that my umbrella? So? Don't you have any sense? I
have an interview today. Should I go like this? – Give it.
– Go tomorrow. So what? I'll be drenched. Drop me
at my place and then go. Listen. Me and my food
will be drenched. Please. Please. Hey girl next door! How was the interview? Ruined! Are you happy? Why? What did I do? Who will offer a job if we go
drenched for the interview? Am I going to the grocery
store for a job? This is IT. Do you know how important
the first impression is? What did you say your name is? Murali Then, Murali… You look very decent. What are you doing here? I failed in my 12th grade. My family is in a bad state. I was whiling away
my time for a year. It was Sekhar brother
who got me this job. You talk as though
you've got a bank job! Is this even a job? Hi.Venkatesh. Please come. Come here, I say. Then… How are you? Are you fine? Fine. When you borrow money,
you are very humble. Why do you blackmail with suicides
when we ask you to repay? Should we get the money from
the grave after you are gone? Will you slit yourself
or do you need my help? Sir Sir Who is you 'SIR'? Kathir, Would you like
to have some soup? How long have you known me? Even a stone would've
transformed in 15 years time. You remain the same
where ever you are. You are a living example
of a useless moron. What brings you this way? Venkatesh, why do you
involve sir for such… How long since you
have been free? 5 months. Are you fed up of being free? Are you? No sir! Your leader does business everywhere. What do you think others will do? Some people would've created
a ruckus at the bar. About the quality of liquor. Keep your leader informed. If he doesn't fall in my line, there
will be such troubles in all bars. Fine? Henceforth you must come to
this hotel only to eat. Not free food, of course! Get lost now. Super! Super dude! So, that Kumar is not an SI? He is not even a cop! You ask if he is an SI. It's been 6 months since
he was dismissed. I feel furious of
having been hit by him! Keep applying. Please do something. Brother. Inform our guys to do something. Let him be admitted in a
hospital for a month. Hey Kathir. He is very powerful. Vadapalani, Choolai… The bribes that reach these
stations reach him directly. He is friendly with
all the officials. So, nothing can be done, isn't it? Not possible. Did you see this? After he was dismissed, we
stopped giving him bribes. He has been targeting us ever since. Let's be patient. Don't hurry. Where is he going? Dude! Hey switch it off man! Hey switch it off. Hey girl next door. Your name… Stop the alarm. You sleepy faced! Who are you? A broker. I came to show her the house. Are you a house broker? Is that girl vacating the house? – Yes. Some rogue stays next door it seems…
– A rogue? You will not face that problem.
I'll vacate him too. You take a look at the house first. Move aside. Ask her to switch off the alarm. You please take a look at the house. She said she is going out
and she is lying here. I asked you to switch off the alarm
and you people scream on top of it! What happened to her? She took pills. Oh my! Pills? What are you looking at? – Lift her up.
– Give her some water. Sir Sir Sir Just a moment sir. Take this. She had these pills. Keep it here. – Take my vehicle.
– I don't know to drive. Is he the rogue? Did you like the house? No. Then, he is the rogue. Don't drop her! Somebody please come. Son! Son! – Shall I?
– Move aside. She should be living
like a queen. I think so! Come here, somebody! This looks like a
haunted palace. Somebody, please come. Get the stretcher. Idiot. Will anyone commit suicide
for not getting a job? Don't shout. It's my agony! This is what the girl had. What's this? How do I know? Am I a doctor? It's just a
supplementary tablet. What's that? Nutrition tablets. Will she be alright? She will be fine.
You wait outside. Sir. The bill is ready. You have to pay Rs.1200. The girl will pay for it. – Please take it.
– Give it to her. The girl will pay for it.
Give it to her. What's the problem? Her body was weak. Having nutrition tablets
make the body weak? Nutrition tablets alone doesn't help.
One needs to eat food. What is your problem? Hello Insomnia What does that mean? I can't sleep. When? Always. Take good food. What are you doing here? My fate! Who brought you here? Brought me? When I visited you room… …you were about to die
and I brought you here. Or else, you would've been dead. What are you saying? I would've got up in some time! An unwanted expense
of 1200 rupees! Why did you come to my room? The lady who came along with
the broker was screaming. Did you inform the broker that
there is a rogue next door? Who is that rogue? Do you at least remember that? I am feeling giddy! Stop your stupid acting.
Get up now! Why do you shout at a patient? Show some concern. It's your fate Kathiravan! Think of your parents'
dreams about you. Why are you suffering here? I don't have anyone. I don't even know
how my mom looks. What is your problem? I have an ambition. I am ready for a few
sacrifices to achieve that. Do you know what
sacrifice means? When your neighbour is unconscious, rushing
her to the hospital is called a sacrifice. Turning a blind eye towards
that is not sacrifice. Got it? Why did you do that? Simply! Just for fun! What is your so called ambition? You will not understand that. Ambitions should be like that.
No one should understand. Don't you have any
ambitions in life? I do have. The last three generations
of my family… …have been employed by someone. I want to go a step ahead… …and have decided to
become an owner. What owner? Bar owner. You do one thing… As soon as you get up,
on an empty stomach… rinse it thoroughly… pop it in like a tablet and drink water. You will be healthy. Before you sleep… – Gooseberry, Chebulic Myrobalan, Belleric Myrobalan, dried ginger in equal portions…
– Sir Doubt is it? Are you really a rogue? Why? Your face is bruised always. Or were you just kidding? Does a rogue always hit others? Sometimes a rogue needs
to get hit as well. Got it? Do you get hit more often? I should have left you
to die in your room. How can I come in this rain? This rain isn't that heavy. I am very hungry. Can't you parcel 6 idlis? Idli will be drenched. Idli will be drenched? Aren't you bringing it in a polythene bag? I'll get drenched. So? You stay there. I'll come. I don't deserve the idlis today! Sir. Do you have an umbrella? Umbrella? Are you mocking at me? You had one, isn't it? I left it during the
last interview. Stupid. That's why you
didn't get the job. – Give me Rs.200 if you have.
– Why? I'll get an umbrella. Give the money. Really? You are doubting, isn't it? That I will swindle your money. Get the one that costs less. Please make it fast. It cost an extra Rs.100. Ok Ok. Ungrateful world! Sir! Thank you very much. Do well at the interview. Thank you. Welcome. Take your seat. – Sit down.
– Thank you sir. What's you college name? Sri… Sri Akhilandavaa
Saraswati College. – There is a college in every nook and corner.
– Every marriage hall has been converted into a college! Let us know about yourself. My name is Yazhini. I did my B.Tech IT from Sri
Akhilaandava Saraswati College. What is the meaning of your name? Yazh is an ancient musical instrument. Is your family into music? No sir. We can use her for our
company cultural. Can you sing? There are lot of cultural
events in our company. Singing would be an
added advantage. Go ahead. Stay a while more, my love! – Is it the poster?
– Yes. Hey Kathir. Stick these posters. Poster? Why? What are you saying? Its our Durai's shop. I've promised to put up posters
all over our area. Please do it. So? Should I go and stick these? Are you showing your attitude? No one will respect
me after this. People will not
respect if you work? Let me see who doesn't respect. I'll go and stick them. – Leave it. I don't want anyone.
– Leave it. – Leave it.
– Just a moment. Just leave it. You've become old. You don't seem to understand. You've grown old. I know. Mind your business. – I am yet to talk, my love!
– Stop Get up. – Get up please.
– Sir. Why such a slow song? Give us a peppy number. With some dance
movements please. Come on. We need energy. We need performers in the team.
That's why. Go on. I've googled the whole world Am yet to find any insane guy like him. Good singing. Please sit down. You sing very well. You could've trained yourself
from a professional. There are many reality shows
coming up these days. They introduce new
singers as well. Why didn't you choose
such a career? I want to try net… …networking. That's ok. I understand. We don't have any vacancy for
that position now. Very sorry! But do take my advice seriously.
All the best. Hope it was a good time pass. – That was a good time pass.
– You wanted to leave early as well. Hold this. What are you doing here? How much will they pay
to stick these posters? Why? Are you fed up of
hunting for a job? Why do you shift careers? I just asked to know. How much will they pay? I am not doing it for money. Its for the relationship. You should find a job
for your qualification. This will not suit
as a part time. Understood? Take it. Sir. Can we go and have
something to eat? I am hungry. Who's there? I feel you are short tempered. That's why you are
not finding a job. Can I suggest you something? You will get a job. Am sure you will get a job.
Shall I? Sit down. Should fall at their feet. Fall flat on their feet. There are many who get saved by
apologizing to the one who comes to kill. If one can get back their
lives, is job a big deal? I can't reach for their feet. The table will be long and
they will be seated quite far. What answer is this? Fall under the table. Is this an answer? I can only advice you. Can I go and fall at
their feet for you? Who's there? The stove is just getting hot. Shall I cook? I am a good cook. You? Life is dry as a desert There is no sign of prosperity There is no loss This is an endless circle. Look around you Where are your parents? Look around you Where are your relatives? Look around you Where are your parents? Look around you Where are your relatives? The beauty is in the
eyes of the beholder. The world will drench
in abundant love. Did you really cook that? Yes. Why? It was amazing. – Where did you learn?
– At the prison. Turn away the
loneliness from life. Let's celebrate the
small things in life. Sleep half way through a dream Live the rest of the dream. Look around you Where are your parents? Look around you Where are your relatives? Fall at their feet. Fall flat at their feet. Hello I am Yazhini. A friend of mine
referred me to the HR. I'll just send my resume… So if I… As the sun goes down the horizon Our shadow starts to disappear. Days and lanes are
the same, always They are the same, everyday! Look around you Where are your parents? Look around you Where are your relatives? Look around you Where are your parents? Look around you Where are your relatives? Whatever we do, we should be
the cynosure of all eyes. We should plan all our activities
meticulously, even if it is insane. No one should understand
or know our activities. Hello. I am calling from BBC. About women empowerment. It's regarding an interview. Can you connect me to the HR? Hello My name is Yazhini. I am calling regarding a job. Learn how to make calls first. Aren't you educated? Learn some manners first. Hang up! Did you lie? Yes sir. I am not from BBC. I am an ordinary girl
looking out for a job. Forgive me. Why are you telling me all this? I am in a very pathetic state. I scored very well in my 12th grade. My parents wanted me to be with them and… ..they enrolled me in a
college of less repute. – What can I do for that?
– I have a good percentage They don't call for interviews
from such colleges. Why is that no one understands that even such
colleges sometimes churn out good students. Hello. Am I speaking to Yazhini? Yes. I am calling from EMIRA. Tell me sir. You called me yesterday
regarding a job, isn't it? Yes sir. He told me how you approached. BBC? Sorry sir. I was
really desperate. No No. It's an
alternative thinking. I am really impressed. Thank you sir. We generally don't
recruit freshers. I have spoken about
creating an opening. The pay scale will be
less in the beginning. The job guarantee is high. We don't recruit or
send out unnecessarily. This is my visiting card. Thank you sir. Excuse me. It's terrible. Who made this? Let's go to some other place. Ok sir. What is your problem? Why are you calling
me to a room? You know to make calls saying
that you are from BBC. Should I explain these to you? Will I get a job if
I come to the room? Only I can get you this job. I don't want that job. Why are you being so stupid? Do you know how many are
ready for this job? Others may have their own reasons. I don't want this job. Leave me. Leave me. Hey what happened? Didn't get the job? I'll get the job only
if I sleep with him. What did you do? Why are you late? What did you think? What did you think of me? How do I look? How do I look? I shouldn't have told you! Hello Hi Mr. Subramaniam? – Yes.
– You? I want a parcel of your teeth
from your stinky mouth. Please leave. Don't decide anything based
on this girl's statement. You better leave. How dare you enter his office and
thrash him. Don't you have any sense? You look to be educated. You should have brought your
problem to the police station And not to such rogues. Write down your address,
phone number and leave. You too. You seem to be experienced. When I was in college We tried once in the hostel That's all. With girls? Yes. When boys drink in every movie, What do you think we'll do? Wonderful! The problem with our country is… Population. Population. Population. Another 20 engineering colleges have
been granted permission to operate. Don't they have any sense? We are already running
from pillar to post. Are you an engineer? Who is not an engineer
in Tamil Nadu? Everybody is an engineer. Did I ask you to thrash him up? Did I? If you do it once more,
I'll thump your face! Understood? You are good. That cannot make you
thrash a person like this. You should take the route of
Non-Violence as preached by Gandhi. Do you understand? Not only you… Be it any girl… I would've done the same. Do you understand? You blurt out dialogs
of a tamil hero. I had a boyfriend. He wouldn't have done
all this for me. Did he ditch you? My company was shut down He had the experience So he immediately got another job. What's wrong in that? He is not with me
during my low points! He took care of himself. When I was in my tenth grade… There was a girl named Vimala… Then… Then what? She was there. I was there too. That's all. Such a stupid story. I was not fit for anything more! What to do! Don't worry. You are good. You will definitely
get a good girl. Are you sure? I am just roaming around. Hey girl! What's there? What do you see there? Hello! Hey! Why do you sob now? Can my situation get
worse than this? Why? What happened? Drinking is a shame. That too with a rogue like you! There is no shame worse than
drinking in your house! You just said that I am good. You are good. Did I come to Chennai for this? – Fine.
– Is it for this? Calm down. Don't cry. Forget it. Calm down. Wipe your tears. Don't cry. Fine. Sorry. Are you alright? Come here. Come closer. Hey girl! Don't sleep with having
food after the drink. Hello Eat something. First shave your beard off. Dear Aquarians… …born between January 20 and February 8 This new year will be the
deciding year of your life. There will be celebratory events in your
family. Possibility of having kids is high. Due to the 7th position of Jupiter, your respect
and stature in the society will improve. To start new businesses, your
overseas experience will support. There might be some testing times
due to the position of Saturn. But will eventually dwindle away. Prosperity is on the
rise in your family. The plans of women
will be approved and intelligent ideas will be welcomed. They will unite with their life
partner and be happy for life. Farmers will have a prosperous year ahead. Seeking advice regarding career
will clear all doubts. The year will be extremely
fruitful for artists. Come along! Let's dance
with the deer and peacocks! Door and hangings dangle in the breeze.
You made them all dance. My house dances along with me. My life has been a barren land You are the brook of my life. Tidel park has turned
out to be Titanic. Come along! Let's dance
with the deer and peacocks! A sound and healthy mind
Is riding on a confused tide. You've rolled down
like a sick bird. You are scared like having
watched a horror movie. She gave me a high!
So high to overcome! She crunched my heart overnight I have a peppy song to dance! She was chirpy
Now, very droopy She is a dot held captive by
A rangoli that captivates the heart. You the free flowing cloth
That entangles with the thorn Touch me, pinch me
Stop to enjoy the dance. She lied on my shoulder
That made me lift boulders! She made my nights sleepless. Hey girl next door! Girl next door! Look what I've got for you. It's an amazing drink. It will give you a new high. Are you having a hangover? Two drinks will make you fine. Fine! Hey girl! What was the noise last night? Nothing! Hey girl next door. Why do you turn a deaf
ear to my shouting? That night… It will not happen any more. Hey girl! I didn't think anything wrong. – What I thought was, there was…
– You are mistaken. Do you know eskimos? Eskimo is a clan. They live in places
frozen with cold. When they fell very cold, They hug their pet dog and sleep. What happened that day
is similar to that. Nothing else. Please forget it. Dog? Me? Hey girl who slept with a dog! This girl slept with a dog. Whom do you call a dog? Hey girl who slept with a dog!
Stop there! Kathir. Are you fine? Seems like you got
some snack here. I am a dog. But a ferocious one! That's why your
boss is feeding me. But you are a servant. Didn't you get it? An office boy! Mind your business and
don't get thumped. Sir! You'll be fine only when you
are locked up and thrashed. Don't pester. You cannot survive standing against him. Do you understand? The Inspector and SI never
gets the bribe directly. The one who just left, Kumar… 'Moda' Kumar He is the kingpin. Do you understand? So? Make an effort to understand. At least act! Remember, you got
thumped by his men? Brother. I'll tell you a proverb.
It might sound old. I'll come back and tell you. – Let's go.
– Where? A small work. I'll
be right back. – Hello. What?
– I want to join classes. Classes? The master is not here. He'll be here tomorrow. You come back tomorrow. – You could've stocked them
– Sure. Brother. They are there. – Are all the four there?
– Yes. All four are there. Are they fresh or tired? They are fresh. Come. Let them get tired. We'll wait. Would you like to
have some peanuts? – Shall we?
– Yes. They are trained fighters. Thrash this bottle on them first. Just blindly wave around.
Some one will be caught. Brother. Boss has informed not to
fight with the cop's men. 'Moda' Kumar is no more a cop. Let alone these guys! – Come.
– Ok. We should be the first to hit.
Remember that. Don't be scared. You are fine, isn't it? Yazhini Rajan, right? Yes. Congrats, you have
cleared the first round. Coming thursday will be
the final interview. All the best. Ok. Thank you. What's this? Black forest. What does that mean? That's the cake's name. Black Forest. I don't eat all this. Tell me what the matter is. I've cleared the first round. Round? Interview. Oh, Interview. When do you have to join? There is one more
round to clear. First round was online.
It was through internet. Second round is in person. This thursday. So your job is not
confirmed yet? It's like I've almost got it. First round is the toughest. In the second round they don't
bother about the college. If I answer their questions,
I'll be selected. How much will be the salary? At least, Rs.35000. 35000? What are you saying? 35000 is a normal figure. So, you will move
out of this place? You will shift to a
bigger house, isn't it? Yes. So you will print cards
with your name on it? Visiting cards? I'll get lots of them! I also have a wish I too should hand over visiting cards
that reads 'Kathiravan – Bar Owner' Hello Where are you? I am out with friends. Didn't you go for work today? No. I am on leave today. Why do you lie? No. I am telling the truth. Give it to me. I'll talk. It's been three months since
your company has been shut down. What are you doing? Tell me. I have been asking your friends about
what you were doing for three months. They just told me that none
of them are in Chennai. Your mom is worried about you. Tell me where are you? Take the night train Dad, I need to tell
you something. Despite her warnings, I
sent you to Chennai. Why do you do this? Her BP has shot up. – Listen to me.
– We don't want to listen to you anymore. Do what we tell you. What happened? I need to tell you
something important. What? To make my unemployment
a smaller issue… I needed a bigger issue and hence
I've told a lie to my parents. Fine. That I am in love. That he is a manager in a big IT company. That he has arranged
an interview for me. But dad… Wanted me come back to
native along with him. Who is that? You are that manager. Sir. Please. Sir. I trusted you… Do I look like a fool? I have the muscle power here. What if your father
and his men kill me? What do we do? – My dad is soft spoken like the dads in TV Soaps
– Get lost! Don't you have any sympathy? No. What? I'll thrash you. Sir please. Not possible. Get away! Won't you do at least this
for the girl next door? Why should I do it for
the girl next door? Get out! Who else is there for
me in this town? Tell me. You tell me. Who else is there for me here? You are my only friend. Am not a friend. Am the Eskimo dog. Remember that? When are we leaving? Isn't this a little too much? Your face is very odd. These are to make it look good. Next is your beard. Fine. Recite it once again. Again? Please recite it. You might forget. Your native? Pudukottai. Where did you study? St.Joseph's College MCA Your dad? Dad is Velsamy. College Professor St.Joseph's College. Subject? Physics. What is your brother doing? He is a PT master in
the same college. Its not masteru. It is master. Mother? Mom is Dhanalakshmi. She is idle at home. House wife. Housewife. What company and job? CTC company… Senior Networking. Networking.. Manager. What type of job is it? If you ask any more, I might fumble.
Let's stop it. More than all this
what's more important? I should talk less. Not less. You should
not talk at all! Please be silent as
much as you can. Fine When they give you something to eat,
show off by saying you don't want them. Looking at all these details, It seems as though
you've already tried it. Are you putting me in the place
of the guy who ditched you? What? You blabbered all this
when you were drunk. Please have them. No thanks. I do not eat them. What else would you like to have? Organic. Natural foods? Like, kodo millet, little
millet, red millet, barnyard millet? Just a moment. Vilasini… Get me the red millet ball. The yellow one or the brown one? Bring both of them. Please have. What did you say is your native? Pudukottai dad. I studied at Pudukottai school. I completed my college
from St.Joseph's. Which course? MCA dad. I didn't ask you. I've completed my MCA. Mom is Velsamy, teacher at a college. Dad is a housewife. Bother is a PT… PT manager… I am a computer… Computer… Networking master sir. Another important thing. I don't talk much. I would
like to stop with this. – You.
– Dad.. You don't look nervous. But you are nervous. Shy . Be comfortable. You don't have to
be this nervous. I don't know what Yazhini
has told about us. We will not eat you alive! Be natural. It's me here. Your date of birth? 16.01.1981 16.01.1981 Your birth time? 7.30 Morning or evening? Morning 7.30. Morning 7.30. Please keep it ready. I'll get it later. It's nice. Ask them to vacate. Call the bar manager. – We are from the Excise department.
– Tell me. We are canceling your bar license. What are you saying? There are lot of complaints. Please wait. Let
me call the owner. Talk to anyone. I give
ten minutes time. Clear all the customers
and close the bar. Oh lord! Son! Do you have faith in spirituality? Yes dad. He has great
interests in spirituality. – Is it?
– Yes sir. They talk about big
bang theory only now. Around many thousand years ago… We have already said this. Do you know the meaning of Om? No sir. From a small atom… When the universe exploded… It sounded… – OM!
– I'll just go to the nearby temple and be right back. That is how OM came
into existence. Why did I start saying this? Its for some good thing. There is nothing in our hands. Everything is pre defined. One in a million have a
horoscope like this. When are you both
getting married? Marriage? Haven't you both thought
of marriage yet? Not that… We both need to be
prepared for it. What is there to get
prepared for it? That… the girl… Yazhini… – Yazhini needs to get a job.
– What does Yazhini know? Let's decide on an auspicious day
this year and finish the marriage. Before that we all will meet you
parents and discuss on the marriage – How are you?
– Fine fine. This is Yazhini's friend. He is a committee
member in the temple. It's been long since we met. Hope all the temple
works are fine. Shall I go fetch Yazhini? What are you doing here? There is a dish named
Drunken Prawn. A bowl.. Is filled with wine A prawn is then dropped alive into it. The prawn drinks the wine
thinking it as water. When the prawn is high It is taken and fried in oil.
Do you know how it tastes? Think of where we are.
Don't talk such stuff. Think of the plight
of the prawn. That was how your dad fried
me with his lecture.. And you are whiling away
your time here like a queen. Don't talk like this and
make me change my decision. What is your so called decision? How much is it? It looks expensive. Yes. I bought it for someone else. I was unable to give it to him. It doesn't matter for
whom you bought. I am happy if it is free! What are you doing here? Your dad is searching for you. Come. Let's go. Can we tell them that
we are getting married? What did you say? You heard it. Please spare me from this game. I am choking for
just a single day! Can you please look
for someone else? Am I being serious? It's just a fake. It's just for my dad. Am I nuts to marry you? I've been watching you. You are calm to everyone else. But you frown at me always. Why? Cos I am not scared of you! So you won't be scared? Why should I? I am going to thump your face. Will thump you for sure. Thanks. Yazhini. – Hope you know.
– Greetings. He is our temple's
committee member. This is my daughter. If everything goes well, she
will mostly settle in Chennai. Tell me dude. Didn't I warn you many times? What dude? You thrashed the
Karate kids, isn't it? They have sealed our bar. They are trying to seal our
Purasawalkam bar as well. You told me not to
hit 'Moda' Kumar. When did I tell you that? I'll come back and discuss. Where are you? Come
back here immediately. I can't come. I've spent a lakh
for your mistake. Will you come now or not? Chuck it. You should have thumped his face.
Why did you stop me? He is our friend. You
don't know all that. They would've thought that
we are not macho enough. We should face them. I am fed up of such issues. That's true. We'll use someone
else to finish it. People are jobless here. Do I look like a moron? I am talking to you. Buy a new one. Do I look like a beggar? She says that he is a rogue. What kind of a kid do we have! You had warned me. Not to pamper. I never heeded. I'll beg and get her a job here. Ask her to change her ways. The younger one may follow her example. We'll find a groom and get
her married off by this year. What's this Kathiravan! What do I do with you? What brother? You promised that I would be great
when I come back from prison. Now you ask this? Are we nuts here? What are you saying? I didn't mean that. Kathiravan… Its a huge loss. As the hierarchy goes
up, we'll be done for! Do you understand? Go and meet 'Moda' Kumar. Don't ask me to meet him. I have to give his share. We can open the bar only if you fall
at his feet and give his share. Fall at his feet? Why should I? We have no choice. Only you can undo the
mistake you committed. You aspire to be a bar owner. Compromise a little. Solve the issue. The rent is only 8000. We can still negotiate. Ok. Greeting sir. The girl's parents have
asked to vacate the house. Do you know what the issue is? Load that first. What day is today? Father's day. Not that. What day
of the week is it? Thursday. Hello Do you need so long
to pick the call? Where are you? – Home.
– What are you doing there when your interview is here. What bothers you? Buffalo I've been considerate and
you ask me such things! Is that why you picked up a quarrel
with someone and left me here? That is me. No good attire can
change the character. You and your father… Forget it. It's not about me. What are you going to do?
Are you coming or not? I can't do anything anymore. What time is your interview? I asked, what time
is the interview? It's at 12. You start right now. It'll be 2 o'clock by the time I reach.
It's a waste. – Dad is..
– Stop cribbing. Your interview will
be at 2 o'clock only. I'll take care of that. You start immediately. Message me the office address. You don't understand.
It'll be a big issue. Get lost! What now? I've started. Come fast. Drive home. Ok. – Where are you girls going?
– Go go. Go fast. Tell me where you are going. – All the best. Bye.
– Bye. Dad. I am going for an interview at Chennai.
I came to inform you. – Yazhini..
– Give me this chance. Don't stop me. I'll come back tomorrow.
Trust me. – Yazhini..
– Please don't say anything. It's getting late. Start now.
We'll discuss when you are back. Bye dad. What will you tell
if Sampath asks? I don't know. Say that you didn't
find me at my house. Fine. Hi. Good morning. – Yes.
– Interview? Where? What interview? This. This is on the third floor. Thank you. Where is the
interview happening? It's inside. You are? My brother has left his mark sheet and
I need to hand it over. Moreover… He doesn't have cash
to travel back. Go straight and
take the last left. – This way?
– Yes. Thank you. – Interview?
– Yes sir. Arun. You can go in. – Sir.
– Yes Where should I get down
if I have to reach Avadi? Get down at Tambaram and
take the bypass road. He is cutting the call. Is he playing with me? I don’t know. Brother. Come to the station.
We need to discuss. Where are you? I've reached Tambaram. I'll be there in an hour. Come fast. Yazhini, you can get in. Another 4 or 5 should be.. No body seems to be
impressive enough. Though they have good grades,
they don't have the knowledge. – Water
– Sure Thanks. What is this? Who are you? That you have to tell me. See Interview is going on. Are you a candidate? That you have to tell me. Do you understand? Interview is going on. You cannot come inside. You may please leave. Why? I think there is something wrong here. Chandru. Sit down. Sit down. Cool Chandru. What is your name? Kothandaraman. Your name? Chandrakumar. Nice name, isn't it? Isn't this place very
near to Chennai? How much is the land rates here? If you don't like what I am
asking, you can ask me something. Let's have some fun and
while away the time. Can you please stop the music? Why? Isn't it good? You look tensed. Yeah. Job interview. Interview. I don't believe in all that. If you see.. Life is a time pass. Your breath rate is wrong. I have wheezing trouble
when am stressed. Tension? Yes. You know spinach. Take a handful of it. 4 Thulasi leaves. Chandru Can you hand me over your phone? Our Chandru… Thinks he is a James Bond. Why Chandru? Where did I stop? 4 Thulasi leaves. Can you go faster? I understand. The car will not go beyond 70. It's locked. These employers!! Forget it. Join the thumb and
the index finger… Place it near your ears. If you close the eyes and meditate. All the… All problems. Will get clear solutions. You try now. Help! Help! – How dare you!
– Oh shit! Security. – Come here.
– Sit down. Sit down. I'll thrash you. If you make any noise… Kothandaraman. You continue. I'll thrash you. – All the best.
– Thanks. Come. Get hold of him. Just a thing. Just one thing. Easy. Leave him. Leave him. He wants to say something. Tell me. Interview? Sorry sir! Why did you do this? Sir. Some opportunities come
only once in life. If we miss that… The rest of the life will be ruined
thinking of the missed opportunity. Fine. For whom did you do this? That you have to tell me. Take him away. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. I said, I'll find my way. Sorry. Sorry. Sit down. Sit down. Sit down! Who is Yazhini? Yes. Please go inside. Where are you from? I am from Villupuram Yazhini, Why should we hire you? I am honest and hardworking. Hardworking is fine. Are you really talented enough? That you have to tell me. What I meant was, I believe
that I am eligible but it.. No. Don't mistake us.
It is something else. Okay. Can you tell us what is the
next big thing in networking? It should be SDN. Software Defined Networking. And finally the application. Well You have attended many interviews. You have developed your networking skills. Why were you not placed yet? Any particular reason? Nobody asked me these questions. Ms. Yazhini. We are very impressed. I think you are the one
we are looking for. – Thank you sir.
– You are welcome. Kathir. The car is here. Boss is here. Why didn't you call? I tried but your number
was not reachable. Is Durai here? Everything is solved
and fine now. It's 'Moda' Kumar's work. He takes
his share and creates trouble. No. Our Sampath has
had some lose talks. Sampath is not like that. You
know what trouble they gave him? They called him to discuss. Why have they not
let him out yet? Who did this? Tell me who did this? – It's alright. Not here boss.
– It's all 'Moda' Kumar's work. Leave me. Let me handle this. I should be furious. We'll discuss at home. Come now. Didn't I ask you to
fall at his feet? Why are you so egoistic? If you can't tell me,
I'll fall at his feet. It's not about falling at his feet. 'Moda' Kumar is planning to open a
bar in his brother-in-law's name. He takes bribes from us
and conspires against us. What are you saying? Hey. Move out. Move out. We need to talk in private. He has grown. Moda Kumar is unstoppable. He has been holding the grudge against
us ever since he was the inspector. So? Let's finish him off.
That's the only solution. Don't be stupid. No. If we don't finish him. He will destroy us. Look at what he is talking. We have crossed all that long back. Moda Kumar should not be alive. Let's face it. Don't blabber out of rage. It's not that. It is being talked that
we have softened up. Let's finish him. Hey Kathir. You must do it. No! – We can't trust anyone.
– No dude! I cannot get landed in prison again.
Look for someone else. Are you scared? If I was scared, I
wouldn't be talking here. That's why I said,
you must do it. Why do you surrender? We'll ask someone
else to surrender. Don't think. Let's finish it. Hey girl. It's misty. Get inside. Ok grandpa! Did you blabber anywhere? No. I didn't tell anyone. The families will not understand. Let the time come. I'll inform. What you are about to
do is something great. We will never forget you. Five or six years. When you are out of prison, you
will be taken care of like a king. You are one of us. Understand? Don't think too much.
Understand? – Hey Murali
– Brother Are you scared? No. You should be scared. Understood? What are you going to do? When you kill him, I'll
confirm if he is dead. I'll take the knife and
surrender at K4 station. Isn't it very easy to say? 'Moda' Kumar was once a cop. The cops will have a
soft corner on him. They will gruel you
for the truth. If you blurt out, the whole
gang will be imprisoned. Do you understand? You idiot. Wait. Let me pee. Looks like its going to rain. What? There was a radio announcement
that it would rain. Looks like it will rain. Sorry. Murali. You don't need this. You leave. Why? No. You don't need this. Find a job in a petrol
station or something. I'll take care of this. You leave now. No. I'll do it. You fool. What do you think? Do you know what's
happening here? I know. Like hell you know! Do you think they'll celebrate you
when you are back from prison? No one will be there for you. Look at me. What am I doing? It will be the same
for you as well. I asked you to leave. Why do you do this? What did I do? I am telling you. I'll not falter. I'll do it. What will you not falter? Didn't I tell you to leave? Why do you argue? Listen up. That is all. If I see you roaming around here. I will thrash you. I will kill you. Go now. Go. Go. Go. You guys pay only when we coax. How much is it? They have given 6 lakhs. You will get it. Why is it not arranged? Why haven't the work started? Will you start only if we pay? Why does everyone ask for money? Respect the people. I'll take care of
you guys one day. Trying to stab my back? This is the floor you
will be working. Is everyone ready for
the presentation? – Good morning.
– Please come in. Morning! – This is the new team
– Welcome. Hello – Please be seated
– Thank you. Well. I am Kothandaraman. Your senior HR officer. This presentation is
all about orientation. And now.. Your project head will join us. And she will tell you all
about this in detail. How to go about it. And how to achieve the targets All these things. It's a very good opportunity
for all of you to learn. She is Yazhini. The youngest project head of this company. – Hello mam
– Hello all. Congratulations. It's great that you made it here. Thank you mam. When I was struggling in my life… There was one who stood by me. I have never seen him after that. I did see him once. In my dream Is this your office? Oh my god! So you finally got a job? I must thank you. You cleared the interview. You have got what you deserved. Did you print the cards? Visiting card? You said you would give
me a box full of it. A card with your name on it. A handsome salary. Isn't this a little
too much for you? You have not changed a bit. But you have changed. Too much of make up. You have become more classy. I've grown up! You were beautiful earlier. What about now? Don't fight! You are beautiful even now! All what I wish for
is just one thing. I want to show you how my life
has changed for the better. I know that you will be the most
happiest person to know it. – Petrol or Diesel madam?
– Petrol. – For how much?
– Thousand rupees. Please open the tank. Please check the zero reading. Madam, cash or card?

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