Jessi Cruickshank’s Pregnancy Advice from Grandmas | CBC Life

Jessi Cruickshank’s Pregnancy Advice from Grandmas | CBC Life

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The Grandmas are back and this time their dolling out advice to the very, very pregnant Jessi Cruickshank who is expecting twins this fall.

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Jessi Cruickshank’s Pregnancy Advice from Grandmas | CBC Life

hi oh so I don't know if you noticed something different about me no you look very nice oh you gave me be a little wait but otherwise I am pregnant right with twins twins who does that must feel awful Thank You Marjorie I am terrified I mean blessed so I have come here for some guidance what was the best part about being pregnant you should seem getting over I didn't like to be pregnant I wasn't really thrilled I don't remember anything best no no I have to pee 24 hours a day 7 days a week will that ever go away my sister had the same something happened you know she had to have a surgery every time to go to the bathroom to pee but let's hope nothing happens it didn't happen anything to me I'm fine let's hope at what stage will I go from being cute pregnant lady to being an episode of my 600-pound life well we twins you'll get really big oh you'll start to really burst about the seventh month and you'll get bigger and bigger okay it will just explode and then you'll think that I gotta get rid of this you are stretching Thank You Jean and you will stretch further okay did you have crazy hormonal mood swings no at the time I was working for an advertising agency as soon as I started to show the advertising agency said no you can't work here anymore that was legal oh yes I thought the only person who could do that was the President of the United States well well him too I have to name two babies do you have any suggestions my husband chose the names and I was quite happy if I let my husband choose our babies names they would be named Michael Jordan and LeBron James well Michael Jordan is very nice I think it's been taken I think it's a very nice name what do you think about all these new hot celebrity names like North I can sort of stomach it blanket no apple no saint nope rain rain is OK with the Navy on it you like rain did you grow up on a hippie commune here would you like to perhaps give me any last words of wisdom for these babies let's do you play the music not yet should I yeah okay like I just played dirty hip hop in my car but I should start thinking about what I play right got it okay okay okay middle babies grow nicely and comment and be healthy and happy I know I'm emotional because I'm pregnant but thank you that means a lot

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