JANE GOODALL – Mother Earth

JANE GOODALL - Mother Earth

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“You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” Jane Goodall

Music: On the Nature of Daylight – Max Richter

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44 thoughts on “JANE GOODALL – Mother Earth

  1. We are eliminating plastics as much as possible: no more saran wrap; no more yogurt cartons as we make our own in beautiful glass jars; no more plastic from the market or the chemist or anywhere. I'm using plant based biodegradable bags for garbage….and looking for more ways to be environmental.

  2. Way to address climate change emergency! What does a good consumer, citizen, successfully sociologically through to societally programmed by the corporate structure and other tools purposed to that end, like Gov't, orthodox religions, etc., with addictive personality disorder, whose thought that they abdicated their responsibility to the plutocrat's politicians when they suppossedly abdicated their power to them during elections in the US, want to do more than bothering to participate in their civic responsibility through to civic duty, anyfknthing. Yes, the dualities, dichotomies were engineered and propagated into our lack of consciousnesses, yet, is that the overiding reason for them to have been so programmed into the populace's machine mind? I think not, your described problems with the system are only ancillary to 'la machine's' reasoning, and lack thereof, in the processes above described. The oligarchy's 'final solution', which no one of intellectual merit even argues doesn't exist, the premeditated murder of 7 of the 7.5 billion people on Earth, in the future, to steal all their everything, is astronomically more notsee than the over 60 million premeditatedly murdered by Hitler, Hirohito, Franco and Mussolini combined. How does an oligarchy of a few tens of thousands plan to pull that off, the need of their corporate structure's convolution 's devolutionary direction is clear; as is it's spearhead, the republican conspiracy, etc.. Yet, I digress, so, is the more salient aspects of their 'using' divide and conquer extremely, chaos theory, their engineered upcoming extinction of humanity and large mammals, the engineering our society into a baskin 'n robbins of 23 flavors of supremacy, etc., that they want to put a wedge between the remocrats and dempublicans in order to divide the land? Or is it the larger paradigm's reality that all those extreme processes are being used (as is the engineered, planned, timed and triggered by the republican conspiracy, almost daily, domestic terrorist attacks) to re-fabricate, re-machine, then continue the continuous replication of it, by the corporate structure's convolution's multi-media conspiracy; because our king-kong sized terrible-two screwed the convolution's growing it's game's pooch? Isn't the problem, historically, that the dems and rems duopoly marginalized into almost non-existence the third party movement; to the point wheresome of their elites participated in the conspiracy to illegally to install RumputiN/vlad-the-impaler into the Blackhouse, successfully? Isn't that same historical need for the third party movement based on the facts that many of the dems, and all the dinos, conspiring too much with the remocrats, mostly through legitimizing anything they do, including high to low continual treason, paved the backsliding away from progressing democratic processes road our republic is on; and '…we(e),…", thereby failed to keep the republic, Ben Franklin said we only could have if we did? Isn't getting out of that hole of dem and rem conspiracy, by necessity, all about stopping dinos and others who would conspire more with rems from doing so; by stopping the digging of it? Thanx for all you do and don't, have a great day 🙂 reality

  3. No technology's exist that could refreeze the arctic sea ice on the scale necessary to save us. There is no saving us . Sad but true. Time to stop repeating that old platitude. Consider Global Dimming. Nothing that humans can do will stop the sea ice and glaciers from melting and the seas rising. Last summer the arctic suffered an almost blue water event. Fresh water is pouring into the seas right now and perma frost are melting at a rapid rate all over the world. The release of methane that comes with permafrost and sea bed melting will accelerate warming. Located within zones that will be severely damaged by seas rising are man's greatest folly, the nuclear power plant. Fuchushima has multiple meltdowns doing it's job to help heat the planet with cores burning hotter than the sun. Releasing man made radiation in volumes that dwarf the 2500 nuclear bomb test of the 1940s,50s,60s combined. We where exposed then and now. There are many things that could possibly happen to bring man to extinction. The fact is glacial and sea ice are rapidly melting right now. Humans are sick in ways never known before our biosphere was irreparably irradiated with man's folly. We are living in uncertain times for sure. There are things to be done now to alleviate suffering in the near future. Move away from the rising sea before you become a climate refugee. These are the things to be thought about now. There is no stopping or fixing this predicament. A mass human migration from the seaside now is the only hope. Humans changed the world for the worse now they need to change to keep from suffering from it. Food could be the next problem. might have to utilize caves and subways etc. to grow in a more controlled environment. Stop thinking about how we can fix it and start thinking about how we are going to live with it. Good Luck we might not can live with it. But what fun to try.

  4. Last hope: go Vegan and protect the planet!We are not intelligent at all and we are the most dangerous brainwashed animals on this planet..i respect your hope..everyday when i see the young generation with they mobiles and ignorant blind eyes how they looking around without to" see "anything which is important i feel deeply in my heart , we are lost….

  5. She may be overrating human intellect though. Don't forget that humans were around for perhaps a million years before any technology emerged, and even then it was only cave paintings and arrowheads. Even now, no one human has the ability to build a spaceship – everything depends on passing knowledge on through language. Language is the big thing that marks us out more than the power of thought. Chimps can manage mental feats that we can't equal – as in the famous short term memory trial based on flashing numbers.

  6. this makes me sad i thought there will be flying cars but no its just ruining are ideas and hopes when they try to make better things they dont know that there makeing woorse

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