Italian Grandmas Try Olive Garden For The First Time

Italian Grandmas Try Olive Garden For The First Time

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Who the f*ck made this?

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Markets Of Naples
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– Who the f*ck made this?
This is Eggplant Parmesean? It's an ancient type of food and the natural part of the food. You know. The good oil, the good, the good Earth. – To cook it, to eat it, to watch other people
eat it is even better. – Anything that grows naturally. That's what makes the Italian food great. – Ew. Ugly. – It looks like a skinny d*ck to me. – I wish that this breadstick
would be more flavorful. Like with the garlic flavor. Or just a little more salt on top. Not even inside, just a little
more. Little more flavor. – It tastes like a merde. That's no good! You know what merde is? – Terrible. – Delicious with the oil. – Oh mmm. Very good. – What kind of sh*t is this? – It's crispy the way I like it made. Eggplant has to be crispy. – The tomatoes are fresh. – And I love it. I really do. – Tastes like it just
came from the garden. – The fry. I no like the way it's fried. – This almost look like
eggplant parmegiana. – Very good. It is eggplant, right? – I don't want anymore
honestly. I don't want anymore. – I have to be honest here. We don't make spaghetti and meatballs. This is an American recipe. – Olive Garden is good
for American people. – Who cooked this? Because
they didn't cook it right. – The spaghetti is just
right. Just the way I like it. – The pasta has no bite. No texture. – Really good. It really is good. (laughs) – Bene – No. – Maybe a little more um. Maybe a little more salt in the sauce. – The lasagne, they supposed
to look like, all together. You fill it up, the first layer. You put ricotta, you put the, I usually make little meatball. – It's a sin that they
may call it lasagne. – I should bring my
daughter here next time. – Oh, what is this? No, this is not ravioli. No, no, this is not ravioli. – It might have to be
cooked a little longer. But then if you over cook
them they may open up and that's why most people
don't over cook them. – I wonder what kind of tomatoes they use. This is very very good. – Very good. – The flavor of the tomato mixing with the mozzerella, the cheese
thats inside of the pasta, and the pasta is pretty good too. – This is soft, but
the ends are very hard. They're like, almost raw,
you know the dough over here because it's doubled together. – No taste sweet, you know, the way we make you know the sauce. – No sweet, we make 'em
tasting, the smell have to be (inhales) ahh. – Oh. Oh mamma mia. – I wish you can come to my house. And try my spaghetti. – And they have a lot of good deals now. – Yes I know. Buy one, get one free. – Oh I love that. – It used to be that. – I could take home a dinner. – American somebody no cook. Everything you give 'Oh it's best!' 'Oh it's wonderful!' 'Oh so good!' And when you know something, you know, the way it's the taste, you say no. – I love Italian food.
It is a passion with me. I'm passionate about it. My whole life rolls around Italian food.

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  1. Guys if you want a free olive garden gift card tweet or email them saying food was cold and bad service I did it and they gave me a code for $50 olive garden XD

  2. The two grandmas who liked everything remind me of that Sopranos quote "My father would call them Wonder Bread Wops, the type of Italian who gets his Sunday Gravy out of a jar". These are examples of Italian Americans who have been completely assimilated into anglo-american culture.

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