It was AMAZING !! ……..#Holi #DIML #VLOG #MyMissAnand | Shruti Arjun Anand

It was AMAZING !! ........#Holi #DIML #VLOG #MyMissAnand | Shruti Arjun Anand

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I just love Indian festivals and Holi is one of my favourite as its full of colours, energy and happiness and Ana really had an amazing time playing Holi …I am sure you’ll love this one as much as I did while filming this….love you all… Keep Loving & Keep Sharing!!

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Happy Holi…. Say Happy holi Anu is playing with her dad I am ready now its time to play with colours I keep them as it is when comes to organic holi Arjun is going to play holi from these eggs not from colours Ayan what are you doing? I let her to sleep where we go after that? sis house ok we put colours on her feeling so excited for holi dadda really likes to play holi he always told that I'll not play holi but… in the end ok lets go in the lift oh… you put it on your didi(sis) Wow… what an arrangement of eating stuff just say I m here to put colours on didi now we are going down there to celebrate holi as Anantya & bhabhi (sister-in law) already down there so we are also going there unfortunately We can't carry our phone with us there as I got this i-phone X on lots of request so thats why I can't keep the phone what happened to you? have you not found your pichkari?? it was in a red poly-bag & your shoes are too Hey guys…. I am back as someone thrown a bucket of water on me Anu is playing with her Uncle ok throw them one by one Anantya is with her dad what's cooking here? maggi who'll eat this? is it for your Aunt ? who'll eat? ok Anu share this maggi with your didi oh this maggi is for whom?? it mine will you not share it with your didi?? no say I'll share it as you are a good girl no whats your aunt is doing? Anu says I only eat it with my Aunt's hand so guy we are back to our home Anaya is with Ayan to play with him in my neighbour so that I can cook food so I've prepared here for cooking I cooked khichdi for Anaya & Anantya & rest we are ordering it from outside I also make some snacks let me show you I've saute green gram & corns in little oil I just added salt, chat masala, chillies & lemon I have it in snacks so Anantya & her Uncle are watching TV & eating chips they are happy lets go for sleep So guys we are going to sleep

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