IS THIS RULE TOO STRICT?! | 18.01.16 | Day 750

IS THIS RULE TOO STRICT?! | 18.01.16 | Day 750

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IS THIS RULE TOO STRICT? In today’s Australian family daily vlog, we had a chat about a new rule and ask YOU guys, whether or not you think its too strict or not. Thumbs up for IS THIS RULE TOO STRICT?

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27 thoughts on “IS THIS RULE TOO STRICT?! | 18.01.16 | Day 750

  1. No I don't think it's too strict. A permanent fence around your property should be even better, that way people wouldn't trespass on property. a small fence around the pool wouldn't be a bad idea. A no trespassing sign will be effective. A fence around the pool depends on where you live.

  2. Children have been known to drown in 1cm of water. There are a lot of children drowning in Australia. Personally i think its neglecting from parents, not always but sometime, as a foster carer I have seen some really horrific things!!!!

  3. If you have your garden fenced in & it's just a blow up pool, it's going too far! But if it's a permanent pool or the garden is not fenced in, I agree with the law. The two hands on the wheel thing is too far too. Sounds like your government is being too strict. They wouldn't get away with that here in the UK. But then it's not really hot enough to have pools out very often here anyway.

  4. I agree with that rule however you are right about the lakes and ponds in Canada we have to have a life jacket on the child at all times when at a lake. And yes the government dose make tons of money off of us for law breaking. I saw a guy cross the road not I. A cross walk and he got a $1500 fine and thrown in jail cuz he couldn't pay it .

  5. As far as the pool laws go, I can see both sides. I think it should be required to empty a blow up pool at night if you do not have a fence around it. That's not to say that a child is only going to run to it and drowned at night but if you know you have to empty you will likely only leave it filled while your children are playing in it. Also, a big congrats on 14000 subscribers! I hope you keep growing, you are my fav Internet family

  6. We live in Regional New South Wales and we have an in ground pool , I am half half on the new laws , It's so easy for a child to drown , my son ( youngest ) almost drowned in our pool , yes it is fenced and the kids only get to swim when both parents are in the pool area watching them , one night last year we had both my husbands cousins and there parents and kids over for a bbq , there was about 8 children and 6 adults , and my son fell into the deep end of the pool , no one noticed , he was so quite , thankfully my cousin in law saw a head bopping under water , he thought it was his 12 year old son at the time and thought nothing of it as he goes underwater and holds his breath all the time , then he looked around and counted children and realised my 4 year son Chayse was missing , he grabbed him quickly and called for us other adults , thankfully my son was ok , it scared the life out of him and the rest of us . Goes to show how quick a child can be and how quite they can be .

  7. I live in NZ and I got given a blow up pool for my 10 month old and he can crawl out the door (if someones left the baby gate open) and stand at the edge of the pool if he tried hard enough he could probably squish it enough to slide in. I think if you have a blow up pool empty it every night! I rent so it'd cost a fortune to put a fence for a pool my cat will most likely pop at some point. Big pool that are permanent 100% need a fence.

  8. I think it is over the top to have to erect a permanent fence for a flimsy blow up pool, especially when you only use it a few times in summer. We have that one from Target with the shark slide and just empty it everyday because we tend to have alot of toads so not really something we want swimming in the pools!

    I've read that some council are sending drones around some towns checking which houses have blow up pools, then going to check for fencing.

  9. we've had this rule in nz for a long time, I do think like you it's abit over board but I also see the sensibility in it. we have a pool abit bigger than the one you showed yesterday and while it's safe to leave up around my kids, my neighbour has her young grandchildren alot and they pop over often so we don't often leave ours up as I'm to worried they'll fall in! when we own our own house i will build a permanent fence but until then I'll keep emptying it when needed!

  10. Our council does chopper flights over residential areas to check for this exact thing. When we bought our pool we had no idea that this was even a law. It was $59 from target and just not worth the risk of a fine, or worse, or the money involved in erecting permanent fencing for a pool that's used for a few weeks a year.

    We only filled it half way so that its 30cm deep, but realistically, a child could still drown in that.
    What gets me is that farming properties don't need to have horse or cattle troughs fenced, they are generally over 30cm.

    But the laws the law. It's not worth it. We probably won't bother with blow up pools next summer and either use the public pools or slip and slide, sprinkler type things.
    The blow up pools get pretty grotty quickly anyway!

  11. I can agree with the new law, we have a small kids blow up pool and its under 30cm of water and I still stress about my kids around it, any more water in it and I would freak. With more water it would obviously be a lot more stuffing around with filling it up and emptying it every day hence the fence. But we made sure ours was small enough to empty it daily when in use. I love our strict Aussie rules, I think too many people are getting away with to much these days.

  12. The unfortunate truth is that any child (or adult), no matter their swimming ability, can easily fall over, hit their head and drown in any depth of water. As you said, these things can happen within a matter of seconds. Queensland is an overly risk adverse state, but when it comes to children I think preventing that particular risk is very worth it.

  13. I'm the same as you with the Australian law I see both sides, however I was actually talking about this with someone the other day & I think it's absolutely crazy how Americans don't have to have a fence at all😕 we were talking about it because we were watching a show where they were building a cubby house pretty close to the pool & the pool had no fence & I just thought it was a disaster waiting to happen, I would love to see the difference in statistics compared to America to see how effective our laws are.
    Btw I only just started watching your channel since you did the whisper challenge with Rachel but I think you have the cutest little family☺️
    Keep up the good work!

  14. It seems to strict to me, but at the same side, I can see both sides as you mentioned. Sometimes kids do sneak out. My husbands family had a pool while he was young, so they all did swimming lessons at a young age (starting at 6 months). We don't have a pool, but where I live you only need a fence around your yard (which is the same for a trampoline actually!).  But yet, we live by a "dam" and while it is fenced anyone can get in there at any time and the walking path around it is less than a foot away from the water at times…

  15. My primary school teacher had a daughter that was 3 and drowned in their back yard pond it's crazy how quick something like that can happen! I'm from South Australia and I'm quite sure atm it's only permanent pools that need a fence but they are thinking about bringing the law in that all pools do. I try to look it at like why not stop the possibility of your child drowning having a fence around your pool could save yours or like you said another child's life. Seemed silly when I first heard it but after thinking more about it I understand

  16. Im so with you in this boat, I can see both sides. I think that swimming lessons for children should be compulsory and it should have a government rebate. Instead for them looking for revenue raisers they should be doing something that will give kids the tools to help save themselves.

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