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Headrambles, Red Mum, Fainthearted a clip from RTE show “Capital D” on Irish bloggers:
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but if you're into a more high-tech style of writing then you may be interested in the second Irish blog awards essentially a blog is a diary on the internet anyone can write a blog and is open to everyone to read it and in fact the popularity of some loggers has come to rival that of newspaper columns in recent years capital D went in search of some Dublin bloggers to find out what makes them on to publish their thoughts and feelings of the nest for all the world's see the 15th January 2007 at ski school last week we were two soldiers for the spice sentence around this time of year a lot of people are trying to give up smoking october twenty eight twenty 96 hell is other people on true I thought it was opportunity to say the things that I wanted to get off my chest and things I wanted to say and and somewhere to say them so I started they may have 2,000 for it and it was only maybe work once a week that was going on in the times and it was probably much more thought through so I think if you probably went back to the early stuff now Stevie much more systematic and substantial and some of the more recent things the word blog comes from web log going to be somebody's diary or someone's comments on the day sep tember the 25th 2006 Catherine's mom died four weeks ago today there was much thanksgiving for a long and greatly blessed life much laughter many many smiles or memories Claridge's first have a dell boy personality always smiling always positive always on top of things sometimes behind the smiles there is deep sadness there's a therapy in it yeah and particularly if it's been a bad day and sometimes there are bad days they actually work for your feelings and reflect on things very often pick be every day and just right back there might be something that's happened in the supermarket and he wrote about natural for this one better place now to a few words you have fantastic article that hooks into the depths of things and gives this point of view it in a very nice little way sometimes the best feedback is when whatever i've written has actually helped people with their own thoughts on their own feelings and particularly things like bereavement and you know personal hurt and something people said you know I found that helpful because I'm trying to work through these things myself I've always been into photography drug has inspired me taking more pictures I have my cotton will resume at a time to the point of if I might with like the camera it's like being that you're more vital in my assume they've left something important behind at home sometimes you'll see something and you're right about it and then other times you'll be righted by something I'm not take pictures to illustrate what you're writing about so they both kind of inspire each other really I was looking for a picture of people in pajamas you ever designed a boss Cyrus and it's like ten o'clock at night knowing them for a can of coke and big silky thing do you know on your and you know the furry slippers because not currently I work address my ramps are mostly about dealing with the teenager there are people after her obviously turned her out of their kids

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