Introduction – My first video- mum of 9

Introduction - My first video- mum of 9

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Hey Everyone,
My name is Claire and I am 32 years old!
I am a wife, and a mum to 9 beautiful children under 10 years of age – This includes 8 girls and 1 boy!
I homeschool my 4 eldest children. I love watching my children grow and learn new things every day.
In a busy household like ours, my biggest tip for you is to have a really good routine going.

We are not perfect though.. and some days the routine does not go the way we had planned
On the sad and low days, there is always plenty of love and hugs to go around which makes the day so much brighter
My passions are singing and blogging!
In fact, id say most of the children in our house love music, and I absolutely love teaching it
There is never a dull moment in our house that’s for sure!
Our house is full of love, joy, & happiness
We are a family that likes to work together as a team, and with that in mind, we can conquer anything together!
I welcome you all to my Youtube Channel ‘This tribe of mine”
Once a week every week I will be posting a new YouTube video
Stay tuned for more videos!

Claire XxX

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hi everyone my name is Claire and welcome to my channel of this tribe of mine as if some of you don't already know my name is Claire I am 32 I'm a man of nine and I'm a blogger and I also homeschool my children full time and I've had this channel for a long time and I just had all my old singing videos on here but to twelve months I have started a blog and I've been blogging about our family life and what it's like to be a family of eleven and it's been going really great we've had such an awesome journey so far I thought that I would start a YouTube channel and I would start posting posting about our day and you know reviews collabs and hauls and our budget and you know that we do in our lives you know it might seem strange to others but it works for us so you know I can't wait to do more videos on this channel and I will leave the links to all my social media platforms down down below but my blog is this type of mine calm come and say hi I love sharing with all my followers I look forward to talking to you all and I look forward to my next video take care bye

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