Instagram Stories from Disney Social Media Moms Celebration | beingmommywithstyle

Instagram Stories from Disney Social Media Moms Celebration | beingmommywithstyle

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In case you don’t have Instagram or missed our stories, here are all of the stories from Disney Social Media Moms Celebration 2018 that we shared on Instagram! A peek at our trip! We are now home! Full length vlogs will begin running later this week!

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[Applause] [Applause] there's one of the slinky cars Toy Story land opens June 30th that's what it looks like at least going over here to see The Incredibles I missed you we're at Jimmy on the bus to go to dinner and I'm so excited for kissing in the right town there my second time I hope you're having a good day at bar Veera and we're going to dinner and I'm gonna write down to care again I'm so excited so so excited we're going to throw on the bus – okay there it is you can do it Natalie you can do it thumbs up going on the tower chair I want to congratulate you on your brand-new get ready for the rest of the day Oh see you soon put you in complete control of the experience so whether you're flying the ship shooting the blasters are preparing for hyperspace everyone is critical to the mission success now we're interview at the d20 it's a hangout for droids and alien creatures and characters that we've all pumped in no one welcome from the Star Wars films bb-8 is going to be there and he's going to be joined by fan favorites like Chewie guests will also return first this hotel will stand out among all of our resorts around the globe and we just shared that it will be seamlessly connected to Star Wars Galaxies edge at Disney's Hollywood Studios to make a special announcement let's take a look that was the signature visual that we put out about two months ago for most of the advertising pieces and then that's pretty much what it looked like last week tickets and I don't find our websites so I went freaked out looked on the website and I came back and I said well that's because we don't have a single page about Disney World tickets we have a page about magic your way tickets as parents we don't know that our kids can be so over schedule but they don't have time to just to turn into I invest over to go to Port Canaveral starter crews getting ready for a board to go on the dream so excited to be back on this ship we definitely try to looking forward to doing all the things that we miss last time the awkward dog which goes over the side of the ship on the other side we're going to rest [Applause] inaugural ice cream cones of the trip very first ice cream cones we're going to go to cabanas for lunch start now with a big car say bye Florida Caribbean here we go we are sailing we're back in our room out on the veranda and we are heading to nuts all so I'm standing outside the Oceaneer Club and you can hear all the fun that they are having right now we're getting ready to pick up the kids at the room please also I got my hair done [Applause] any of you Iike wishes social media presents with a permanent audience increase of 15% on Facebook and 13% on Instagram during the campaign the reach on these platforms was also up by three hundred and thirty percent I want to thank you all for being here by the way is that for us the contents editorial team this is the year of Pixar when 2018 is done we're gonna have a Wikipedia of stories from beginning in a sort of a hero's journeys for a big announcement another year was the ultimate tweets when we marched 140 different characters out of the form of a hashtag for a big announcement this year that thing that we're so excited about the team is so passionate us and our story begins with story of us the journalist and angel I would not have believed that I could do any of that with now being taught to wish upon his daughter and that if you can dream it you can do it I have to tell you it is such an honor to be here I spoke at one of the social media moms events back in 2013 when her universe was still brand-new and you're so warm and welcoming to me and I became friends with Star Wars I'm the founder of her universe and I'm excited to be here today to talk to you about my new book for Disney and talk about being an author which is something I never in a million years thought I would say I was thrust into the sci-fi world and I was going to Comic Cons and going to Disney World to promote Star Wars and I just wanted Star Wars merchandise made for me so I did what any girl would do and I went shopping and quickly came on yes [Applause] they said okay we'll give you a license you went about it the right way they but they told me perceive with caution because for them over the course of a couple short years her universe became a multi-million dollar fashion and lifestyle brand [Applause] [Applause] so we're getting ready to watch the new beauty in the Beast stage show and I would check in with alive afterwards and let you know what we think this is all new on the Disney Dream [Applause] good morning from castaway key one of my favorite places ever it is a beautiful day it's like perfect weather just slightly overcast with lots of Sun and we are getting ready to go enjoy the ice you can see how big the ship is from here it's really beautiful with the water against it the kids are off at spinels Cove and we're gonna head over to serenity Bay for some adult time you just went snorkeling and I used my water camera but it was really really cool we got to see a sea turtle and a stingray I love these flowers and lots of fish severe headache we're walking to go this girl's Cove to check on the kids and then we are gonna go to serenity Bay or we're gonna eat lunch and then go to serenity Bay for a little while the day is coming to a close and we were getting ready to head back to the ship we had a fun bike ride with the Jones family which was a lot of fun we just picked up the kids at scuttles Cove and we are heading to go get the next tram so we are back on the ship we just rode the aqueduct which was really cool being over castaway key and everyone is on the ship we are getting ready to set sail and we are heading back to Florida to make you burgers it looks like it's good Isabella the last night on the shelf everyone's heart middle-aged it's the atrium of the dream it's so pretty I'm so tired I should be packing suitcases right now while the kids are both still at the club it's 1951 but I am on Instagram instead fish together zookeepers out is been awesome good morning it is Monday morning it is very early in the morning and that is land over there we are disembarking the Disney Dream today it was an amazing trip I cannot wait to share all the vlog there is Port Canaveral the terminal for Disney Cruise Line we just finished at breakfast and we are getting ready to disembark we're gonna go over to the buses and we're gonna head back to Disney Bella it was very relaxing would you think Natalie to go to the Oceaneer Club you

15 thoughts on “Instagram Stories from Disney Social Media Moms Celebration | beingmommywithstyle

  1. Awww Natalie is so cute theo was so made up he thought she was talking to him lol.
    Hopefully I will get certain person to agree to going on a cruise cause me and kids so want to go on one lol x

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