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Do you think you know absolutely everything about having a baby and what to expect. Well here’s a few you might not have thought about?!


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today I'm going to be talking about my initial shocks as a first-time mum so basically that's going to be the first few things fix or hit me in the face but I didn't expect to happen when I first had Penelope so the first one I want to talk about is the baby period obviously this only stands if you have a girl I'm not sure if all babies have it in the end but this is something I certainly didn't expect think penny was literally a day old and I was still in hospital and I was changing her nappy when I opened the back up I could see blood in her nappy I freaked out press the buzzer thought she was having that internal bleeding or something and the nurse came over and goes oh no that's totally normal it's basically just from the baby coming up the womb attaching herself from my hormones and you know developing and sinking into her own body basically and getting used to her own hormones so she's just literally detaching from me hormonal II and presenting in a baby period which I still think is really strange I still can't quite get my head round it but apparently it's quite a normal thing maybe choking on mucus obviously when they're in the womb they're sort of breathing in all the fluids around them and their lungs fill up with fluids so when they are born their lungs may still have like mucousy parts in there and you know over the first few days of being born they saw get that mucus up so they'll start coughing and that it'll all come out and basically I thought penny was literally choking she should have seen me in hospital honestly I was a mess virus she was going quite red in the face and I thought she was choking I worked over my shoulder like trying to get it out I ran her up the wall screaming help out my babies Jackie can imagine it's so dramatic and nurses were literally took her off me I was like a whacking her on the back and let all this stuff come out there's a big lump of mucus and apparently again it's quite a normal thing you're breastfeeding the baby can actually sense if you leave the room I didn't know this at all I breastfed for about three weeks to a month I'm talking about when I was actually in the hospital I had like a little cubicle so separated by luck at Curtin and say for example if I had the baby in the crib and I went to sore get some cotton wool water and things like that from the other end of the ward and I'd leave her in the crib if she was asleep and start to walk over and as soon as no joke to you as soon as I got to that curtain to leave my cubicle she would wake up and scream and it happened over a lot over there two days and I said to the nurses how does she know I'm going anywhere like she's asleep how does she know and she said she can smell my breast milk and moving further away so they wake up which I found really really interesting nappy rash can be quite a severe thing it like I imagine nappy rash just to be like a couple of little red blotches a couple of little bread spots things like that but you know that is nappy rash but there is a whole nother level to it as well I remember when penny was a couple of months old and she developed nappy rash and at first it was fine and then like a nappy or something later I saw where to wipe her poo and it took all the skin off with it I know that's a bit TMI but literally it was insane and she hadn't been sitting in the poofer any more than you know a minute because I heard I heard it was a cool explosion and and it must have been the acidity in it or I have no idea to this day what caused it but basically as soon as I wiped her bum with the wipe it pulled all the skin off and she had a real wound like I was surrounding probably mud and her little bomb but it was sort of surrounding that sore very around her little baby bum and it was the hardest thing to deal with she doesn't understand what's going on whenever she weed it would she would scream it was just awful and I really didn't expect it so I didn't know what to do I didn't know what to put on it but after a lot of research and speaking to family and friends I literally just kept her nappy off for as long as possible each time she'd have a change I've clean it with cotton wool and water and I'd make her drink absolutely loads of water and it claimed cleared up really really quickly to be this one's a bit of a weird one but it happened to us and it shocked me to the moon and back basically after we finished breastfeeding we went to formula and because Penelope was so used to breastfeeding and she used it for a comfort as well as feeding when it came to you feeding from bottles and formulas she would over feed because she was getting comfort and as a first-time mom I did I thought you know just feed him when they're hungry and things like that but she was actually over feeding and it comes to a point where her body wasn't able to digest it properly so it would build up in her stomach and she would projectile vomit what I would describe as cellophane borscht no those things you're getting like bean bags and things like that a little little ball things it was literally like that you could squeeze it and it was it was it was a cellophane book to chew it was sick so much of this and the straightaway I took it to Amy maybe she's got an intolerance or something we took it to the hospital and they basically just said up she was over feeding on the milk and she wasn't able to digest it properly which I felt like the worst mom in the world because I thought oh my god and really you know this is me I'm over feeding her but I've been told for forever that you feed a baby when they're hungry when I was breastfeeding you feed you you just feed all the time basically so I I didn't really see the harm but obviously it was and they recommended that we give her a dummy and as soon as we gave her the dummy all that problem was solved and yes so she was fine she never had it again but again it was just the shock all these things or things I just didn't expect during you know I didn't hear about while I was pregnant I didn't hear about growing up I didn't see any of these babies or hear any stories from anyone about these things and as a first-time mum all of these things just came up as a bit of a shock to me so I thought they'll be quite useful to share with you if you're a mum to be or if you're already have all your lovely babies then I thought it'd be quite a funny story to share and maybe things for you to look out for when you have your baby so I hope you enjoyed this video give me a little thumbs up if you liked it don't forget to subscribe to catch up with the rest of our videos for future ones bossy again and I'll see you my next video bye guys


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