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Hello my loves!!!

Thanks for tuning in to this video! This an exciting video as there are many emotions within! Join me as I take home pregnancy tests to find out if I am pregnant! I also tell my fiancé that we are expecting another so if you are looking for inspiration so if you’re thinking of how to announce pregnancy to your husband I hope this helps!

If you are new to my channel this is my second pregnancy, I have a 2 year old daughter named Madeline. We are very excited to bring a new life into the world and we hope you are here to join us on this journey!

P.S. If you are here searching- how to know you are pregnant, my advice is to ALWAYS test! All you do is pee on a stick (maybe take 3 just in case) and it can take away any kind of worry away. Talk to your doctor if you have any further concerns.

Love you guys!




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instead of negative I don't know if this is me but I don't know this is me I am only ATPL and I only touched it today I was I mean I wanted tense early but I witnessed this today because I have like has very very very tiny like a little bit of spotting yesterday and today and so I began to think that it was like implantation so I this is also a really cheap I'll probably depends again because I see a faint line you know a procedure because I can show it I don't know I watch somebody I watched Aaron Williams and Aaron Williams saw faint line out of her chest and she showed it to the camera and I on the sea could see and so I I don't think that if I can barely see it that you guys can see it or maybe it's just me but I'm only a GPO I'm not due for a period for another five days and like I said this was a cheap one and all the other pregnancy tests I bought aren't early response so yeah either we buy another early response to or we just wait okay so this is my second time taking up residency I'm sorry that my bathroom light is like obnoxious and it's so loud mady's it's left I can't do anything about it it's just like so off I got a clear blue response trust today and never use clear these are the digital one but it does say 5 AC 10 biggest EPO which is four days book [Applause] the paint line but I don't know I don't have period and so I know that faint line is just like right there I still don't have another period for another four days I think Indian Trek but I guess this is only my second test hey guys alright 11 CEO I thought I thought of these line at yesterday and everyone today I feel like my brain is just playing tricks on me if they don't get anything today if it's negative I'm just gonna wait pick it for beer yeah [Applause] okay so hi I'm sorry of my Iowa memory and my card but this faint line looks darker and I don't know I just like are like really think that look do you see okay it's showing up on the camera it's so like this is the positive test this is it this is yesterday's and I can see it there but I don't think you guys can but it does appear to be darker on this one right it's just me that's the full-time bring it says if anything is getting darker and darker we're gonna be getting darker and darker and offices me I'm pregnant now right oh my god scared I'm nervous I'm excited I don't know yeah it's definitely like you guys can see it right it's there it's straight up there there's no way okay so I waited until afraid it would be another wait for me if he kept saying that he doesn't see anything I was like I need to take another and if it's like completely negative all be mine and I'm waited just in case I were to be pregnant because I want to surprise him I look so ugly too oh my god this is like insane okay anyway so yeah I wanted to trace him so now I have to like figure out how I'm gonna tell him it don't i lost memory and again but yeah i'm gonna – oh look so ugly i'm going to think of something to tell afraid oh i'm going to spray them so i probably want to come today but i'll probably just say that I did it me do not pray you're pregnant but it came up and it's pretty it got dark I took a yesterday after you left I smell like that I did it everything last night I yeah

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  1. Aww congratulations! I’m 8 weeks pregnant with my first! Are you going to document the pregnancy? Would love to watch since we are both pregnant around the same time ☺️

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