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YES I KNOW! its been almost a full year but I’m back on my channel for good this time! I do work a full time job in the corporate world and i recently just I finished cosmetology school in April of this year so I’m getting back around to my passions now that time has eased up a bit! I hope yall enjoy the journeys ill be sharing. Owning a salon with my business partner (MOM), Makeup and lash appts, makeup looks and other fun stuff that occurs. Stay tuned 🙂

I'm about to do my makeup and much I'm really excited to be back okay wait so alright I'll be sure to tell my quality is like so yeah I got a new camera and they because if I Hardison other digits L forget how to make sure I'm in the frame that I got okay they'll be like a thumbnail or something I just saw had to be back on my channel hey everybody if Raven electors indeed that's me so I was like I'm just like all year and talk like already done up it just you know like talk to you guys about title back on you – I went to get back into my channel and I kind of felt like it would be like a little more fun I just did my makeup and maybe it'll help me flow – because it's like I've never really did talking videos too much on my channel I kind of just would do my makeup I just want to get my present my channel more personality and open up more just like talk about me started this in my life because why not it's I used to be like shy like I remember like I would be out sometimes and like my friends would be like telling people that I had YouTube channels and like I would be like Michael it means a channel girls out there like you can eat it like you are o makeup artists use license now [Applause] here nothing okay now that's nothing a little bit better if the other things have to ripple having my background meets sort of people head judge me not caring I don't care who touch me on your life girl on your life okay first of all actually skin is not perfect at all I am Who I am and I was long as they thank you to like my friend different terms that I have I haven't uploaded in like like I said it's been about a year yes been like a year and y'all been sticking with me like but then you get outdated people really go down any like timeline I meant there I'm subscribers on YouTube and just like unsubscribe so I probably just need you right before but I'm still grateful they sticking with me on I'm back and I'm mostly you know what I got to because I got some big investments to make myself like get back into this like I said I have a new camera as you can see my fantasy is like order and I'm a pro baby okay I went and got me a new computers I was using my regular like HP and then I was using that like movie makers like edit my videos I'm like sometimes then we get like a little complicated because I like stuff will just take like so long and like the computer was a well it was so slow so like that would be like you know you went look forward to it because you know that it's not about the gift struggle that you invite that it this way I have no excuse like I have an excuse so if you can go down and like a couple hours so I'll just turn on my lights off the lights get slow shift the anime away the Unitas back because the time is just real one down yeah we got keeps a good light I'm very bright so happy to be back but I still haven't done a look with my Romina tear mender like you had the cure like you about the cure for room I'm out here and I'm back I'm back so I had a passion for makeup since high school I was a Holohan all-girls high school and fili like I'm not oh you know hey like you rep you but like do not with like the majority of light like I'm like this not when I got learned 50 y'all get what I mean right one hour later video yeah hey guys really likes is being here and I'm back with another video I started my video like talking you know like while doing my makeup but I was talking too much and not getting in to the makeup and I didn't with the video to be like forever so I just had to get that done quickly cuz it's hard to like tell stories and do your makeup at the same time especially when I wanted to be right because I wanted to actually introduce myself to my channel and to you guys so yeah like I said my name is Raven Lexus D I am a makeup artist I'm a lavish lash tech and I am also a licensed cosmetologist I went to Empire to get my license what inspired me to go to school was really my mom she's in the cosmetology film as well so like my mom has a salon in her home it's like renovated the whole like downstairs like basement area is like renovated to a salon it's beautiful um actually I can I'll actually show you guys like yeah come on out I like to take you through the shop this is where the magic happens I do my lashes here on this lash fit and of course I just moved a bit or what little bit to give me some room and I move my like spinny chair right there at the end so that I can see and I have like my glam core I'll bring it in and I'll just have this set up right here so that my light can shine onto my clients and this is my priceless if you guys um follow my last place than you've already seen this I've actually updated this this want to be know in different cities and these are just where I keep like my products this is my you know our sterilizer for like any metal tools things like that and our main mayor up has some lighting around it like makeup services that you can see and things like that have I here a little vanity area some makeup a few things here so for me I'm now trying to make this my full-time thing like really I just want more like I really would love for me my mom to expand and have like a large location and store in front of the spell Mahon that would be like amazing my mom is like the hair expert and guru and I am at the beauty Barrow for like makeup eyelash extensions and things like that and she actually just went back and got for teaching license and I have my guys ecology license so there's like a lot of things that we're trying to do together to like build a bigger like brand of our salon Oh in the name of it is creme do look here is one of our business cards pretty if me working in a salon becomes my main source of income like I would be so like happy and just like growing from that and you know becoming i why am i entrepreneur because I do do like my own thing for like income and stuff like that we should do well but of course it doesn't talk like my consistent income in salary that I get at employment at my job so yeah like I'm just like okay now Twitter for me simple obviously just have to put myself out there and like so many other ways I felt back on before Jenna maizing what it is that we do even more like why not take things to the next level and so yeah a big part of that was I getting back into my channel I clearly I mean answer questions of like where have I been like I've been in school I've been at work I've been doing everything that like you slave to so like be great but yet like I wasn't putting my greatness out there like I don't know but if you go to this but I'm always like in my head like if you're you had to a lot Rachel she's here the idea is that like I just wanted to put myself out there in the right way and I felt like I always had those tools but like I wasn't maybe as confident as I am now and just like more ambitious to go after those things and also just like carrying people along that journey because I know that as many of you out there who feel the exact same way so I felt like why not share that on my journey and like I like I just know that I'm not the only person that feels this way and I've been afraid to believe in Oh and I'm finding now I'm ready to conquer this level like I'm gonna put myself out there because I put so much work into it I'm just supposed to actually should like enemies and even about it just because of just so many as wife within the box infinite on the rabbit yeah I'm just like if I can dedicate myself so bad and like always take it as school you know I can try to keep myself back to my channel and like get my girl back up there get myself out there and just acquired a team boy because I know that I can and I feel like this is what it is that I'm supposed to be doing I would have had surgery I've had it if this wasn't what is it I'm supposed to you know I mean like with my mom like acquiring what it is she did like we're teaching license and stuff like that and like me you know following in our footsteps and like now we're like co-owners at the salon and trying to conquer death cause how do you think this is what to beat my brand therefore I have to get into it like back at thi no back into one of us I don't want to just like live Potter books anymore and just like doing everything like Oh like you know like I were in this good job on my free time I do like my heart my hobby needs to be my full-time job and I know that can make it happen because I watch people out here make it happen all the time like so like let's go why can't I do that for me like and I can that's the thing like stop thinking like Oh like why is that not happening for me girl because you're not getting into it you a make a video today you ain't do no like look today you'd it in like y'all see where this is going so yeah like just get off your butt and don't do it whether this issue broke at the injuries it's like I think a lot of times like we need me a call to do something and you're not doing it then it weighs like a heavy and like sorry self is just I'm laying on my head be like you know I don't want to get that could be a whole nother conversation is doubting yourself or just wondering those are our demons that will hold you back successful people take chances you know like successful people though often you know I mean if it wasn't if success was so easy to attain we all would be extremely successful the reason why a lot of people don't reach for certain things because they know that like they're there is gonna be some failures along the way you can't be afraid of that you have to put yourself out there you can't be afraid to foe so I'm just putting myself out there I hope the video wasn't too long and I hope that you guys I really understood what it is that I was trying to fakes I know I can be all over the place but all in all it's just the idea of going after it is that you want to put yourself out there and that's exactly what it is that I'm doing getting back into my channel groove in your dreams I really reach for the stars if you don't reach the stars I they should be somewhere in space that's still better than walking straight just go for it go for it in your lab you'll even land their Orlan somewhere like higher up it don't matter it's further and further is it that you are right now and no one's gonna make that happen but you so I'm just making it happen you you like in the background of my cat maybe so big now [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] here we go as an excuse please she don't make him he picked up a minute [Applause] she's Italy movie giver go man the more reason that we got another cat was so that lady had someone to play with because she could be so like moody into himself but a family exactly without a fight all the time we've gotta build each other in your nature Sonia lenient party


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