I Was A Mom In-Training For A Day • Ladylike

I Was A Mom In-Training For A Day • Ladylike

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There is a lot of baby poop…

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[Applause] I'm Chantal and I'm a producer here at BuzzFeed people that know me know that I love puppies kittens and of course babies really I just like anything small people that know me also know that I love my career social life and being an independent woman I'm a hundred percent sure that I want to have my own baby one day one day far away but I'm not sure if I personally can be the mother I want to be while keeping the career I want to have so to see what being a working mom is actually like I'm gonna invade one of my co-workers home in space for a day to play the role of mom to hear a ten month old baby so I'll be at my co-workers home bright and early getting the baby ready taking her to daycare doing anything that she would normally do I'm just gonna be trying to soak up as much as I can to see what it's really like being a working mom in my career field wish me luck good so I'm here with Kate suicide who's the senior producer here at BuzzFeed and is also a working mother that I very much admire I'm just gonna be invading your entire personal space for it yeah I think it's gonna be great I think it's gonna be like kind of helpful I'm kind of using you I'm not here with Jared father of baby Flynn and husband to Kate yeah baby Flynn Rosario made my aunt cry because it's her mother's name thank you growing up did you always want kids yeah I did but then single and like 34 and I was like you know what I don't know if it's gonna happen and I like really bumped about that but it it all worked out did you always know that you wanted this career path for yourself I always knew having a career and putting a lot of work into it was important to me I went to film school so I knew that there's gonna be long hours and it was gonna be demanding and I wanted that to be my life I feel like I'm in that how much poop have you gotten on your body I noticed there's poop on the wall and you're the changing table I was like where did that come from how what happened and then I noticed it was still on my hand so maybe it's been tracked around the house that's gross people are gonna comment and be like you're disgusting does she poop a lot she pooped so much it's crazy it was a lot of 82 how often do you change your diaper every day every two hours ish two hours how fast can you change a diaper he's a super scrummy baby you envision it as you like oh you put her back when you change you know she's like trying to escape and turn over and call off the table the entire time just quickly learning that I'm weighing over my it's flynn gonna cry you definitely cries every day am I gonna cry I don't think so you're gonna be in the it's fun though too what is one thing crucial that I need to know about Flynn do you think that I have what it takes to be a mother for sure of course you raised pip I know there is a little duckling one time he took care of them i i'm i think that's the side are you ready to have me join your family for a day yeah honorary sofa okay let's do it all right oh okay to Jared's house because today is a day I'm exhausted I usually wake up around 5:15 I pump or feed her before I go to the gym for the gym from 6:00 to 7:00 in the morning here we go today is starting don't get too distracted sake listen it is weird going into someone else's home because it's like you're trying to figure out their routine while trying to figure out what their baby likes to do how what they like to do with their baby show me around give me the tour Kate and Gerry kind of warned me that Flynn is a little bit fussy when she was getting dressed and so I was like all right let's uh let's prep for this challenge Jarrod is making breakfast which is awesome and we feed her we hang out a little bit pack all her stuff man hello toes just yeah you're good go to daycare gotta leave it like 8:15 to make it so he just dropped off Lynette day care and so now we're finally going to work we're 14 minutes early watch no one's gonna be here by the time we got to work I was like I'm tired Barney lived three lives this morning oh we are here though look at Kate just bright and shiny and then at 10:30 and 2:30 I try to pump Oh Kate is also still breastfeeding so she has to pump while at work this is supplied by those feet Wow there's a room that's designated for her to go in pump and there's a little mini-fridge in there so she can like store her breast milk in there there were other people pumping in here their babies are a little over yeah just me pumping is terrible I was like stupid and there's like a machine and you have to like try to get in the right headspace and just feel so cold and it just sucks it was both a welcome break and isolating because she was the only person in there and it's this kind of like storage room and it has to be at a set time so if she is shooting or if she's in a meeting or trying to eat or something she has to stop and go and come so even even when you're like trying to be in your most work mode you still have to stop and go and do your mom duties some days I'm like man look at me I'm doing it I'm the person that has it off and then the next week I'm like man I'll have my together so how do you decide who picks her up from daycare I mean it's usually if we have like an opening like you know we have a lot of meetings at the end of the day yeah you know I'm meeting gets canceled or the meeting goes over well I have time from home yeah so we go and pick her up and she was sleeping when we picked her up so we got there and she was like kind of cranky because she had to be woken up in order to come home the dose will come down in the drives so when we brought Flint home Kate had to breastfeed her Flynn is eating right now from Kate who is breastfeeding her so I can't do that obviously so I'm just hanging here I didn't think about the sweet moments that you get to have like at the end of the day you know I think that's when I saw just how bonded they were Oh and then we hang out until she goes to bed around 8:00 she's never good time mommy right long learn anything mommy right I learned a bunch of things learned that you just gotta keep singing the whole time I got home I think between 9:00 and 10:00 and I still had my own stuff to do too just like Kate and Jarrod had their own stuff to do that was like the only second of the entire day that I had truly to myself it's hard because I know that not every pregnancy is successful I was excited and nervous and job and there's so many things that go into it and you're happy but there's 20 other emotions I loosely shadowed a mommy for a day and it was very insightful being a mom is something that I still definitely want to do but I had just like a 2% insight as to like okay I can kind of see a little bit more what it's about and the thing is it's like I did it just for one day and so it's like I was able to kind of like have energy going into it and then like knowing that I was gonna get a full night of sleep the next night and like go into a weekend just for myself but like if you're an actual parent you don't have that luxury most of the time because being a parent doesn't stop it really does kind of give you a sense of perspective you know it's like one that when your job here ends your job still doesn't end at home but then too it's like whatever things go on at work you have this whole other life and you have this whole other like child and person that you're raising that you get to go home to at the end of the day being a parent is super different for everyone so I'm sure people parent very differently than Kate and Jarrod and I a parent differently than them or my parents in the same exact way there's just like so many different things that contribute to what your life is with you and your child once you're a parent you're always a parent you know you're never not going to be one no matter what happens it's amazing how anyone is able to do anything in life while having a child any single parent is a superhero I don't care what anyone says I also learned that baby germs are real germs and they can make you get sick because at the end of the shoot I got very very ill with the sickness that was very reminiscent of what Flynn had gotten over previously

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  1. Love the video, I think it would be interesting for Ladylike to shadow a stay at home mom as well, cause sometimes people unfortunately dont get to choose and if possible different stages of infancy, 0-3, 3-6, 6-9, and 9-12. I personally chose to be a stay at home mom (until D.D. and her future siblings are older). I wouldn't change my mind or give it up for the world.

  2. and congrats to the woman with the baby, husband, and career! i a waaaay 2 selfish to have kids, i just love doing me, and spending time with loved one! Yah baby poop is full of guess what germs!

  3. So when my oldest was little I went to work with spit up down the back of my shirt and didn't realize it till a coworker pointed it out so I understand completely how you would wouldn't immediately realize you had baby poop on your hand

  4. You should make a video about how health Latinos eat. I'm Brazilian and we are fame for our "health food" but I'm not sure how health it actually is. Channel how health Mexican eat ?;)

  5. First thing, Buzzfeed is amazing for providing a room that is personal for women to pump. Working at a medical facility we don't even provide women this (which SHOULD be a basic right/expectation for any facility).

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