I want to be a better mom & Can this wrestler take down the Judge?

I want to be a better mom & Can this wrestler take down the Judge?

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Can a single mom, who had her son in high school, finish school and become a role model to her son? Then the Judge shares a story from back in the day when he was a state wrestling champ!

These are real people, not actors. Please keep that in mind when you comment. They don’t deserve negative scrutiny. Thank you.
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(upbeat music) [Judge Frank Caprio] Mary Ann Doe. Good morning. Good morning. You're charged with going through a red light on Eddie Street and Dudley Street. We're gonna look at it okay. It's raining it's pouring, it's raining it's pouring, it's raining, it's raining, it's raining, it's raining, it's raining. Who was driving the car? Me. [Judge Frank Caprio] You, who was in the car with you? By myself on my way to school. Oh where do you go to school? CCRI. What are you studying? Criminal justice. Criminal justice? (laughter) And when you graduate from CCRI what do you want to do with that degree? They actually don't offer the criminal justice, so I'm doing two years law enforcement there, then I'm gonna transfer to the police academy. Oh you wanna be a police officer? Yes. [Judge Frank Caprio] What you wanna get into law enforcement? Yes. Oh. (laughter) You have any children? Yes I have a 12 year old son. You do? Yes. Good for you, and you're going back to school? Yes, since I graduated 2012, I had to take time off to be a mom, so I finally went back to see in January. So if I gave you a magic wand, and you could wave the magic wand, what would you want for your career? I just want to be successful, I just want to be a great mom. I just want my son to see me be a better mom. You can be a single mom and accomplish whatever you want to accomplish in life. So that was one of the main reasons. I'm like, I have to go back to school to show him that you can have mistakes in your life, but it's up to you to better yourself. You are a wonderful role model for your son. If I were going to impose a fine, I would have used a charitable donation that was sent to the court to pay for it so it wouldn't cost you anything. But I am not going to fine you because you went through the red light, three tenths of a second. And I routinely dismiss those at three tenths of a second. So I am happy to dismiss your case. Thank you very much. I wanna congratulate you on your life. You are absolutely a wonderful role model, not only for your son but for other single mothers. You give them hope that you can succeed. Yup. And you never give up hope. Now the key word is hope, don't give up hope. Thank you very much. I'm gonna watch you, keep up your good work. Thanks. Mary Ann just wants to be a great mom. She wants to prove to her son and other single mothers, that they can make mistakes and still be successful. And I'm confident she will be able to prove that to everyone. Mary Ann is not allowing her past mistakes to define her. She has learned from them, moved passed them, and is leading by example. Mary Ann remember, that good things come to those who believe, better things come to those who are patient, and the best things come to those who don't give up hope. Mary Ann, the city could use a good officer like you. Hang in there, we are rooting for you and we know you're gonna make it. Charged with going through a red light on Pleasant Valley Parkway and Valley Street, what do you want to tell me about this? As the gentleman before me as well, I'm a National Guardman currently. That doesn't mean you go through a red light. Correct you're honor. And then I coach wrestling at Ellis Isle Academy, so I was on my way there, I think it was a Saturday morning. That doesn't help you either. Correct. All right, what else do you wanna tell me? This guy's trying to play the switch that one, he's gonna go through four or five excuses. I was trying to switch to the left lane. Did you wrestle, did you ever wrestle yourself? I did your honor. [Judge Frank Caprio] Where? At Westfork High School. How many year? Just high school, so four years. What was your record? About 94 and 40, I'd say around there your honor. 94 and 40? I had an awful freshmen year your honor. You wrestled 135 times? Just about. Yeah and you lost 40 times? That's not bad.
Yes most of them were my freshmen year. What was your best move in wrestling? The ankle pick. Yeah I see, did you have a good switch? I did actually. How many times did you escape with a switch? A lot. A lot. I remember there was a practice where my coach had everyone– Judge I know of 40 times he didn't. (laughter) I would be able to hit the switch on anyone I wanted to when I needed to, just about. Oh yeah? Well how come you lost 40 times if you could use the switch anytime? I was so bad my freshman year. He learned that his sophomore year. I was so bad my freshman year I didn't want to be bad so then that was it. There was no looking back my freshman year. We're gonna take a look at it. Let's take a look at the light violation. That's what I was thinking, while I was switching and looking up, the truck covered it. So then by the time I saw the second light, it was just too late. Looks like he got right behind a truck Judge. Inspector Quinn thinks the truck was blocking your view. Now let me ask you a question though. When you were wrestling, did you make the state tourney? I did. You did, and what kind of awards did you win? 3rd team all state my senior year. You were all state? Yeah, I placed 3rd in my weight class. I wrestled the state champion. Well were you 3rd or were you number one? 3rd. 3rd? Yeah. All right. Not everybody can be number one Judge. Should I tell him? I think he needs it, I think he needs to hear that. You think you could take me? Honest, honest. I mean yes, 'cause as a wrestler I believe that nobody can beat me. You got beat 40 times. (laughter) He's getting crushed on that number Judge. (laughter) Okay, it looks like you pulled a little switch while you were driving here. You went to the right hand lane. It's not nice to talk about yourself but, I'm having some fun with you on the wrestling thing. I wrestled myself when I was in school. In Rhode Island sir? As a matter fact, if you look up the (laughs), I shouldn't do this. I can tell him, champ. Not third, not second, champ. In Rhode Island? Hall of Fame, wrestling Hall of Fame. There's a Rhode Island coach who actually put up all the results up to a certain year in the past, so maybe I'll look back. Not that I don't believe you but it'd be nice to see. (laughter) No whoa whoa no. Just to look. I may have to adjourn court here, I think I can take him. I don't wanna have to, Judge I don't wanna go to the cleaners and pull out the old tights. (laughter) Now that I can tell that his best move is a switch, I know how to stop him. Or the ank– what is it, the ankle pick? Yes. Show me that on David. If I'm allowed to, I mean if you want to see it I will. (laughter) Inspector Quinn, do you have a motion on this? Your honor yes, it appears that that box truck obstructed the view of the red light on the motorist. I motion of Inspector Quinn, the matter's dismissed. You're a good sport.
Thank you. Luis lost 40 wrestling matches. Does that make him a loser? No, it made him a winner. He bounced back from the disastrous freshman year, and became an all state wrestler. There are only two things you can do when you fail. You can quit, or you can learn from your mistakes. Luis learned from his, as did Thomas Edison. Who made 1000 unsuccessful attempts at inventing the light bulb before he succeeded. When a reporter asked him how it felt to fail 1000 times, Edison replied, I didn't fail 1000 times, the light bulb was invented with 1000 steps. Remember, the only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing. Come on, how cool was that? If you'd like to see more cases like this one, toon in to Caught in Providence every weekday. Excuse me? You didn't know Caught in Providence is also a TV show? Oh wow, your life just got substantially better. To find out what channel we're on, go to caughtinprovidence.com click on your local listings, scroll down till you find your home town, then start doing your happy dance. That's it, move it, move it, nice (laughs). All rise, and hit subscribe. So you don't miss the latest viral moments like this one. Share these videos and weigh in on the cases. You be the judge, subscribe now.

36 thoughts on “I want to be a better mom & Can this wrestler take down the Judge?

  1. " * Good Things Come To Those Who Believe ……*Better Things Come To Those Who Are Patient *…….and The Best Things Come To Those Who don't Give-Up Hope " CHIEF JUDGE: Francisco Caprio.

  2. first one came up all mean and with an attitude but she sure flipped to better side when Frank asked about her situation , she needs to learn from her past mistakes not just have then turn her nasty

  3. I am admired of that kid and about the judge .. he is awesome, always look for positive to bring and motivate

    Quin i love u Man … U r also awesome figure in the court with valuable explanations

  4. Judge this one is for you, never in my life and I am 63, you have the most compassion of anyone I have ever seen on the bench. I think you have been blessed by the Lord to do what you do. May I say thank you and God bless you and your house. Tom in Arizona…

  5. Some of them trying to emotionally blackmail Judge Caprio. But he can see through them although he gave them opportunity to better themselves by accepting their explanation.

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