I Tried Being An Instagram Mom For A Week

I Tried Being An Instagram Mom For A Week

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Hannah tries to post a week’s worth of perfect Instagram photos. Will Jackson and Wyatt cooperate?

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oh my god who is she that doesn't even look like me oh I forgot to put deodorant on guys hold on Instagram moms they're beautiful they're positive their lives are absolutely perfect but that's not me but I want to know what it takes to be an Instagram mom and I want a sneak peek into that life so I'm gonna try something for one week I'm going to be the ultimate Instagram mom I'm gonna have to figure everything out the hair the makeup the smiling children how do you even make those do they come out like that I don't understand but I'm gonna give it a try so wish me luck I think first we should establish what an Instagram mom is if you saw one you would know exactly what I'm talking about she posts perfect pictures I'd say my Instagram is a trash fire it's very cluttered just very much my real life when I had my oldest son I was 22 single mom a complete mess and just had such a hard time transitioning into Parenthood and I'm looking at all these moms on my phone just dressed to the nines and perfect with these perfect lives and it made me feel like crap about myself and it took me years and years to overcome that feeling of being inadequate so this is gonna be really really really hard for me I actually found out that a lot of these accounts achieve these consistently perfect posts by block shooting there will be one Saturday morning photo shoot they'll get you know enough photos for the next 1 to 2 weeks and it's usually taken by a professional photographer so I met with John BuzzFeed's professional photographer like stock photos thank you all right Emily like stockpile photos there's two sides to it I think there are real moms out there that have Instagram accounts that are showing their real life and they are like actually giving tips to moms and stuff like that then there's like the whole fabricated perfect life mom and like I can't really get down with that like I feel like we might have to do more planning on this natural shoot than I do on like a real photo shoot so the crew shows up for the photo shoot my house is a mess because I don't know I live in it I live with two children I'll clean when they move out to get my makeup done there's no way that these people do their own makeup that well for these Instagram photo shoots the entire day I just bribed my kids with treats I could not get my kids to do this any other way here and if your kid gives you that like oh it was a lot of that boy teeny socks this is exhausting anything gets their kids to actually like put up with this a better mom than I am does this look normal no Cameron okay I can't look serious in a picture like it's so uncomfortable for me I feel like an idiot there are people like trying to walk their dog down the sidewalk I'm out here like I'd say the majority of the shots are me having a really hard time posing I don't know how to do it and I look like I'm trying to poop if I make any other expression besides smiling it literally looks like constipation I ended up with two thousand photos so the next task is to determine which ones I'm actually going to post oh my god just me I read Oh what's over there oh I can't I can't tell I like them or I hate them like they're really good pictures they just it doesn't look like me in it I look like I'm a life coach I'm here with John again he's retouching some of the photos in the meantime this is what I look like now but John's making me look like oh my god she looks fine from the beginning so I'm really not doing much you know I guess I am actually so let's go through the photos we posted well it's really funny because when you scroll on my Instagram now you can see like it's normal normal normal and then it comes to a screeching halt and all of a sudden it's like perfect kicking things off with a Saturday morning coffee pick outfit number one this is like fall mornings at home can I just have time to like throw this on and have some coffee this is a photo I saw on a lot of accounts and I just wanted to see what it felt like it felt like nothing I don't actually have any coffee you know it looks beautiful but if you zoom out my kids are actually on the couch playing tablets so that they'll be quiet and I can actually sit and get that shot which one goes first the one that you're looking at the camera no oh you've got an Instagram they like when you look away I couldn't decide between three so I posted all three because I've noticed there are a lot of parasols happening on Instagram mom accounts and one of them I'm touching my hair because I guess you're supposed to do that when you're happy it's a ridiculous photo now it's time to write a caption what's like perfect people enjoy the morning it's a caption so long that you need to click more so caption day 1 is coming in hot I decided to go big or go home Saturday mornings the warm sunshine peeking through my French doors the joyous giggles of my boys meeting their morning books and my husband whistling softly to himself while he makes me an omelette it's times like these that remind me to stop and smell the coffee hashtag mom life so this caption huh it's just like the opposite of my morning's no sunshine kids fighting I'm making the omelets or usually it's cereal and my coffees cold in another room and I don't know where it is day 2 we have a classic waking up bed photo I woke up with makeup and hair done because you know sometimes when you're an Instagram mom it just like happens in your sleep and you wake up with your hair and makeup done I can't find any matching PJ's why do I bother making the bed so at this point in the shoot the kids were done they did not want to hold still they didn't want to be a part of this hi okay Jackson you're being a little crazy and so I'm not gonna be able to get you a slushy up you're being crazy would you like a treat you don't like this shoot me neither there were slim pickins for a usable photos here this was a gnarly part of the shoot I'm coming up with today's post trying to think of some captions I lurked around and scream a little bit to get some in spell and I saw this phrase basking in the Bliss and I really liked that I think that's something I'll keep in my back pocket but this is the best part is that I'm posting these like perfect photos today with this blissful caption and really I just am like way overdue to wash my hair and I'm still in my pajamas and I've already yelled at my kids twice today so this captions a little shorter because you know I want to do a mix basking in the bliss of waking up with my little hashtag Sunday Funday hashtag let them be little just let them do their thing don't horse them to Satan this photoshoots if they don't want to be in now we realized after the shoot that we didn't get any food pictures and I really wasn't willing to like sit and slave over a dish to take a photo so we have a brilliant idea of using a stock photo for my food picture of the week you know something that my kids would take one look at and throw in the trash here's the caption Monday lunch keeping things fun while making sure the kids are nourished I've noticed the word nourished and nourished it's like huge across these accounts too they love fun faces on their food what are your favorite ways to keep mealtime exciting hashtag wellness mom it's it was so apparent that I didn't actually make that day for how do we feel and going to Coachella yeah might stop at Coachella might go to high tea I was like one of those hats like wicker type hats oh I actually love these photos and that's what makes me sad about posting them in this week to have to put some stupid caption under it oh it just drove me nuts well you got a G : there were a lot of slushie bribes at this point do it for slushies think about this look she's you get your drink there are literally a hundred outtakes of this photo that we could not use because one kids looking away or one is closing his eyes or I'm not looking in the right direction it's hard to coordinate three people and so the only reason I got these photos is because a photographer took them and he's just snapping snapping snapping caption I read this quote the other day at some point your parents picked you up put you down and never picked you up again and I made a promise to myself that even when I'm old and gray when my boys are men and living on their own and even if it's creepy I will never stop picking them up hashtag outfit of the day Oh day five I'm so awkward it just kind of happened on the fly while we were shooting and it was actually John's idea to take one of my crystals and get a really sultry photo with it so we went outside and we're getting this photo and in the meantime to my left there's the trash truck picking up everybody's trash on my street the photo itself looks it looks good and of the entire photo set this was the only one that works because I made a poop face in all the other ones this caption nobody tells you how vulnerable motherhood makes you it is so rewarding but equally stressful I found that I need to meditate spend time with my crystals and manifested with mantras every morning to be the best mom I can be hashtag manifestation mama hashtag wellness and people really really liked it this photo did the best out of the entire week this one photo of just me did better out of every photo with my kids it's not a complete lie I do love my crystals I don't really do mantras I kind of just like work hard day six I originally was just supposed to have a drink in my hand and me and my workout clothes but then they both wanted drinks on the couch to be on our jury and so it's kind of a weird picture cuz it's a little disjointed it doesn't make a lot of sense but whatever we got that picture at the expense of my entire house like this couch doesn't go here it's separated from the nothing is where it actually is in my house it doesn't look like a mess at all like we can oh my god I'm so clean I'm really proud of this caption do you ever wake up and marvel at how blessed you are that's how I felt this morning grateful to wake up to one more day with my kids grateful for our morning yoga together grateful for their always smiling faces real talk sometimes my kids cry and disagree and I'm not always perfect sometimes I just wear workout clothes like today but at the end of the day we're still still very blessed hashtag real talk hashtag and down-to-earth hashtag honest motherhood oh maybe I went a little overboard no day seven I was really looking forward to this post because it's a really iconic Instagram moment ready one two three one more time who can jump the highest when Susie Jackson won not only are there hundreds of outtakes because we couldn't coordinate our jump very well but Jackson at one point just left and he was done he like walked away and did one to him can you do this just for me please and we're almost done just to hold you over they go so here's the caption jumping into the weekend like salsa dancer emoji who else can't resist a quick photo shoot with their littles before school hashtag mom life be like yeah just a casual photo in the morning you know I'm not still in my pajamas when they go to school we're all dressed like that now that this week is over I have some thoughts I feel really weird about it I do love the photos I got I love them their photos I will cherish but I wasn't able to post genuinely about these photos I was not saying that this was taken by a professional I wasn't saying that this was all from one photo shoot I wasn't being real with my followers would I do this again know that the promise I made to myself I will never pretend that I'm something I'm not a huge reason for making this video is because when I was 22 frantically thrown into motherhood I wish that I had seen something like this to just make me feel like I was doing okay and make me feel like I was enough I always say I'm the world's okay Islam because being okay is enough you can just be okay and that's enough you don't have to be perfect so that's all I got for today I'm Hannah and in the spirit of being real here's a little behind-the-scenes peek of this show it's not always as seems right I know if you guys have any thoughts on this video leave them in the comments or if you have ideas for future episodes leave that in the comments as well and that's it for this little mini season guys it's been real till next time

21 thoughts on “I Tried Being An Instagram Mom For A Week

  1. hahaha it's so cheesy. I didn't even know there were "instagram moms," isn't it just totally an antithesis of being a mom is being all put together and perfect and sunshiny? tbh i don't know how people on instagram can do this stuff. it just seems so exhausting to try and look perfect all the time. Maybe if you're making a lot of money from it, I understand, but somehow I think most of them aren't… It IS really important to have photos with family, though. I'm biased because I'm a portrait photographer but it's definitely something people should treasure.

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