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goodbye she's so happy to say bye Wow already color what's up fam so what's up fam you're gonna say hi I can't see you the trash can is bucking me horse when you're running late something like that happens right that's enough room I think really when did you learn that okay let's see if I can make it oh wait we're away okay I think I can clear that yeah we're good we're good not today trash can not today nothing was sat me now who has Alexa my phone you're thinking Siri my bomb head Alexa yeah hey Siri do you have something to tell me I'm sorry Jess Hayley series changing your name bonus hey what's up fam hopefully as consume you okay I hate wearing my glasses I hate hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey wearing my glasses sometime last year I got this like infection in my eyes and I don't know why but I guess it just happened sometimes my eyes are just super sensitive in my contacts don't like me so occasionally I will get like an infection in my eyes and it makes it to where like I it's not even infection 'silly it's just like really bad like a really bad like reaction to them I don't know how to explain it anyway last night my eyes were just like pouring tears and I had to take mine not because I was crying either I had to take out my contacts put my glasses in and still this morning I don't know if you guys can tell but they're like so so irritated they hurt so bad and they're just like so sensitive it looks like I've been crying all morning gonna really I haven't cried in probably like a week I'm just kidding so anyway that explains the glasses and I'm probably gonna be wearing them at least all day today I don't even know for how long until my eyes feel a little bit better I'm hoping a mermaid contacts on Saturday because got stuff to do places to be people to see but you know that's not always the case your eyes don't always like anyway I'm off this morning to go jump off Landon at school I already jumped off that the kids at school Chris's at home we are getting a security system installed through our house we were waiting until we got our windows installed to put like the sensors on all of them you know I don't want to have to do like a double work or like have to I don't know I just wanted to wait until we got all new windows literally hate glasses you guys like can't even see my face maybe that's a good thing anyway you wanna go to school in in yeah here you go sir Thanks no wrong thing I was handing your lunch I'm serious you really give me care everything bro okay show me what that is he got a two-year trophy from gymnastics as you may know he actually stopped going but right when he quit was actually his two years so he still deserves this trophy and he's been talking about wanting to go again but at this point I'm just looking to it you need to wait because I'm not gonna keep fighting with him to go and not go go not go so I'm still gonna cheer a little bit and then see what he really wants to do it won't spin it that's fine but he's needs to actually go in it anyway kids dropped off I've got to go to the pharmacy or the store that has the pharmacy I've got to go pick up a prescription and then while I'm there you guys watched yesterday's video I talked about how I still haven't had my period in almost 15 months so I don't think I'm pregnant my husband did have a vasectomy and I am breastfeeding it's still like pretty much full-time but I'm gonna get a test just in case cuz I always I don't know I just just want to make sure got good stuff let's go looks like the home security guys still here yeah see that's okay it needs to be touched up anyway oh ma I think you are you're such it no there's no way he ended affect me I think it's just because I'm breastfeeding it's possible but not likely I think it's just because I still breastfeed like she's a newborn so I really don't think I am I know that you can take a long time you're here to come back with this long I drink my wine occasionally you know you just want to be safe better safe than sorry crap I thought this was pink dye but it's blue dye I heard that these can give you like false readings mister never thought I'd be doing this again all right let's do this oh okay there's literally nothing on this test now I'm gonna make a test like strip and I are supposed to wait a while no you see like easy-to-read mine result I don't see anything results in she looks at a time or something this is what it looks like right now like there's nothing on it so it set a timer for two minutes I guess taken so many of these day and creams do you think I would know how to do this right now I'm really suck up this is one of those like faulty ones that didn't work because I'm not gonna have to be horrible all right guys moment of truth it was a faulty test look at this you can't see anything on it dagnabbit the world may never know that's what I get for buying cheap tests now what well I can't freakin wait you guys will try again later no but really the tested it like didn't show up I think was a faulty one but I already peed that was after two minutes my legs for you you sure you got on there yeah I didn't this for five seconds just like it says we're ready thank you mister you wish I mean really really it was up to him we would have like seven more babies how many huh how many more he's like threes good tens a good number right oh did you want me just kidding not happening did your brain crack come early oh my gosh you're in a bike rack for all the kids bikes cuz they just gets thrown into the garage we have like be up high ones but we won't want more of a ground yeah one that they can just Park in every day it's like you know like the ones they have in school yeah alright I'll see how this works thank you and my screws came for my cameras that keep breaking so now I have literally a thousand I think it goes with a thousand screws so this will never happen again actually I won't be screwed it's raining it's just so you guys what I'm talking about this is what happens to the g7x this part gets loose because this down here has screws on air supposed to have screws on it and they fall out or they get loose so I have literally one two three cameras that are like this and hopefully this will fix the problem I think I got it 2.0 by one point four by three point six much better now it works perfectly anyway the security guy just left and we have everything all set up yeah so excited we're gonna make some lunch but first ectopy again so I'm gonna go take that other test real quick it's like deja vu let's try the second one my left it'll be defaulted to wait who we're having a boy look at the line oh man sorry babe let's down I'm gonna go with a negative this test though I do not recommend it is very I guess we'll really found out in nine months something comes out but I do feel a little better I can definitely enjoy a glass of wine tonight ready for this some time has passed and Oh can't you stuff in your face we're trying to get in the habit of doing our homework like right that way it's one less thing to have to worry about later in the day so we're into our horn for today and then today let's see what is on our to-do list we have homework more mom work more homework and then gymnastics but there goes latest while they're doing homework I'm gonna start working on my video until they start asking questions and needing my help because I swear i spend with Karen like Lilia is so good with her homework she can do it with like no problem but the twins homework is parents homework not that I'm saying they're doing it for them but I have to read it and explain it and like walk them through it baby step baby baby you step in they have five or six pages every week so I hope I hope Hey oh sweet girl like if you just brought me a baby adilyn do you got a baby how was your day at school today good what color were you on oh did you grow an orange gray one is it bad instead of red you have to go to a table and you have that's what happens if you're bad boy at Cape in school in cadence class but are you a bad boy Island or at one time what did you do to get on the orange please I was talking in my belly because you can't talk orange is like the water step below the gut the heck bro it's February why is it they always slow down when they see the kids like they slow down to an almost stop to try to get us to Sims and you're like nope oh my gosh hey hey you are officially awesome are you ready huh okay look up a little bit okay I'm gonna take it off make sure everything's okay awesome let's see oh yeah it looks okay really strange oh can I have a hug he did so good yeah have a hug what happened was he was writing Tyson spike and for whatever reason he crossed up on the handlebars and he kind of like flipped over the side besides the grip and there's no more grip on it it's just metal and it's scraped underneath his neck in that home and like runs through me that has got to be like pretty close to like one of the worst pains you could feel is handlebar scraping under your neck so he's a trooper it does look a Halloween it looks like yeah it kind of looks like we did it for Halloween yeah make it more no time for Halloween you want to wear that for Halloween yeah yeah I don't think we're gonna do that again though huh why you don't wanna get hurt again do you no yeah maybe for maybe for pretend okay okay so you don't get hurt ah all right yeah let's get you in bed come on is he done good well I'm gonna gonna wrap this up here thanks for watching and we'll talk to you next video

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