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I took an unplanned pregnancy test – AND IT’S EMOTIONAL!
Yep we are having another baby!! This was a little unplanned but we are thrilled and so excited! I definitely
get a little emotional in this video, our world has been rocked in the best way possible!

Thoughts and prayers with those that are struggling with loss and infertility, and wishing conception and healthy pregnancies!

Thanks so much for being a part of this family,


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I am pretty sure that I just got the positive pregnancy test hi guys welcome back to my channel if you're new my name is Ashley and as you just saw in that small little snippet of a video I took an unplanned pregnancy test and it's positive we're having another baby and we are so excited it is such a surprise such a shock I took that test on Sunday the 14th and today is Thursday the 18th I think um so it's been a few days we've had a few days to process but we are having another baby and we're just like over the moon happy it's definitely not something that we expected right now but we did know it was a possibility so that's just what's happening with us I really wanted to share this video with you guys because I really want to be able to document this pregnancy I did not with Claire's pregnancy so this is possibly our last baby maybe maybe another one in the future but that would be like way out this one is gonna be pretty close to Claire so we're going to probably put the brakes on it for a little while but yeah I just I wanted to share with you guys like what's been going on so I guess I'll talk a little bit about why I took a pregnancy test um basically my cycle is always all over the place because I am still breastfeeding and yes breastfeeding is safe during pregnancy however I am gonna be weaning Claire off in about the next like two months but anyway my cycle is just always all over the place literally it could be like 28 days or 45 days so I take pregnancy tests like every month and this month I decided to just get 88 sent tests from Walmart because there was no way that I was going to spend another 15 to 20 dollars on a couple boxes of like brand-name tests just got like a handful of the cheap ones from Walmart that way I could take one and have peace of mind I know what's going on and it was a couple days late for my period like I always am but like I said I have no way to really know when it's coming and I took the test and honestly kind of forgot about it started doing dishes Claire was napping and I was like obvi I should just check that and like make sure and then I can throw it out and I was like wait a minute so I will go ahead and play that a full clip for you guys that was in the beginning it's a really short like thirty second type of clip but I did get my first initial reaction to the positive test I'll go ahead and put it right here I am pretty sure that I just got a positive pregnancy test um like no it's definitely positive it was a crazy morning was a crazy Sunday morning and then after I took that test it was just a cheap Walmart test I know I really wanted to go out and get like first response triple check and just like make sure I really got positive so Claire and I went to the grocery store grabbed a box of the first response triple-check and I didn't film any of this because I was in a hurry my husband was gonna be home within like an hour and I really wanted to tell him and like surprise him and I needed to do this quickly so I didn't pull out my camera this was just something that we kept like personal and we just said this on your own but I came home took the three tests got three positives I had had the grocery store fill up three balloons a pink one a white one and a blue one and I wrote on each one and I wrote daddy on one the second one said I got a promotion to big sister and then the third one said baby number two coming March 2020 because that's like when my duty is gonna be I believe it's gonna be March 16th and he was just like what are you serious he kept saying over and over he was like laughing and he's like are you serious I was like why would I joke about something like that like of course I'm serious so that was like a really funny reaction I do kind of wish I had got that on camera but he is not big on being on YouTube or anything so I just kept that personal in private we do feel very lucky and very blessed that we got pregnant so quickly and easily honestly without really trying um it was the same way with Claire Claire was a little more planned but we didn't know that it would happen so quickly I do understand and acknowledge that there are so many of you out there that are dealing with loss and infertility and I hope that you know that I'm praying for you to conceive easily and to have a healthy and happy pregnancy we are by no means taking this pregnancy for granted and we just feel so lucky and just we're just so surprised in the best way possible that we're gonna have another I don't want to cry it's still like it's so new and we haven't liked obviously we haven't been to the doctor we haven't told our family yet so if you're watching this and you know me in real life like please don't say anything because I have not yet told you know our parents and that's like people that we want to tell them the most but we are keeping it you know just for now we just want to make sure that everything goes okay so we have our first ultrasound probably the next few weeks my first doctor's appointment is August 2nd and then from there we'll schedule my ultrasound and I am 5 weeks and 3 days I believe at this point so um you know very very very early and we just want to make sure that everything goes okay before we you know um share everything with our families so if you're watching this and you know me just pretend you haven't seen this video when we do tell our parents though I did get Claire a big sister shirt from Target yesterday and I just teared up a little bit walking through like the newborn section because I was just like we're gonna have another baby it's just like it's insane I don't know why I like wanna cry well I mean I know why I want to cry but just like I've like talked about at with Derek and I haven't like been so emotional and I don't know why I know probably is because I'm pregnant right you also want to share like weekly updates with you guys and this week is like from week four obviously it was just like just finding out so other than like a little bit of cramping which you get when you're about to start your period too and also being a little over emotional which I also am when I am getting ready to start my period but I'm also a really emotional person anyways so I feel like I I don't know if I was any extra emotional than I already am you know what I mean so I don't really have like many things to say about week number four there was really nothing that was like a huge symptom except for obviously getting my positive tests so I will do a weekly update probably everyone day so keep an eye out for those but we were just so happy and so excited to just add a new baby to our family and we can't wait for Claire to be a big sister she's gonna be like the best big sister super emotional actually we'll put super emotional for a week number five or four I'll put this in the next one I'm just gonna end today's video here so that I don't just like full-on start crying my eyes out for some reason but I hope that you guys enjoyed this like surprise video you know surprise that we're pregnant and please leave a comment below and let me know like what you're going through if you are trying if you are pregnant yourself or what might be the reason that you're watching this video and don't forget to like this video and subscribe if you're new I'd love to have you follow along on this journey with us and we will see you guys in our next video thanks so much I told you if we dance baby


  1. Omg!! Congrats Ashley!!! So excited for you. I can’t wait for an update. Also, I’m not going to lie, I chuckled a bit when you started crying. I was like “first symptom: check!” 😂

  2. Congratulations! Same thing here. I wish I would have recorded weekly updates with my first. But now I am making up with my second. I am 34 weeks pregnant and pretty soon we will be meeting out baby girl. All the best to you and your family!

  3. Aww that is so sweet, Claire is going to be a big sister 💕 I have 3 already and plan to be done, but when I see videos like this I would be happy to welcome another one ( stressed but happy ! 😂)

  4. Congrats, Ashley!! I am so excited for you! I’m a momma of 2 with a third on the way! I first discovered the YouTube momma world when I was pregnant with my first. It’s so encouraging following along with someone who I can relate too! 💕

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