I Had A Show Lined Up For Tonight And It Vanished

I Had A Show Lined Up For Tonight And It Vanished

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well hi guys its how we are doing let me fix my hair before we get this all started and the show that I had lined up I don't want to do it right now because well it vanished I don't know if it was technology or mercury or a user error for the telephone maybe I didn't push the right button even though I'm pretty sure I scheduled it and hit save it's a little after the time I was going to do it so you know maybe maybe that happened but no I've set up live shows before and they didn't just – and this would be the third show that I've made last month where shit had just vanished I was making it show the other day did three hours chat with people and I was sudden tried to upload it and this was like who doesn't exist oh so I thought I'd get down here and see if anybody showed up and we'll talk about whatever I got a few things here in my arsenal of Awesomeness a few three things I have a beer a wine and a liquor and we'll see which one I should drink I know which one I want to drink but it requires a bottle opener and I don't feel like getting up for it so I will do is I'll show you something else maybe I'll change the the toggle screams video – the picture on this bottle which is so beautiful it's called the prophecy check it out don't you guys can see it but it's really pretty I might just take a picture of this and turn this to the front the front screen it's not really what I want what I want right now but hey well do we'll do shots at the shots of wine who does that I do I just don't feel like getting up to get a cup right now so well uh what's up on the prophecy mmm I must say this shit for what I just spent on this what I invested I remember this is a very important term that people need to start using in your mind every day of your life you don't spend money you invest money even if it seems on like it's on superfluous items superfluous things silly shit this was an investment and I invested it was only it was only eight bucks why did I get it I could have got any bottle of wine I wanted you know within reason and I was like I picked a bottle up and I was like then I seen I seen that I seen the marketing and I was like that one's beautiful I'll have that and it was only eight bucks so here it is I've invested eight dollars into the future of of reality mine yours and everybody else's hmm and I have two other amazing things here if you guys aren't familiar maybe we'll get to that maybe I'll continue this talk on and get to these two other awesome things one as you know is gonna be tequila but this is really good tequila if I'm never sure this was before this is called the pop altos yeah this is the old Mecca connected the Olmecs and all that the Olmecs and then the other one is a beer that I really wanted which is a peach lambic and that will be my selection for the next few a few moments let's see who's in here say hello I SEP dimension extension when I get the copper shot glass as I told everybody before man this whole thing is not copper it's steel on the inside so they are lovely they're cute there's four of them and I got them for maybe maybe like 12 bucks and it has a little stand that you hang the things off of it's got though it's got those things on the side I think it was somewhere stupid like Walmart or something I think it was just like a place like that but if you're gonna if you're investing getting something copper I would suggest get just get the whole banged out to small copper glasses but this is a nice this is fun it's fun to look at you can make a little mini mini mascot mule in here le Jacobo I don't I could give two fucks I don't I don't give a shit I don't know that I don't know that motherfucker and I don't know every it's on the media and as I make it very clear to people if it's on the news media it's a it's a story it's a joke it's all written it's a script it has no real value or meaning the value and meaning is in the idea not in the fact that like well you think you think people do you think people are you think there was these school shootings in the United States at all of these little high schools and whatever people just run out there is shooting up a school i shit didn't happen that's all that's all fucking phony and never happened everything that you see everything that you see on the media is scripted so no I I think that's ridiculous I don't know the dude and I'm gonna pull the fuck cares I mean there's no doubt there's weird shit that happens in the world in many different places and many different times but no I don't give a fuck I don't watch that shit I only hear that shit like whenever you're like on the you know get onto the get onto the instagrams and everybody on I don't you know face blood talking about this and they're like well it's a program ridiculous reality maybe more people should be paying time for their children what they're doing their lives maybe maybe you shouldn't you shouldn't be send them off to school or to go to church but uh you know they don't care about that shit like oh my god we should be dope or all these politicians and these these people in the churches fucking kids why'd you bring a kid to church you idiot he had silly dumb shit to me yes been spent invest money is where it's a around us I don't know quasar what do I think about building my own house I used to build houses for a living I've built many houses I built you know design and build houses what do you mean what do I think about it I think it's the only way to fly man I think I think I dig it which is I think I think most people don't have the technique now that your skills to even want to do it so what do they do they go to the grocery store and buy the shit off the shelf they go to the food store you know I mean and they just they buy the prepared foods they go they go to see the clothing store and they see the mannequins standing there the plastic thing like that looks nice and they buy that same outfit that's what you need to do do it but yeah there's better ways about it I leave what I do for my birthday I have a born down her birthday wink wink nod nod Oh every days every day every day is my borned every day I'm enjoying life III don't I probably went out and partied and drank a bunch and uh inspired people's lives and did goofy shit I don't I don't remember so it was it was a while ago it'd be like ask me what I did July July 1st 1980 81 and I don't fucking know I couldn't even I can't even – it does Eliott be like asking you what did you do yesterday at 2 o'clock you don't know you don't fucking know maybe you do ok what should do four days ago at 387 p.m. you're like I don't know and then you'd have to go did he say 387 yeah so did he mean 422 or was he – in the 7 plus the 8 divided by 5 I don't fuck enough yeah I know I don't I just don't remember I had a fun time I'm sure I spend I spend every day as if it's no it's always now quasar what do you think about feeding chickens eggs you can have to rephrase the question what do I think about giving chickens eggs to eat like scrambled or otherwise I don't I'm what you're sayin what's up critical depth it's gross yeah most of it's gross I mean you can get you get some decent items there you can get designs anywhere cymatics you've got yeah you got the little fucking funny shit yeah hell no feeding chickens the babies that's sick yeah I mean I mean you know what sick is any human being eating another living creature at it to any degree I don't care what it is eggs eggs are disgusting be be puke as they call it the disgusting it's all it's all eating off wait hold on you all know I don't mean that yeah there's something there's something a little deranged about eating dead bodies to a degree to a degree but I'm not gonna go through all that lesson and teaching right now but uh chickens eating chickens eating fucking dead chickens you know what a lot of animals eat their dead why not it was dead what the fuck you care mad chicken disease yes I'm at a good to see man see what your videos the other day was it was he you you trying to get to like hey everybody in here if you don't know it was cymatics wasn't you man you say you're trying to get to a thousand subs on your channel I'd watch watch a mystery video I was just I was busy with doing some shit and like you know I checked through my phone when I can if I can't scroll back through later but it was you yeah you all should go if you don't know cymatics is a fucking a gem of a human she check his shit out goes up to him you check out what he's doing and if it want and if it wasn't you check him out anyways you mom all forget to check out my anyways I was I was actually to save that for part of the other video but uh hey merit Merry Merry Christmas birthday or whatever the fuck I don't know happy happy Christmas merry merry birthday hmm of course man of course I did the fuck out of you man I I enjoy what you have to say the the fact the fact that you put your your whole right down on camera and you speak and you're you're you you're yourself there's nothing there's nothing behind what you're saying other than like consistent gratitude towards the world yeah dig the shit out that man and zigzags Ziggler in the whole house what's going on man I want to get another cup because I don't want to continue to drink out of this tiny little shot glass to drink wine but fuck it we'll do it anyways I don't feel like getting up is that lazy is that lazy I've been lazy okay but I don't mind being lazy because on the other side of laziness is strength and power do you have to you have to sleep to that's when your muscles grow some people some people might think I'm very lazy they'll be very wrong I sleep a lot because I dream a lot when I dream a lot those dreams come true and I'm dreaming and I'm sleeping my mind becomes more expensive the way when I'm awake my brain works so fantastical go whoa how did you get a brain like that motherfucker's I'll take a nap my relax how do you think you think people that get really big muscles they get their muscles because of the working out that's that's part of it but because they slept and when you sleep your muscles are gonna grow bigger because the rest of your body is in processing information and you're not moving so it can go and do the work of rebuilding the muscle so whether you got muscles or you got a brain functions both those things will become more expansive larger that they they it helps the system to turn it off if you ever hear if it's have you ever had a problem with your computer or a year like I'm sure everyone has went through this in the last three weeks it's happened to me many times and people are just dealing with I'm just hanging out with they're like what's the buck computer the text this shit the TV the fuck all it doesn't doesn't work Mercury retrograde so during this time all you had to do was shut your computer off shut your thing off let it cool down and turn it back on and it works again and so that's that's part of like what's your what your system does as a human being just turn the shit off and wake back up and I Oh everything's anew huh it all updated the system's corrected all the imbalances all that yeah ha ha ha yes I'm addicts it although I have four of these cups this this is uh this is the one that was hanging I I got a couple other cool ones little mini ones I just got this out because I thought I was gonna drink tequila but I didn't really I was not I'm not digging tequila right now I kind of wanted to keep it a little more pedestrian and I just I just had I had a bunch of I had a bunch of fucking sushi and I was like yeah I've been drinking a little bit of sake and I wasn't about to just go strut Wat before I left I had a shot of tequila but I was like I can't just keep drinking tequila when I need a second off from that quasar what do I think about growing hemp and cannabis and then he stopped they said for profit that's a really difficult question man I mean what in this world isn't done for profit profiting of what money a profiting of like PR like like making money and abusing for it I was wildly different than just making money so you can you know you made $100 for kicking somebody in the fucking shins and you know or making a billion dollars because you stepped on some old lady's toes one time and then use that billion dollars to fund clean water acts and blah blah blah which one you go and choose you know what I mean it's it's it's yeah that's it's a difficult that's a it's a it's a very easy question to answer but if you have to ask me that you don't know me well I think about growing hemp in cannabis if you just ask me that question we have fucking go have fun doing it but I think about for-profit anything yeah I don't know I don't know I'm a profit but I don't I don't work for money he'll head up Lucienne a yolk sacs true flat interbreeding mm-hmm and especially for building a house that's that's the way to go about it yeah profit and profit are – yeah for profit it professionally fits me you know this profit necessarily mean money in the form of American Canadian Australian otherwise dollars good it could is it necessarily the best thing is the money the root of all evil is what you're asking me I can I can tell you see you're setting up a the the it's an introverted pitch and I get that I knew anybody that doesn't have like a channel enough and just asked me like inane redundant questions I'm always sorry what are you asking me here exactly what are you asking me of course profit means many different things to prophesize I mean if I could build a future but that does that mean that you need money to build the future how does it how was an empire built was it built on money it was it built on the source of money which would be human consciousness imagination people didn't starve because there was no money people starved because people weren't tribal sharing the energy and information of clean water and food that grows everywhere they held the seeds and they held the the fruits and they kept shit away from people like that's not that's not growth but profiting and profiting is to say I I know the future yes I'm a prophet mm-hmm yeah if money makes you value the present moment then that's fine yeah the closer it gets the closer it gets you to the present moment the present the gift or yourself the better it is it if if you if you find money to secure yourself a future than you're not you're not using money for the right reason money should be used to leverage higher higher ideas higher consciousness I don't want to say stupid fucking words like that and something a goddamn telemarketing bullshit but like the money money should always get you like you know if you want to have a nice house and a pool and and do all the fun shit yeah do it you know one with that but like the the the real resource of money is to leverage that time that you have to inspire people to be better versions of themselves and that sounds awful too doesn't it I said I can't even stand saying this kind of shit I'm just trying to say it in a better way that everybody else has been continually saying it because it just doesn't it sounds so inauthentic and insincere because they got like a team of people going hey if we all just video this and you say this shit we could all make fucking you know two hundred thousand dollars a year would be good I'm fucking no it's not what you just not what you do for us not what you do it for just cuz I'm gonna pick up one of these books and divine out of it doesn't mean that you should all pay me but it'd be nice if I got some donations for it you know I mean but the profiting off of it yeah it's gotta get you closer to yourself yeah hoarding currency is is equivalent to like holding on to shit Deb mark what's up man yeah sig zag ain't it def mark hey did you start with videos of just talking and making in private no I mean the only videos that I've made private are like just videos that either were too personal for people that I made a video and 10 people were on here and I was like that doesn't belong for everybody listen to other ones I was just being a fucking dick to somebody I mean I'll leave some of those on there because you can watch me like you know if you want to watch me be a fucking asshole that's fine you'd see me anytime I'd make plenty I'll do it in this video I don't give a fuck and some of them were just it just it wasn't correct it just wasn't the right energy for the video and I so I put it on private I've only deleted a few videos I've had like a thousand videos go to my first video and start from there so what what is the what is the process I just didn't for me for me the process was I wrote for a long time I used to write a lot and then one day I was like man it's so it's just it's so redundant to write because it's gonna take me an hour to do this and I'm gonna get two pages worth of writing done and people aren't going to really get when I'm I'm gonna have to put quotes around this I'm gonna have to use this I'm gonna make this one large and italicize this but if I just speak I can put quotes around everything without using my fingers I didn't have to say quotes around it and I can say I'm going to italicize these words right here that I just underlined but you could hear that and I knew that but I didn't like the sound of my voice and I definitely didn't like what I look like I'm camera I didn't like these things even though I know I always knew I have a really nice boy something even though I know I'm good-looking human good-looking in human form I say but the process was me just just I just stopped it I stopped giving a shit like I haven't given a shit for a long time but now I'm like not only do I not give shits I don't take shits and you do everything fuck you want with shit because I'm not even interested in shit I'm damned what there's like what I'm doing and your words and everything else that goes on is is equivalent to nothing to me it's like ok ok I got I got I got funny and more people that will be happily provided with what I'm doing that will help them so the couple people they just say mmm some dumb shit to me I'm like you're a fucking you're a grouch and an idiot and I'm pretty sure you need a hug and I can't help you I can't help you with that if you come see me I'll give you a hugger or you know step on your neck I don't give a fuck either way you know that's that's just my general attitude towards life I'm not a violent person I ain't and I'm just giving an example of how comedians think because this is all comedy I haven't said one thing that's been true ever and I haven't lied either so yeah man I just I just get over it just make a video it might be embarrassing for you the first time it might feel first video that I made was I think the first video ever made was me reading I don't think I was doing it off the top which is funny because in person I've been doing this shit for a long time ever doing this for years this right here is what I do when I'm talking to somebody anywhere but when I rise again I cameras like oh shit am I gonna say something wrong it's gonna be like fuck and then it got in the way of me just did the just doing what I do and then I started reading my writing and I was like tripping on words and like this is why I can't deliver a joke I can't I couldn't be a real proper like stage comedian and you know I can't be a like a stator and I do shake I could like you know the rendition of Shakespeare or do that I can't do that doesn't make sense to me because every every moment calls for something different if that makes sense then there you go that's that's what you get yeah Deb just fucking just do it man I don't you know just fucking make a video get over it you know me people make videos on YouTube that are dumb dumb dumb fucking stupid pieces dumb dumb oh me look I'm still doing it some people are anything among people is some some people are entertained by me and some people are not entertained by me to each their own so just fucking do it and if it's people like what you got to say they do you can't take it personal if you take everything personal man then you'll get nowhere it's not it's not your issue what people believe about you it's their problem unless you personally like come up to somebody and grab them by their neck and like rip their face off and shit in their mouth and fucking kill their parents and destroy their entire reality then there's none just talk is talking shit man this is this is like why people in certain areas don't get like the general sense of that New York attitude that that Northeast attitude which is what do we what are we talking about here can we get to the point what the fuck out what okay we'll talk shit all day that's let's have a drink and like bust balls but unless I say and that's it's a big deal it ain't a big deal I might sound like it to some people but quasar biologically what makes you immortal go go read the book by Hilton Hotel it's called the immortal I think it's called the immortal cell as the book or look up anything by Hilton Hotel hello hi Tina is 88 H and H is 88 and he gets into what the idea of the immoral cell is and what makes biologically speaking the fact that every cell in your body will just continue to recreate itself unless you do something to get in the way of its growth and prospering to be either a reflection or a better version of itself can't really kill a cell it's like that's really in possibility I don't care if you believe in religion or in scientism either or science or whatever the fuck any of those things now you look at it tell me where your mother came from then tell me where grandma came from let's go back as far as you can go keep going backwards that tree starts to make a lot more sense what was the seed of the tree as soon as you get to the seat of the tree to ask where did the seed come from what came first the chicken or that philosophical yes but still doesn't it doesn't dismiss the fact that it came from somewhere it had to be produce somehow there's no way the fucking universe exploded wait wasn't universe it was just something somewhere that would no one will answer that in science community it just exploded and created a seed of a tree and your eyeball that's ridiculous and then we get to uh well Jesus made and God made the fucking seed well where the fuck's of that weird that motherfucker come from nobody can see those things so they're both completely in invalid invalid the Pope they're both completely correct but very wrong because they can't answer they can't answer the unanswerable questions and both people get to the get to the end of the line of religion I guess the end a line of atheism and they end at the same place where there's questions neither of them can answer both them would like to answer well the the Atheist just goes I accept I can't answer it well the religious folk oh I'd know where it came from and then then the atheists as well but where did your God come from well that just always was that's not an answer so there's they're divided but they're both equally is ridiculous how about this there you are there you are where's your mother where's your grandmother where's your father where's your grandfather I keep going back and show me where the seat of the tree that all of life came from wait do we need that earth before we got the seed to mean the Sun before we go to the seed to grow did the water come first with earth come first well the Bible saw who's in the beginning there was the word okay fine there was the word but who made the word who made the word what made the word it had to be a physical object because you can't make a word out of nothing it has to be a physical thing to create a vibrational matrix that then creates the system that is in place so let's get back to that oh it's so good ain't it yeah Denmark just get on there fucking do it dude just get over it like you're gonna muna make dumb shit you know out of my thousand videos yeah they're all pretty fucking amazing I know this but some people think someone should I say is stupid and sometimes I trip over my words and sometimes I I don't know sometimes I say dumb shit how good fuck it's gonna happen you think you think every time I walk down the street I don't fucking trip you think every time I'm talking to a chick that I'm just like the smoothest motherfucker you think every time I'm talking to human being I'm confident no no one is OK how could you art what you do you're always gonna have a little bit of like just go fucking do it super champion what's up Joey Scott super champions your videos are great mmm a week of no feedback yeah but you have no say over who and why and what will give you information in return your video it doesn't make any sense because if that was my if that's what I was doing but every video that I've made since I've been able to make videos again sunny on YouTube I'll delete them all because I've literally I used to go from getting 10 10 to 20 new subscribers a day now I actually lose subscribers every day and I've been nicer than I've ever been I've been a more kind hearted wonderful person in every way and might apparently people that don't subscribe to me can't find my shit can't find my information the only who listen to me people them and subscribe new people can't find the shit I can look right at when it happened how it happened and go oh shit so you subscribe you subscribes you're not the only way you're gonna find my shit is word-of-mouth so unless somebody tells somebody go hey you should listen this motherfucker and I get no new subscribers unless the algorithm is wrong and that's not timely the truth either so who cares I I get half I probably only get 10% of the comments in my mailbox of the comments that I get because I've went and actually watched videos that I made from six months ago two months ago and I just start listen to myself let me see if if this is sounding right then I'll scroll through the comments I'm like where did these comments come from because I didn't get a notification of these or else I would have answered them and so what are you gonna do you can't you can't always you can't rely on these systems men that they're just here as like tools sometime tools are broken yeah the zig zag crazy thing is when you really tap in you could be asked questions and somehow you answer in a major self and how do I know that that is called winch it's called windshield time it's when you can be sitting there driving staring out the windshield in a deep thought and you see nothing and all of a sudden you come to awareness again you're like did I just drive for like 20 miles not knowing where you're going because you were inside of your mind but still you're using two aspects of you and when you're doing that with knowing something it's this thing where you can access different points of memory systems you call it the somebody might call it the holographic matrix some people might call it the I don't know what the correct words to use here are but who knows how you know but you do because it's an interconnectedness it's not about all being one I mean that's great I think we all should be one in a unity sense but you're not gonna develop it for everything's the same like I don't want to be the same as these books or this fucking beautiful butterfly I don't be the same as this like if I want to consume this I'll consume this and I'll be part of that for a little bit you know it will process through my system and I'll be myself again whatever that is that way we get our own unique experiences and we'll trade that off sometime one day I'd be like hey here deep into my body adds up in your body and will go off and journey off and doing that shit but it takes it takes that it's not about having a universal singularity constructs that's what people misinterpret about the whole fucking thing when you have that it's you can you have the keys to everyone's car that's but it's you still are differentiated that's the that's the slip-up people think Oh mmm love Lloyd oh no some of us love the darkness yeah ha ha ha Lea what's that how many pigeons would it take to give a skateboarder well skateboarders it tend to be a hundred thirty pounds in about 5 foot 5 foot 9 wiry and they always wanted just that they're all knees and elbows for the most part how many how many do you say penguins Oh pinched pigeons I don't know probably a few like three because the first one would have shit on the ground and they would have that little white pigeon turn the skateboarder got their their back wheels slipped on it and then they slipped off and then they're like clock DOS bird and then they threw the skateboard against the wall and it came back hit them in the head and then three pigeons took them off to the the land of Lala before that they had to catch a different set of birds to get to get them all the way to Hawaii critical depth I've always a yak the best things that I watch too that most people have under a thousand subs anybody anybody with over over a hundred thousand I tend not to really I know I saw one as a hundred thousand subs I knew immediately that something they're gonna say is gonna be for the purpose because people are like believing what they're saying then so then they religious religiously believing everything else they say there's something's gonna be very wrong on purpose or they don't know that I'm wrong in progress or they don't know what's wrong but it's there it's like oh but I haven't I have not heard too many people was over I think the limit that you get is probably 50,000 subs but usually 20 thousands a cut-off point there's two people that I know that have twenty to thirty five thousand twenty thirty three thousand mm-hmm twenty to thirty thirty-five thousand that they're delivering great information but there's something in there that is really but I think ten thousand I think ten thousand is the upper limit of what someone can normally gain before it's like nope and I don't think it has to do with I don't think it has to do with the control systems as people think of them as such I think it's the control systems what are you saying I personally me here I'm sitting here this this entity is a oh grandma this end master of all realms I said and I I don't I don't need I don't need my ego to be patted and like fluffed by having a hundred thousand subs and I also don't need the extra bullshit of it you know I mean I'm happy with who's here and as long as you get the information as being probably supplied to you that if you get something out of it great but there's some people did like yeah their entire their entire system runs off of hey hopefully these people like me hope I can make fuckin you know this much by the end of the month and blah blah blah I just don't have that I just don't really care I just care so much because I don't care about that aspect so for me I've always been from that from the sense of if someone like yeah there's some people out there that are just dumb as fuck and you'll know that immediately if you turn somebody on with less than less than a thousand subs and you're just like alright well this is just dumb you just turn it off but people that are have value and our hands hanging you you know people watch things that have value that have no humor all the time and people watch humor all the time but if you find humor and value somehow together by and then you somehow humor value and you get a little bit out of it like it's educational humorous and it might have improved your world if it goes against the larger system that's not gonna be ever very big you think it just can't be because it will take away from what the the corporate enterprises are doing there's just no way you can do do you think YouTube if I if I vice that YouTube sucks and you choose blah blah you think YouTube let my channel get big no because any be like hey someone's on here saying YouTube is the suckiest should ever get there on YouTube I was like fuck Netflix you suck and I made a fuckin movie on Netflix you think they play it yes I do think they play it for a different reason though because they'd like controversy they want to see they want to see somebody fall off their skateboard quasar thanks for saying that you know the subscriber thing I hear you on know I was I was getting like I said 10 to 20 a day and then my shit got shut for three months and then I started making videos again and it's only it's only been like losing subs but III think losing losing as akin to gain it's like if I lose weight I'm gaining strength the weight that I lose is is fat it's not it's not it's not strength so yeah I don't really take it personally probably offended by it it does suck the algorithms worked that way it does suck that some people aren't finding my channel but then I wonder how many people were like in it in sincerely subscribed to my channel anyways and they just got shut off my channel because I don't really need people on here they don't understand say some dumb shit because I've had so many people I've had people interrupt my broadcast and then just know I'm gonna eat I'm gonna eat the fucking I'm gonna eat their fucking face off like real people and I know they're real and then I other ones that I could tell we're just computer algorithms but I do I play the same game cuz it's funny but yeah yeah did the whole the whole subscriber thing it it just gives you a sense of where you sit on this shit but it's always weird to me because I sometimes I walk out something like people like you know then I'm like how the food wine how do I do I know you because we were drinking last night and to be like nice I know you from YouTube channel like I'm like really that's happened me many many times I'm like okay there's not that many people that I know from the ones that have ever even said hi to me I'm here and you know who I am that's weird to me it's not weird it's just yes weird but okay as long as you enjoy it dimension I haven't even touched the I haven't touched the tequila yet I haven't touched it tequila yet we will in a second we've been touching this to prophecy check it out yeah this is such a good bottle that's so pretty the prophecy can you guys give me a second I'll give me let's see you need 68 seconds 68 seconds from right now I got a I got a PP and grab myself a new Cup try some more wine and well we'll see what happens I did not count that out but maybe somebody did here and was like we like her accent how many how many of those seconds I would need to find myself one of my favorite cups it's I got a monkey in apopka yeah this is usually reserved for coffee but today I'll drink one of it the word that most people are looking for is its fearlessness some people when they wake up they need a cup of coffee and a cigarette some people will require wine some like liquor some like mushrooms some like complete sobriety breathing practices pranayama and there's some of us that can use most of all of those things it's just different times of different energies in different places and different cities and different different people I require different energies like some people if I'm too relaxed it makes them uneasy and sometimes if I'm excited they're very much excited with me and sometimes being relaxed is what's comfortable for people so fearlessness in in the ability to speak anything or or to be isn't difficult to be to be talkative or to be silent they're both the same thing as most people are not that they're comfortable in one realm of the other oh there's a little monkey guy right there Hanuman the monkey mind drink out of the monkey mind leo what about the Arctic Terns they would need to be quite focused and regimented mm Leo you're gonna have to you have to ask me that question way better I happen to know really what you just wrote there to me right now means come I have no fucking clue what you just said I don't I don't have that I'm not from that tongue you might as well in speaking a fucking pig latin to me right there I don't I don't know that cymatics do I have communication with guys that aren't physical no I think some people do well let me finish this I mean this is physical right so I would say you know to me if I if I if I spoke some you know some really good tobacco or if I'd smoke some weed or if I drink some you know liquor or if I hang out with humans those are all guides to me non-physical meaning if I'm breathing yeah I guess I mean that's the spirit cuz breath is spirit so yeah but no not really not not in the way that I think you're asking no I'm not sitting there going like I mean if I go into the dream world even that to me there's a density to the dream world so mm-hmm some people some people words are physical to them because I've said things to people that have made people improve their life some people want to vomit some people go through like it becomes a physical thing words words become things so in that sense the ideas that I have are physical and so anything that I'm interacting with is in some way physical so do I have but the way I think you're asking is no I don't I don't have like non-physical entities like it's not like that I'm this is me dude this is me this hey this is always me yeah sometimes like sure sure you can go out and like have a night about it and do whatever the fuck you do to have a pleasurable time and like get out of your own mind be be weird as fuck you know and you wake up and you have little bits and pieces of energies and memories of shit but no no I don't I don't know I don't I'm not not communicating what the do I communicate with the dead maybe but no like not the way I think you're asking no just the board you're being silly knows and I'm always silly leo but I don't I still know what you mean man I didn't notice that was that money there astral projections like I said man cymatics yeah I know those things I just yeah haha Percy doing a fluffer not my fucking my left or right hand will do the job or or just whispering sweet nothings to my own testicles that would fluff me up just enough now that I understood no not really that's what I'm saying is that that's why I think everyone has their own ideas that will make them more inspired whether their idea is filled in a jar of spirit or a go tech go take some essential oils I'll go grab essential oil right now because I smell it and see what talk about maybe I'll do I got that I hear I got an idea for you guys I'll do I'll do it remind me anybody here if I don't do the video in the next 24 to 48 hours we'll see if I can if I can remember to do this or if I want to cuz that that's important too because I don't give a fuck if you if you need me to warm it to it's not but I but what I will do is I'll grab some essential oils and I'll breathe those and I will talk about what the essential oils do to the mind and I have I have let's see what I got over there good I've got I got about a hundred different essential oils I got I got to go find some of them some of them I've just put over there and I just haven't finished I haven't finished with my house together I don't think it will ever be fully put together but I take this out I smile then we'll talk about how those things cause different dimensionality in the mind to speak differently give me one second again yeah because I have to turn down the that turn down the what there's some I had different lighting system in my phone here we go cymatics he had the left ear in the right ear III know I know that I know about the left and right here ring but that's still a physical object to mention extension that's that's that's interesting you know the let me answer you this way dimension extensions no no weapons shall be no weapon shall be formed against me I am I am all things at all times no weapon shall ever be performed or formed against me abracadabra so it's been said and if you gotta use the Bible say Amen as I'm Aiman rock it I don't know man I mean I I get your question again how do I know it's not just a voice the skull weapon and I don't know why people need so much weaponry mm-hmm mushrooms are magic as as well as everything else is Leo yeah for sure first up Rosie charged it with a lemon and royal potato or some lightning or you can use the palm of your hand cymatics if you're around me I'm capable of doing that I've I've done that a few times I usually do it for people that think they know what's going on with something in my eye well I'll sit with you okay cool I've done it with things other people don't use you can't always use the trees man the trees are not yeah that's that's tough that's tough you have to help somebody that's sitting there that you know that will speak to you in a way that you're familiar with a tree is not gonna speak in a way that you're familiar with it doesn't speak the same language there's a tree pick its nose no it doesn't because it doesn't have enough ice to look like you sound like you'd be like you don't don't I mean not that you don't come from trees but dammit Leo why do you always say this dumb shit how dare you review and typing random letters and no randomizer good sounds about right Eugene I know coleauxv you're welcome of course bergamot is one of my favorite favorite flavors and smells why not not flavor but definitely smell it's like an orange and it's very Oran burnt I think I said this the other broadcast that I made yesterday it's like burnt orange and sandalwood and a little bit of lemon and there's one other underlining kind of purple smell but it's very underlining but it's very Brown purple it's very Brown orange purple it's in that room bergamot is really good yeah yeah a critical depth yangyang oil it smells like a monk's porta potti shit down here I'll go I'll go piss into a fucking cup and you can smell it and see if it doesn't smell like smell like who created the monks now yeah I mean the Porta Potty funny it's funny yeah all right so where are we at we got we got a bunch of people in here that I know I think I know most of you intimately even though never met you in person so if I gotta deal with Leo fucking dumb shit he's putting things in a randomizer do can I trust you Leo that you actually are a human no I don't mean human we know we know better than that so we'll trade in the copper Cup for the for the monkey mind this is this is for Leo doze or critical depth or the the person here well the soil is getting out there was yeah I got a few minutes and then I'm what I'm gonna do I think is starting in the broadcast after this because there's that there's this point we're about an hour in where it's enough it's enough for everyone and then that way I don't have to like what if I do three hour broadcast I think it gets to everybody here is the way it should but if I if someone asked me in the future like hey which one should I listen to my damn I said to just go watch one of the 3-hour ones like I don't have three hours I'm like well if I do it like an hour little a little hour versus it make a little more you know it's like kind of taking a book and putting into chapters rather than just like having run on sentences everywhere and then I have to feel like an English teacher that has – well that was sentenced you didn't put the comma in the right way rising love what's up you know I just I'm sorry I didn't get to the thing that you sent me it's not gonna go I've seen it I've seen it like a couple minutes ago I'll talk to you in a second is Leo a Leo is he a Leo I don't remember if he is Leo are you a Leo huh shamans playing what's up man yo dimension extension cancer Leo cause yeah that that's that makes sense yeah leo yeah I thought I thought Leo was a Leo Leo's an Aquarius well I mean if he's an Aquarius that's why me and him get along so well yeah so check it out y'all let me do this I'm gonna do a shot of tequila with my good friend rising love you can't put people on you can't put people on to the 5 hour plus videos because at towards the end it's just me babbling on as a drunken fucking fool I mean they're fine I like them i watch them too I leave them up I don't give a fuck cuz there are still little nuggets of Awesomeness in there but yeah you got even that's gotta be you gotta make a night about it you know you got it you gotta make a night about that shit so I wouldn't suggest that to be get to the beginners you can took away of the art of Zach I was just talking to somebody earlier about what Zen koans are supposed to do I'll then come on I'm just gonna give it to you just before the hour mark where I'm gonna shut this off and then come talk to you rising love a Zen koan is supposed to confuse the mind so much that it becomes empty and when you empty the mind then you can see things as they really are the dilemma with that is most people aren't capable of solving the riddle of a Zen Cohen because they're so abstract that you have to deliver a little bit of it has to be I don't want to say you Finn it no I I mean what's the it has to be a solvable riddle to a degree at least for most people I think because because it because if I'm teach if someone will says hey if I'm if I'm standing there remember those old kung-fu flicks I'm standing there as there is the great wise teacher and then somebody wants to become my student what I would say is knock on the door three times they walk in and they I'm gonna want to be your student like I how are you willing to try anything I got trained eight hours a day I might know okay well i'll train 10 hours a day I'm like no I'll train 20 20 hours a day won't sleep and I'm like you've missed it come back and see me in five years and they'll wait five years and I'll come back again that I think is a little more heavy-handed with the with the art of of what the Zen Buddhist philosophy would be so I like that and that is a Zen koan wanting of itself that I think it needs to be a little bit more you you know just you can't just you know you can't be like hey you're a donkey here's a carrot in front of you and then the donkey's was like well I'm supposed to just grow hands and grab the carrot and eat it and throw you off my back that's that's you got you gotta be you got it you gotta just give a little you gotta give a little bit of the information you can't you can't have people expect into a cube cube the square root of a thirty thirty seven point two divided by seven fifths of half of what 36 was before it was 36 when three didn't mean six because that was just double so many times – so you had to star and square the cube and if the cube got then gleamed by the the royal princess and the princess would drop down into the the dungeon of the and then he had to the fuck is he saying right now yeah you don't do all that that's that's like that's too much anyway so here's what I was getting at I need to take a break from this because I'm gonna finish up drinking a little bit more of a sovereign Yan Blanc of the prophecy and then I'm gonna drink what I really wanted which was the lambic and have a shot of the tequila and talk to one of my friends here and the rest of y'all when I come back on here hopefully it'll be tonight's probably the next next few minutes maybe half an hour maybe an hour we'll see and if I don't I hope you all have a beautiful evening do gorgeous things inspire your world inspire everyone else's world and find things that are appropriate for you and the time that you're enjoying them which means don't eat fucking desert if you're already full which also means sometimes you should eat dessert first and fuck the meal do that and you'll enjoy yourself hopefully I don't know I don't know if you'll enjoy yourself but I think you will so there it's very it's a great place and I'll talk to y'all in a bit AEE o is always grandma in the building and next time what I will do is I'm gonna if you all want to do this if you all want to do this feel free to donate this one I'm gonna make this is a donation fun for me to go buy the bottle of Grand Marnier 1880 that's sitting on top of the counter at this place that I've always gone to that just changed the name today well actually was yesterday they changed the name yesterday it from red to blue I'm not even kidding you this should happened I've watched the people put the new sign up I was like well this is crazy and there's this new bottle of 1880 Grand Marnier it's kind of expensive it it's as much as most people's car note and so if y'all want to donate to that you know how to do it there's my paypal and my cash app both TSA are xen with dollar sign in the cash app thing and the paypal is dot me forward slash and feel free to put some money in there and if I if I if I can garner from all of you enough dollars to put towards that very expensive bottle which I don't box bottles like that it's a lot of money that I would drink that on camera and we'll have a fucking wild ass conversation anything anybody wants to know and that will be the return on your investment you could ask about any question like you'll get proper response even including your your your dead grandmother that you want to talk to when another round lot so you have to talk to her and if somebody is about to like fucking pick the bucket and you're trying to save them from their own insanity I'll answer that too even though I do that for free yeah so feel free I always forget about the commercial part of this shit cuz I don't really huh until then I'm gonna drink this and maybe I'll get back to you guys tonight but I'm going to talk to a couple people out here a little bit Stace a cool do weird shit and clean yet clean you assholes motherfuckers

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